Saturday, November 30, 2013

Meet Fiona ~ My "new to me" 1950-s MORSE 600 :)


Is my new-to-me approximately 1950's sewing machine.  She has a body made in Japan by Toyota then she was shipped to the US where she got her motor.  It is dated 1956.  I have written to sewtoyota to see if they can tell me exactly when she was manufactured.  I found her on Craigslist for $15.00!!!  In barely working but great stitches produced order :)

My honey fixed her up using his know-how skills
And we used an old Singer I had inherited from my great Aunt Kathleen that doesn't work at all anymore...
with a close up of her... unnamed but beautiful and not sure of her year :)
Her decals are still good but her motor was all burned up... so we used her tension knob for the missing one on Fiona...
 Also we harvested this plate that was on the back of the Singer to cover the hole for servicing Fiona that had been lost on her travels to her forever home...
Isn't this lovely!  I would have missed it but my honey didn't!

She has nice chrome in need of a polish but nothing more :)...
And a great condition sticker on her plate...
 And I love her nameplate... it is in excellent condition I think :)
 Her presser foot looks more like a darning or fmq type foot... so I am looking into one that will serve my quilt piecing purposes...
Finally we replaced her belts from our local Joann's :)  She has 2.. one to run the machine and one to wind the bobbin...
no belts here...
nice new belts here :)
Of course we had to download the manual for it... 17 pages of wonderful info and worth the $10 we paid to download it :)
Meanwhile I continue writing to you and quilting ... backstitching on the table topper I am working on as a Christmas present...

Hope you find time for yourself this weekend!

thanks for tolerating this post but I had no info when I bought this machine and if someone is new to vintage machines or this specific machine I want them to find out more info that I did :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, November 29, 2013

How do you spend the day after Thanksgiving??

Yesterday I finally decided on a quilt design for the project I am working on for this table topper...

do you like this one...
or this one???
 While we pondered the two ideas... the first being my daughters idea:) ... we enjoyed a hearty meal that we had never tried called Chicken Divan... yummy!  With pecan pie for dessert!  Double yummy :)

Today the kids are all with friends or napping and I am quilting... and my honey is working on my "new to me" sewing machine!
And I am sewing these with a backstitch instead of a running stitch.. what do you think of this angel ?
The tension is a bit tight but I have adjusted that for the second one.. and pinned the area a bit more for stability...

I obviously have more talent with a needle and thread than I do with a pen... but they will love it and use it I hope and not laugh at my angelic attempt! Ha! 

You see this is for my brother who is married to a lovely girl and they have 4 kids :)  Lots of wrestling going on with this table topper I bet!

 Here is a cute Thanksgiving funny someone posted on my fb page!  Thought I would share with you too!

Have a lovely weekend.  And try to make some time for you this weekend!  You are worth it :)

So how do YOU spend the day after Thanksgiving???

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving my Bloggy Family ~

Today on facebook I posted this as my holiday greeting to my close friends/family...
 I am mainly on facebook to interact with the Celebrate Hand Quilting page here and another page I will talk more about later.  I do also play wwf but most of my "friends" are fam and friends back in TN...

But the ones I share my faves and highs and lows is you!  You see I also use this as a journal as I have memory issues... so you get to find more out about me that other blogs so I can keep up with what happened and when just by reviewing posts... lol!  Love you all btw :)

So I continue to hand quilt on the second table topper...
Can you see that there are 2 diamonds in the center?

and an over view
And I have gotten it bound... machined to one side and hand sewn to the back... my daughter helped with this!  Very fun :)
Then we went on a Craigslist adventure and came home with this!
 It is a beautiful Morse 600 machine made in the 1940's to 1960's (still researching it.. may take a while)... got her on a local craigslist for $15!!!  She is HEAVY and all metal and very shiny and sews like a dream... straight stitch only.

This brings me to my latest facebook group called Vintage Sewing Machines... links to all of these will be at the end to make it easier for us both :)

I do like to play WWF on facebook... so if you play that and feel competitive look me up!  I keep that leaderboard busy but always looking for new competition :)

If you want to see me in my home environment the place I enjoy most on fb is Patchwork Friends... just close quilty friends... some I know.. some I am related to.. and some I have never met .. yet! lol  It is small and quaint and we chat ALL things quilty there.

So to make this easy... here are links to the 3 closed groups I belong to that I would love to see you in sometime if quilting and sewing is your thing..

Celebrate Hand Quilting ~ 1500+ members ~ very active group HERE by Caron Mosey
Vintage Sewing Machines ~ 2000+ members ~ very active group HERE by Starlee Simmons
Patchwork Friends ~ less than 100 members ~ moderate active group but where I feel most at home... HERE by me :)

Hope to see you if you don't already belong to one of these if they fit your lifestyle :)  If not check out what boards suite your interests... tell me what you found.. and take a minute to be thankful...

For your Life!  

Have a very blessed day today and forever... be good to you!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Walking down bloggy memory lane!

