Monday, October 28, 2013

Hand quilting and enjoying the beauty around me :)

As I hand quilt I sit in my screened in porch and enjoy my back yard... I have shared it and have had positive feedback... let's see how things are looking now :)

 The wandering jew are really growing in this wagon... here is a look from the other side too!
And the one that started with bits from the trash is THRIVING!
Even the one that didn't want to grow is doing well with wet feet and plenty of sun since we moved it to the post :)
 that is our Carolina Jasmine finally taking off at the bottom and winding it's way up the post... much fuller than my pics 2 weeks ago for sure!

The aloe that we moved to a corner of the yard to let it run and play is blooming again :)
our big cactus corner...

a view from the side

the blooms are dripping nectar!

Their true colors :)
 As for the smaller cacti... they are flourishing in their newfound space.  The pot my honey made a couple years ago for me :)  I weeded them this past weekend...
 And watered them while my honey cleaned the hammock for use VERY soon!
 My honey even made it a place to live when we aren't using it with a pulley and leftover parts he had in the garage!  Doesn't it loo nice here :)  It is on the side of our storage building safe from falling leaves and more stains to clean! lol

All the while I am working on the quilt we will snuggle under this winter while no bugs are about to take away the enjoyment of the great outdoors :)  in our own back yard!
Now I know you come here for crafting more than scenes of my backyard so check out this layer cake (10" squares precut) that my daughter is gonna use to make her first quilt top out of over Christmas break... I think I am more excited than she is! lol

I am over 60% done with the final quilting design on the quilt on my table... I don't use a hoop and am soon to finish this so I can start my first hand quilted project!  Yipee!!!  More to come on that!

Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

A view of the BACK side :)

This sister Hammock quilt has consumed me folks... so sorry it has been over a week since I wrote!  I have had lots and lots going on personally and just haven't gotten to quilt as much as I like... however today I have a surprise!

You get to see my BACK side! lol
In a bit I will share the front quilted and cute but for now... check out the chevron I pieced into the back and painstakingly hand quilted!
This is another view... the chevron was pieces toward the top of the quilt :)  I did enjoy adding it and am glad I did but just will think twice about handquilting through all those potential layers!
See the stitching and binding details that you can make out in this photo??  It feels sooo quilty front or back!

And in it's future home sweet home the right side up now :)
Putting on the binding on this one proved a bit of a challenge and a lot of God!

I ended the binding I had made when I pieced the top and usually have about a yard left over the way I measure... well here are the leftovers I had!
5 INCHES!!! How blessed is that to have just enough without digging into my stash!  Yipee :)

During the binding process I had to pull out the electrical tape and cut a piece to fit a tender spot from the recent job of binding I had just finished and not yet healed from I guess... anyway.. back to the tape I went!

Now I am working on some detail stitching..
Using a decorated safety pin to mark my place in the quilt :).  That should take me less than a week then into the washer and dryer it goes... probably a couple passes with a towel thrown in to scrub it good... then time to grab, go to the hammock, and ENJOY!

Hope you have a blessed quilty weekend... thanks for visiting!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Progress to WHOOP about :)

We have had a very productive and busy week around here and I am so excited to share it all with you... :)

I am about 75% done with the quilt til the binding goes on... there is still more stitching to do but I am quilting completely on the borders and gonna finish filling in the colored areas I decided to quilt to be DONE with it... so here is a pic or two :)

You see my honey is in a hurry to be snuggling under this quilt... so he is rushing my handwork.  I compromised by not rushing... just doing things in a bit of a different order...

This quilt has definitely been an adventure but I LOVE LOVE LOVE where
it is taking me right now and we are gonna use this quilt like crazy VERY soon!

He helped me pose these cute yard ornaments that just can't take the Florida heat so we keep them in our Florida room... I thought I could share them with you... aren't the bee and the ladybug cute as can be???

Here is a close up of the work I am doing... marking a little and stitching a little ... going pretty fast really!
And I found a love note the other day... my honey LOVES ME!
And a peek at the back of the quilt... with a bit of the chevron showing across the top :)

The front door make over is making progress... but errands and other things have been calling us away... so far he has sanded the door and put 2 coats of paint on it plus done some other work I don't pretend to understand! lol

You can still see 2 colors... so my honey says a couple more coats should give us a more even finish we are going for :)

I haven't started the hand piecing yet and my honey will continue to work on the front door area as time allows... as for today... we have a clean car!  My honey washed it top to bottom!  Yipee :)

We also scored some really nice wire shelving for VERY cheap on craigslist so my honey is making room for that to go in as well.

