Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Merrily I Sew Along... Sew Along... Sew Along :)

Thinking this to Mary Had a Little Lamb beat! lol

I am currently still traveling uphill on this quilt for my honey.  But I am like the little engine that could and progress is happening faster than I anticipated when starting this project!

Many quilters keep multiple projects going to avoid boredom with one project... I just can't do that very well.. so full steam ahead on this project... I am now about 65% done on the feathers and 16% done on the blocks of this quilt and I am loving it....

Currently... I am back to stitching a couple feathers so I can quilt larger segments to take pics of on a weekly basis to remember the progress I am actually making..

With a large project you have to pace yourself as it doesn't get done overnight.. I gave myself 4 months in which to hand quilt this queen sized throw and I am well about 1/3 done with the whole quilt now... so I think I am well ahead of an April finish... but time will tell.

Life happens and things keep me from quilting... my daughter needs to eat every night (haha) and the house has to be straightened (LOL)... my honey helps out a lot and I am lucky to have so much time to devote to things I enjoy like hand quilting.

Hope you enjoyed my article for new hand quilters.. would love your feedback!!  I hope you will share what works for YOU to make it through the middle of a large hand quilting project!

Happy Stitching :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

4 Blocks DONE! Yippee :)

As I have slow stitched 32 feathers are now done making that 65% complete... and 4 of the blocks are done yielding a 13% completion on them!  Yippee!  And look at the beautiful shot I got as the sun was setting yesterday!
4 blocks all bordered by feathers and looking FABULOUS!  I am really getting excited about this quilt now and so is the recipient... my honey! lol

Here is a view from the top of those same 4 blocks but the sun was still too bright to see the quilting much...

And here is a close up of the upper right block :)
Once washed this design should really pop on these blocks... no chance of it showing much on the back though cuz it is sooo busy! lol
I picked the back out for my honey's personality... I should have used a solid to show off my stitches better because they kind of are rocking on this quilt and just me and my honey know it! lol

So my plan to day is to finish the 5th and maybe 6th blocks... then move on to working on feathers again... this time I will appreciate how easily they needle with precious few seams to deal with like I have on this overall swirl :)

Want to know more about how I marked an intricate design on these busy fabrics??? Check out my guest post at Celebrate Hand Quilting blog here...

Linking my progress to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday here
Merlize Stitch by Stitch ~ Anything goes here

Hope you have a happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Making progress on THE MAN quilt :)

Learning to mark these busy blocks has been a hurdle... to be nice :)
See how I did it on my guest blog post at Celebrate Hand Quilting blog here!

and... Evie got to go home yesterday!  Yipee!!!!  She is recovering well from her surgery :)  See how happy she is here that she got to leave the hospital pretty and pink! lol

My honey is still creating in the wood shop... we shall see what ideas come forth!

Have a blessed rest of your week... as for me... I am quilting! lol

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So much to share :)

My honey has been super busy!  Making things for me now!!! Yippee!

I got this gorgeous sign to hang over my design wall...
but I also got this great ruler organizer too!
the triangle isn't wonky... I just had a wierd angle on the camera :)
I have been slowly cleaning and straightening my stash and quilting accoutrements... and now my quilting and computer area in the Florida room looks like this!

The design wall is simply a frame built out of 2 x 4's with a flannel backed tablecloth stretched and stapled to the back side... but it works perfect and I can pin into it without hurting the stucco wall behind it :)

Meanwhile I have been on a quilting adventure... I would love to share with you what I am doing with it and will soon :)  Suffice it to say I am making GREAT progress on this quilt for my honey!

Evie, my niece who had to have open heart surgery is recuperating well...
Thanks for your prayers and thoughts for her over the last few days!

The cactus bloom has remained intact even though we had freezing temps one night...
It is getting plenty of sun and is soaking it up...
but the littler one isn't getting as much sun... it looks tired...
Do something for yourself this week... something you enjoy!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

For the love of hand quilting!

I really love to slow stitch... via hand quilting!  So when I saw this design I knew it needed to go on the quilt I am currently quilting!
the stencil...
close up of the design once stitched :)

In the blocks of this quilt for my honey ....
The piecing is far from perfect ... but piecing is NOT my gift... the hand quilting is :D

But how to mark these intricate blocks... I tried all my marking utensils (and I have a LOT) but all were VERY labor intensive... finally I found the POUNCE PAD... and baby powder :)
Here is my marked block.. I didn't use the stick of chalk but I am not sure I won't so it got included in this pic :)  It marks well on all the fabrics though... as does the pounce pad with baby powder added to it.

And here is how the bottom right corner looks finished....
see how the powder fades away... it doesn't fade completely but sunlight is my fave light for this process by far!!!

Here is a close up of my quilting stitches thus far...

Overall do I wish I was doing an overall design as many suggested as these are busy blocks already???

Absolutely not... The joy of the hand quilting process makes it all worth is along with the desire my honey has of seeing these designs come to life forever in HIS quilt! lol  Truly how he feels so it is my honor to quilt these designs.

Feather count is up to 32 of the 49 feathers to do (over 65% done with that part)... here is a pic I showed last week that shows how cool the design is as I stitch a feather too :)  I REALLY like stitching the feathers... they are playful and fun!

