Monday, December 30, 2013

Inspiration Monday... Preparing for 2014 :)

As I prepare mentally to start a new year I have also updated my pics... updated my calendar... and updated my goals.

Last year I had a saying that spoke to me...
And I had this made... well I repurposed the frame and made this to go in it for this year!

 So now the wall headed into my bedroom or into the kitchen looks like this for the new year...

Our focus will be kindness... to each other and to ourselves!  Let us watch as I memorialize here through out the year times when Kindness mattered :)  I am very excited to have this word for the year... or is it a feeling???  or is it an action ???

Here is the awesome calendar by Suzie Toronto already on January and ready to go...
Isn't her way of writing humorous and uplifting!  She is so real!  I love to read each month :)
And the updated family shots :)  Plus I upgraded my mousepad with a collage print too as I wrote about here.

Well ... here's hoping you set goals for 2014 that are attainable and make you a better person to represent this world we are blessed to live in.

Have an Inspirational Monday!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Slow Stitching Sunday!

What a week this has been... are you ready to greet 2014???  I have updated my blog cover with some fave pics that get taken over the Season... sometimes the only time I can get a pic of my grown kids! lol...

Today is about slow stitching... how I plan to spend New Years too!  Slow stitching... this project will keep me busy for at least 2 more months... you see I am hand stitching a queen sized throw for my honey... we call it THE MAN quilt right now..  here it is in flimsy state...
And now I am 6 feathers and 4 cornerstones quilted in here...
I am using Aurifil 28/2 Mako cotton thread in a steel gray and my stitches really show off... my honey likes that :)  The back is nice and smooth... and the pins are stabilizing the yet to be quilted blocks.

I am 12% finished with this part of the quilting... still to do when that is finished in a month or so are the blocks and finally the border... :)

Slow stitching is my fave part... but there are many parts to quilting.. what is your fave part???

Have a blessed slow stitching Sunday... and my honey is gonna enjoy the FREE score we found on Craigslist while I am slow stitching!
A van full of plywood... about 8 full sheets and several long pieces then some fatter pieces.. just lots to create and build with... maybe new kitchen cabinets??? We shall see!

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Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday here

Have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Whooping about Christmas :)

And what to my wondering eyes appeared but beautifulness in the form of love from all my family and friends :)

So much to whoop about today... I am on my 4th feather and they are coming right along... my plan is to do at least one a day ... so some days may get more and some days less but overall a month from now I should be "feathered out" lol!

I have also done 2 of the cornerstones with the yin yang symbol. :)  Feeling VERY accomplished thus far...

Enjoying the needling of the super soft fabrics together in my hands... so relaxing and productive at the same time!!!  Yipee :)

Planning a Quilt along with a start date of January 8 to pay for your pattern... are you in??? Check it out here.

We will be doing this pattern...
and the pattern needs to be prepaid for by January 8... so check out the above link to the post all about that!  Will be fun and slower paced to be a side burner project :)

Our plan is to start in earnest in March and finish it in March 2015 :)

What else is there to whoop about???

Well my kids are all doing well here are 3 of the 4 on Christmas Day!
 My fave Christmas card of the season is from my dearest friend Joyce...
See her on my mousepad I just had made ?? She is in the collage :)  Check out that post here! She made me this beautiful card for Christmas and she doesn't send out cards so this was EXTRA special :D

Debbie quilts with me :)
I am grateful for new friends like these:

DL's friend Liz with Brandi

 I am really whooping over a couple special Christmas presents I got early too... 
Fiona's new case you can read more about here...
And my new carry all bag my bff Connie made me :)
Then my nieces and nephew sent me this darling talking frame with all their voices on it with a special message for me :)
Finally I got pictures updated in a family picture frame...
And we browsed on the beach.. when is that not something to whoop about :)

Hope you have many fond memories of Christmas 2013 and can find something to whoop about this Christmas season!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 Sew Along... You in???

We are planning a sew along at Patchwork Friends facebook page here... it is a closed group of quilters of all skill levels... I will be giving out "assignments" every 2 months and by next spring of 2015 this cute little wall hanging will be complete.  
Overall measurements are 26 x 33 as designed in these pics...

Here is another color suggestion...

It is a quilt in a day pattern with optional video and I have one so all you have to have is the pattern and a stash to use :)  The pattern and shipping from my house (I plan to send each participant some fun scraps for the applique portion) $8.00 via snail mail or Paypal... however :)

I need to know by January 8, 2014 to order the books for all of us... saves shipping and the only place to get this pattern is from leftovers at the manufacturer.  I have found 1 or 2 online but no bulk available through private sellers and lqs's...

So long story short... are you in??? If so request admittance to Patchwork Friends through the link above if you are on Facebook or reply here if you aren't on Facebook and I will figure out something :)

I want us to have a fun time building memories and friendships and come up with our own ideas...