How much things change... this was me at the beginning of my bloggy journey... just 2 1/2 years later I now have 42 followers... follow about 50 blogs myself (or so.. lol)... and am a fairly active blogger :)
Circa May 2011
December 2012
October 2013 ~ my honey optioned out on this one :)
What started as a way to communicate the ins and ots of starting a business at home became a crafting and creating blog focusing more on home reno, a way to remember important events, and mostly a way to show off what I do with my time :)

Thanks for hanging in there with me... most of all blogging brings about healing... today marks what would have been 20 years of marriage to my husband who died over 5 years ago now.  It is still tender and odd feeling.  I am still a widow who has thus far refused to remarry... and my honey seems to understand I need to raise my husbands children first. :)

Thanks for being there for me and taking time to comment from time to time... as for me.. I am making Chicken Divan from this recipe on Thursday...
 Thanks to my bff Connie for sending this to me... she used the quilt I quilted for her this summer as a backdrop... isn't that cool???  So looking forward to that ... otherwise.. have some cool art to share that is quite quilty... feel free to pin or download as I found them all free :)

Add caption
 Here's hoping you have a great Thanksgiving week and yes I will be quilty in my flip flops! lol Thanks for stopping by and visiting for a bit :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Christmas Present COMPLETED!

Tah Dah!  Introducing my first all HAND Piecing, Quilted & Bound Ozark Star Table Topper!

 This work I made specifically for my mom and dad... she has most of my firsts... except when it comes to quilting... so now she has my first all Hand Done project... my 8th quilted item :)

I found the pattern... more info on that below but see a vid here, and bought the material for this project...
I pieced this using my fave YLI 40 wt glazed hand quilting thread for piecing using a John James #8 between (same as I prefer for hand quilting).  Read more about my piecing adventure here.

I quilted this mainly using DMC Perle 12 cotton in a lovely cream color.  I did some detail stitching around the inner star using Gutermann 100% cotton thread in cream but didn't care for it much.  Read about some of that process here.

I sewed on the binding with a tan Coats and Clark cotton machine quilting thread and bound it down with the Gutermann cream thread as I didn't have any cranberry to match the binding...

I found GREAT inspiration on this project through a facebook group I belong to called Celebrate Hand Quilting... request entry by Caron Mosey here If you are interested in hand quilting as that is what this group is about but we are 1500 dynamic and helpful HAND quilters strong and growing... so much eye candy to see and support from fellow quilters to ponder!  I have learned so much there :)  Many machine their tops then handquilt that top!

You see it all started when I won a class of my choice on Kathleen Tracy's blog here from Daily Craft TV.  I was sooo excited to win a class for free... and perusing their board showed many affordable classes... check it out but be ready to download all class materials as they do take vids down from time to time and replace them.  I found help but only because I was diligent... I personally will stick with Craftsy for my classes I pay for after this experience...

Suffice it to say.. I found a great pattern to download and away I went!  Thanks Kathleen Tracy for offering me a way to make Christmas presents! 

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Hope you have a blessed Sunday and do something crafty of your own... please share what you are up to and what you think about my finish!  Comments are coveted :)

P. S.>>>  Next up a table topper for my bro & his family to enjoy!  Ideas anyone on how to quilt this one???  My mind is speeding away! lol :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Quilting & Binding ALL by hand... and a WINNER!

This is my house for Thanksgiving this year... what is your house like??? lol

On this Ozark Star project I first had to learn how to piece and by hand... did well with that (Yippee!... found excellent tutorials I shared along the way... but not so with binding by hand... so I jumped in once I finished the handquilting on the sandwiched top...
here I am marking some lines with tape to mark my quilting path
And here is a close up for you...
Then it was time to figure out the binding!!!!

I turned to Quiltmaking by Hand but it only had a page and a half with scant pics on this topic... they were fast to answer my email request though and away I went!  Chartering new territory for me... do you ever do that... challenge yourself to learn something new???

First I sewed it with a running stitch above (with lots of backstitches to make the overall stitches stronger and closer together...)

Then I enclosed it on the back side careful not to come through the top :)
I made my binding 2 1/4" for a more narrow binding (generally binding for quilts is 2 1/2") folded in half and sewn to the front... ironed then folded over and sewn to the back while pinned.

Now to finish the final quilting and show off the end result.  I also have to figure out how to sign this inconspicuously.. any ideas???

Now on to the WINNER! of the YLI thread giveaway!!!

Daytona Damsel... I will email you that you won... please contact me here if you don't get the message :)  You are a no reply blogger!  You do follow me but I have no way to get in touch with you... so if I don't hear from you by Monday I will gift this thread to someone else... Good luck Daytona Damsel!

That was such a fun giveaway... if you didn't enter know that I do 2 or 3 giveaways each year related to my posts... I always mail anywhere for free and give followers 2 entries... must be a follower to enter so enter now and be ready for future giveaways that are crafty :)

Have a blessed weekend!


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