Sunday, January 5, 2014

One of my fave NEW things...

You know how it is ... Christmas and New Years are exciting... we make bold plans... then life settles into a new normal... or back to the old normal...

Well... I have several NEW normals one of them being my "bag of all things"...
It was inspired by a Moda Bake Shop recipe I knew I couldn't tackle because of the zipper... so my bff Connie stepped in ... mini charms in hand... and made this for me for Christmas :)
Here is the recipe...
click here to go to the Moda Bake Shop recipe post :)
I emailed the author to let her know my friend made her pouch and I LOVE it!  She responded quickly and has a fun blog.

Now for more of the details :)
She started out by choosing some mini charms... (2 1/2" squares)
And decided on their placement...
All this as she recovered from surgery!!!

Then she hand quilted them once sewn together :)

Connie said she followed Julie's recipe... she said it went together easily and she had no problems with the zipper (my fear! lol )
check out the cute yardage she used for the inside :)

The pendant she added "made for you" :)

The key fob "K" I added :)

The back side is quilted with a different pattern LOVE IT!

So as I enjoy this cute little handmade luxury item (it holds my Vera Bradley wristlet and my phone when I go anywhere)... I continue stitching feathers...

I am on #12 now... and moving forward slow but sure... my honey is repainting the kitchen the same gray as the house is instead of the peach that clashes that I picked out... so gray house it is!

Have a wonderful slow stitching sunday!  Do you do other crafty things with your handquilting skills???

If you are into hand quilting eye candy check out my post at Celebrate Hand Quilting blog  here :)

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  1. I used to sew garments, mostly dresses for DD when she was little. I put in zippers without nary a thought ... but now zippers intimidate me (especially since I never put them in anything but a dress). How nice that your BFF made you that sweet little bag so you wouldn't have to deal with the zipper. I suspect I'll get plenty of quilting done today, given the forecast. Hope you do, too.

  2. Love your bag ,why do zippers intimidate us so ,I also shy away from them.

  3. Lucky you to have such a nice friend. I was afraid of zippers too but once I actually did one - it was not too bad! Lovely bag you have. Enjoy those feather stitches - they are looking great on your hubby's quilt.

  4. I haven't done zippers in years and actually did a zippered pocket in the bag I made using a craftsy class. It was a breeze. I need to make some smaller pouches to keep things organized in my purse. What a sweet friend you have.

  5. What a beautiful personalized gift... love it! You have a special friend!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  6. Very cute and a wonderful gift. Enjoy it!

  7. This is precious. Friends do such nice things for their friends. What a great use for the mini charm squares, but I would never attempt the zipper. I used to make all of my children’s clothes and zippers were a snap. Even made a woolen band uniform...but NOT at 74. I would no more attempt it than the man in the moon. Love your little bag. Know you are going to love using it. That “made for you” is just the cutest thing ever.

  8. What a cute bag. My mom taught me to sew clothing when I was little. For some twisted reason I could do invisible zippers without blinking, but could never get the hang of regular ones. I probably would try if the right project inspired me, but haven't found one yet.

  9. I love the bright colored patches. Cheery bag.

  10. This is adorable! Love the bright and cheery fabrics you used!


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