Hooking this up with Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday here.

Have a blessed day and enjoy your day today!  Do something nice for you!!


This week for me has been about gaining perspective on life....

You see my computer basically died for about 4 days :)  Yep... that is a smiley... it still worked it just didn't do ALL it was supposed to do...

Thus the reason I haven't posted.

While the computer was down... 

My cousins sweet 3 month old baby girl Evie had open heart surgery this week... so the computer wasn't missed much and I posted on facebook so all my homies knew what was up... you all were just out of the loop... sorry!

Here is Evie..
almost 3 months old... and only 9 1/2 lbs... before surgery
 They found a murmur when they were investigating her inability to gain weight... they found initially she had a hole in the bottom part of her heart called a VSD... then they found she also had a narrowing that is a fairly common heart defect called Coarctation of the Aorta.

This was my baliwick!  This is the unit I worked in when I worked... now I am 700 miles away but am happy my view isn't of her post op in her bed healing ... but rather healing like infants should... like this!...
first post op feeding by Mom :)
Later that night more alert with dad!

Also... while the computer was down... 

I reached 32 feathers completed out of the 49 on the quilt!  That is over 65% complete with that part... so time to work on the blocks... I will write a post later today on my adventures getting my first block stitched! lol

Also ... while the computer was down...

My honey made several doxie bowl sets to sell... from our ad I made that looks like this...
and he made a cat bowl set for my daughter... thinking of adding chihuahua faces to change out with doxie faces.... but my thoughts are find our market then diversify the product... we are new at this and we have to find our niche market... doxie stuff sells... we are asking a good price for these we think... but have yet to find a place for easy sales... we aren't shipping yet... so there is still Etsy and Ebay which is what most of you suggested that kindly took the time to comment on that post... much appreciated out loud! lol

Also... while the computer was down... 
I realized how much I appreciate each of you readers of my blog and love the comments... not being in blog land for almost a week with no notice it is about to happen (like this week when the electricity went off and it was a cool winter morning on Florida's east coast! lol)

I couldn't ask for you to pray for sweet Evie in her time of need but she still needs and her family covets your prayers for complete healing with no need for future surgeries!!!

I couldn't celebrate a milestone on the quilt in pics like I do... was totally uninspired to take pics without the quick satisfaction of making a post from them would add to your day... and my perspective of the project!

So take time to look at your life... enjoy daydreaming times.. and times to focus and not daydream... but balance that in your life... life isn't all about how much we accomplish... but what we learn as we accomplish :)

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for joining me for this look at perspective from my perspective! lol

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's up Wednesday!

There is sooo much good stuff going on around here... just wanted to catch you all up :)

My honey has been busy in his mancave making things we could sell... we have been racking our brains to make something together that we could produce to assist our financial needs :)  You know how that goes! lol 

So first I saw a proto-type that looked like this...
He just used plywood to give it a trial run!  I loved it :)  So off we went to get some pine... something lower cost but better quality to stain a nice red tint and wha... lah!
Our first doxie dog bowl was born!  Now to make a few extra and figure out where to advertise... we are thinking local first and try to figure out a way to ship then start selling on eBay.  We shall see where this course takes us!

This was my fave shot from the advertising photo shoot I had... and what I used as the backdrop for our ad....
The ad looks like this right now...

In order to make these my honey wanted to get a special saw for cutting shapes like my Cricut but for wood... so we got a scroll saw... not electronic like my gypsy/Cricut but works well... here is what it looked like when we rescued it from Craigslist for a pittance of it's worth... it is heavy cast iron ...

And after making a few doxie bowls and earning it's place in the mancave... check out the makeover my honey gave it!!!!

 Sexy huh!  And she sounds so nice as she cuts the wood so fine!

Meanwhile... out on the Florida room... I have been quilting away feathers and yin yangs like crazy and reached 50% done on this part!  Yipee :)  You see this morning I reached the 25th feather on my quest to complete 49 to stabilize this quilt top well... then on to the 30 blocks to be meticulously hand quilted... on a busy fabric no less... but it is my honey's quilt and his wish is my pleasure :)  I LOOOOVE Hand Quilting!

I am planning a quilt along that is about to be up and running... and I am planning 2 quilts ahead of myself! lol

I have added a quilt after next inspiration to my design board to keep me motivated but I am still loving what I am doing so not much inspiration really needed....
this will become the center of a king sized throw!
Finally, as if that isn't enough to share I took a walk out back to see how all the plants fared the rain and cold we have had lately.. at least for this neck of the beach! lol...

Daisies ~ require frequent pruning... but aren't they pretty!

Aloe nursery... with drawf cactus and a Christmas cactus waiting to be rehomed to a new pot...

Lots of wandering jew and houseplants that prefer the outdoors :)

Mexican petunias... can't kill em! lol

Azalea blooms.... amazing how they love the cold!!!

And finally... if you stuck around this long... check out the cool cactus blooms I have now!
the whole plant....

the bloom... just used a little cactus soil and it took off over the last year!  HONEST! lol

A smaller version just blooming...

Hope you have enjoyed this catch up post and have a happy Hump Day!