Thursday, January 9, 2014

Whooping accomplishments!

So excited to share with you all my new blog header...clean and simple... and handmade by my honey!  I love it... he stained oak wood pieces different colors and got a wonderful effect I think... if you are reading this in a reader.... check it out here...
Can you see the word in the pieces of wood??? Super AWESOME I think... and he thought of it himself and designed it himself... just wood instead of fabric :)

I am super excited as I have watched this pile of wood pieces...  leftovers from making Fiona's case...
nicely posed on his quilt I am working away on feverishly... to this!
then the staining of the wood idea started and he showed me this...
and the final reveal above... the goal is a secret project for now... still some figuring to go.  But our goal is to make a quilt hanger out of this as the holder of the hooks and a rod :)

I personally have been busy quilting between other things and supporting my honey and his creative burst to make it past the 1/3 completion of feathers and cornerstones as I stabilize this quilt :)

Meet feather number 17 here!

I am in a quandary on how to mark the blocks for an intricate stencil but believe today I will go to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's in search of something to help me... I am anxious to see the blocks quilted too now that I have some stabilized by doing all the feathers around some of the blocks...

The cornerstones are a yin yang symbol... a special meaning for my honey and now a permanent part of this quilt!

Hope you are having as productive a week as we are... what are you whooping???

I plan to link this post to:
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  1. Wow ... that will make such a cool quilt hanger! You're coming right along with those feathers, aren't you? Good luck on figuring out how to quilt those blocks!

  2. Clever quilt lettering. Feathers are so very pretty. Sometimes when we take a break from our quandaries, the answer comes. Wandering through stores helps me figure stuff out. Look forward to both reveals.


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