Have a blessed weekend... this is linking up to Sarah's Confessions of a Fabric Addict here!
AND Karen at Sew Many Ways here!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Decisions.... Decisions :)

So many decisions to make recently... but slowly I am making my way through this quilt and through all the decisions too.... some of the decisions were about this quilt...

Does it need even more quilting when I look at this pic???
And when I look at the back it just doesn't look quilty enough :)  Sooo, at my bestie's, Connie, urging I set out to design something for this odd space... slanted on one side and straight on the other... hmmm...

So "auditioned a couple here...

The bottom row has 4 zig zag style lines and the top has only 3... but it matches the 3 diagonal lines right next to it!  Instant winner in my book... so when it doubt.... again .. quilt it out :D
what the final blocks will all look like :)

Next up I got this delicious fabric to learn hand piecing with...
using this pattern :)
Now to get up the courage to cut this beautiful fabric and make no major faux paux :) lol

Another decision made was to storm coat the front and back doors with bright white semigloss paint... currently they are a light mushroomy gray color...
Wait until the after shot of this area :)  I am exciting at what skill my honey has is working magic :)

Got any recent decisions you have made that you would like to share ??? Would love feedback on what you are up to as well!

Have a blessed weekend!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Afternoon chats :)

I have a bff who lives far away... yesterday I missed her call... so today I am drinking from a coffee mug she made me last year :)

Whilst next to me on the table is the quilt I am trudging through... soon I will hit the 50% done mark and it will go faster... but I have had other things going on and quilting hasn't made the list in the last few days unfortunately :(

Tomorrow I have no plans... Yipee!  My "emergencies" are over for now... dinner for tomorrow night needs to be bought but is decided and all is well :)  Ahhhh... love that!

So I decided to share some updated pics from my back yard...

This is my honey's fave viewpoint and I do love the nice rich green of the elephant ears :)  This started as 2 small plants last winter.. these are only about 8 months old :)  They get LOTS of rain when it does rain here so that keeps them happy with lots of morning light too.

To the left of them is purple queen.  It has cute pink blooms intermittently and has been fun to watch mature.
Across the back of our Florida room is more bedding areas with lots of purples and greens...

Up high are the wandering jew "callection" we have going... all 3 pots on the back of our Florida room are starts from the original (the one on the left) and the one in the middle are clippings my honey rescued from the garbage after my dd "trimmed" the plant :)

We also have wandering jew here...
And my honey seems to be adding more cuttings that have rooted...
And now it looks like this!
The Roadmaster wagon was a Craigslist find for $20.00 and we have used it a LOT in our yard :)

Now for that darn blooming aloe we put in the ground a few weeks ago... along with some lonely looking cactus friends.
Those crazy cactus were about 4" tall when we got them at Lowe's last spring... now they are each easily over a foot tall and all curvy!  lol

Last and definitely NOT least is our daisy... mixed with a little purple queen there on the left :)

 This daisy had one bloom on it when we looked at the house in December last year... small plant and small bloom but I loved it so my honey saved it and has transplanted it up in pots and is about to again!  But look at all the bloom heads on ONE leaf!

There are 4 bloom heads there!  It is full of upcoming blooms!  So excited...

Which makes me realize I should watch my Christmas cactus ... it should bloom in a couple months !  Wonder if it is starting to have bloom heads on it???

Have a great rest of your week and thanks for stopping by!

More quilty posts to come... Cheers!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Casa Del Loro Update ~ Fall Tune up :)

Around here has been pretty busy lately doing fall tune up activities around the house :)

First we gave the main bathroom new paint and a new floor!
View from the door from the hall

One of my sons uses a lot of towels for his showers :)

These are the true colors in that room now... with nice new trim too!
Then we moved to the back yard for a little rearranging and rehoming of plants from the summertime :)
The mexican petunias got a trim and one bloomed just for me and you!

The baby cacti are growing... including those aloe babies :)

The mama aloe is happy so we moved the tall cactus over by her... they aren't happy about it yet though :(
 The pot of wandering jew is completely from clippings... we have more below in our wagon we trucked with us when we moved and finally found a place for it and the cute bee!

Finally found a great place to plant the Carolina Jasmine a friend gave us :)
 Then my honey decided the front needed a little tlc too... so we painted the lighting out front.. we have 2!
a carriage light got a new paint job :)

as well as inside the front porch :)

All the while I will take quilting breaks and I am now almost 1/4 done with this Hammock Quilt... this should be a fairly fast finish I am pleased to report!
about 12% done here....

see my signature!  Will add the date just before I bind it :)
So what are you doing around your hacienda for fall?  Any projects going on?  I would love to hear what YOU are up to!

Have a blessed weekend :)