Personally I have a vintage 1950's machine... already have her fabric to applique her with and applique can be iron on or sewn on with this pattern (planning a vid on this part coming via me and Connie this summer)  The book you will get is very indepth and has full sized patterns :)

So.. again I ask... ARE YOU IN???

Hope to see you in Patchwork Friends... first instructions will go out in March but expect to have your book to collect your fabrics and finalize your design if you are customizing any by the end of January :)

Have a blessed day and have...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Day!

  Luke 2:11 ~ For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

Take time today to ponder where you plan to spend your life after this one... what do you believe and why???

I will be slow stitching the day away and we may take a trip to the beach... 10 minutes away! hehe :)
taken at 1:30 pm on 12/25/2013 :)

Yesterday we celebrated Jesus birthday and exchanged a few gifts but not much... and that is okay.

Today they will go see Nana and Grandpa and have a grand day while I stay home and just stitch feathers... and yin yangs... like this ~
on each inner cornerstone of THE MAN quilt!

My honey is working on making a board for quilters to design blocks on and here is a small version of what he is thinking... would love your feedback on it :)

So far he has squares, half square triangles and quarter square triangles :)  This is like a design board and we are thinking that there will be different colors of stain so you can see what it would look like to make a block dark, med, or light colored... also a good busy toy for not toddler but not old enough to help yet stage kids....

So that is what we are up to today.. would love to hear from you!

Have a Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A new mouse pad :)

I have been thinking of getting a new mousepad for a while... this is my current one made a couple years ago..
This one I got made at Walgreens and it is fraying on the edges and this is CLEANED!  Yucky!!! lol

So this time I decided to make an overture of pics from 2013 that won't "grow old" as quickly as just these 8 pics did...

I have my 4 kids, my parents, my brother and his family, my honey, my bff's and Daisy, Capo & Cotton, as well as a few fave sayings I want to look at... isn't it fun???

It was super easy to take about 20 of my fave shots I have shared mostly with you over the last year into a collage of who I am in a free program called Picasa... and so I remember how old this is I added the year to the flip flops :)

It did take a few hours but I wanted to do something creative that wasn't quilty and would last... and finally I ordered it from Snapfish... I looked at several online companies but ordered mousepads from them as Christmas gifts in 2006 after a trip where we renewed our vows.. to share with those that came to the vow renewal :)  Still in EXCELLENT shape btw... so since they had an online sale that day I ordered it... now here it is :)
Nice bright colors and looks and feels very durable!  Will do this again!!!

1/16" thick and I believe it! lol

Do you use a mousepad??? Have you ever made a customized one or is that frivolous to you???  I thought the entire experience was a great way to look at different things that happened in 2013 and how I handled each one.  A nice walk down memory lane for sure :)  I love my life in pics!

Take time to enjoy the Christmas season... buy yourself a gift and find it on sale as your challenge!

My first feathers!

49 feathers I marked on this quilt top...
now that quilt top is "sandwiched" I am hand quilting those feathers.... usually on a quilt you start from the center and do ALL the quilting as you work your way around and to the edges in a circular pattern of sorts...

Well this quilt is different... each of the blocks will be heavily quilted and decoratively quilted so I want them to be stable... so the sashings all get done first... 49 inner sashings means 49 beautiful feathers to hand quilt!  What joy I will have... 2 down so far :)

For small print...

This quilt top was machine pieced all on Fiona
on December 3, 2013... and finished on December 7.
I sandwiched (with my honey's help)
and started the hand quilting on December 23, 2013.

Most of that gap was waiting on these amazing stencils from a stencil company I hadn't used Quilting Creations International...  if you are interested in stencils their customer service rocks and their catalog is an inch thick but don't try to order it online... there was a glitch for me... thus why I know their customer service rocks.. they took my order right over the phone!!!

shipping was slow but product was shipped well and was top quality :)

On the other side of that coin... shame on me for not deciding til the last minute what company to go with and what I really wanted to spend 4 months looking at! lol  A big thanks to my bestie Connie for helping it all happen... the stencils were part of my Christmas present!  Something I wanted and could use she said! lol

I used Pellon cotton batting from JoAnn's with lots of coupons making it super affordable and it is a breeze to hand stitch through :)

I am using Aurifil 28/2 thread for all the stitching in a steel gray color!  It is pricey but nice for hand piecing and quilting and my honey loves the color of it.. I like how soft it is too... and not too linty.

If you have any other questions ... please ask!  I love comments and love helping others understand how to do something they don't ... or how to choose an online company to deal with.  You get the idea :)

Our friend Liz with Brandi and the gingerbread train they made :)
Hope you have a blessed Christmas Eve!