Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Good Friday!

It is always a good day when you can craft and that is what I am up to today!  I am starting... officially... my first mini album!  I have made one album from scratch and you can see that post here.

This one will be a vertical mini album for my brother and sis in law and their kids when they take their second Disney cruise as a family in February of next year.  I am soooo excited for them so I am making this an interactive memory album for them to complete on and after their cruise!  FUN!!!!  The kids will be 3, 6, 10 and 11.  PERFECT!!!

I have been watching "The Bible" mini series on the History Channel and it has been really good so far... it is amazing to see how barbaric people were back then... and some may say we haven't come far but I think we have.

Unfortunately not everyone believes in the Holy Trinity or one God for that matter.  Which is sad because theirs will not be the kingdom of heaven to go to when they die if they are good or right or awesome... only if they believe in God.

I found this pic taken by someone on another blog.  Don't have the link and she isn't a follower of mine but I loved it and asked permission to share it on fb.  I did that this morning.  Now I want to share it with you...

Be still... and know that I am God.  Love it! 

Thanks Jesus for dying on the cross for all of my sins so that mine could be the kingdom of heaven when I die to this earth!

Have a blessed Easter.  I plan to go find a relaxing spot on the beach and watch the sunrise! :D


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Spring Break!

As I write this me and my kids are enjoying spring break!  So far it has been low key and relaxing... soon they will go visit Nana and Grandpa. 

I will say it is fun to live somewhere where tourists come for Spring Break.  The music is lively and the towns atmosphere is festive... it is nice :)

Hope you have a great Spring Break whatever you do and whenever you take it.

I am gearing up to make my first real mini album and my honey is cleaning and organizing the garage... it is nice to have some big projects behind us and thus I just have this pic for you today!

 As Easter is soon approaching take time to google the real reason for this season... it goes beyond easter baskets and jellybeans to a Savior who died for our sins.

Thanks for taking time to visit with me today!

I promise to inspire more next time :)


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Check out my new header!

As the seasons change so should a header I think!

Enjoy the new pics of some of our latest adventures :)  Kathi

Refinishing an Antique ~ Sanding, Staining and Upholstering

Saturday was a busy day for us.  My honey finished the telephone table and I watched "The Bible" on the History Channel and cross stitched... and helped with upholstering a little bit too!  I love using my Gingher scissors :D

So after stripping and cleaning it is time to sand then pick out the color stain you think.  We did a shout out of facebook and we think the piece we have is a hard maple wood but it is just gorgeous once we stained it!  And used spar varnish in a satin to protect it and add that shine!

Next it was time to upholster it :)  That is where I got to play :)
Covering the bottom with fresh cushion...
And stapling on fresh new fabric :)
See how beautiful the tone on tone almost like it is embossed fabric weave is??!!!
So now the bottom is done... time to attack the back piece :)
And once that was finished it was too dark for pics... but luckily it didn't rain this morning so we took it outside for it's debut!

Tada!  Now it is happily sitting in our new foyer... pics of it there will come soon!


I cross stitch... still on the pale yellow color
Have a blessed day!  Hope you had an enjoyable visit watching our telephone table come to life :)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Refinishing an antique ~ Part 1 Stripping and cleaning

And taking it all apart!  I am amazed as I watch my honey refinish an antique telephone table we have.  We purchased this old telephone on Ebay to go on it and now he is acting like he is racing the phone getting here to having the table ready for it! lol
So here is what the table looked like when my bff Brandy gave it to us... I found a pic with this in the background.
So excuse the wood in your way but notice that nice bland paint???  On a beautiful hard wood piece!
Here is the shelf showing you a close up of that bland color next to the dark green geometric polyester feel fabric... so our plans... this is where I get involved! lol  Is to take all the old finished off
Working on that one now :)
We are using a gel that works slower but is safer to inhale without a respirator.  I bought him gloves but this gel stays gel like absorbing the paint and varnish so he has scraped it without them!  Wow!!

We did buy an inexpensive brush you can see above for this job but so far (and this part is almost done) the brush looks good as new when he finishes for a time and rinses it out.

We are currently contemplating stain colors but are pretty sure we are gonna use fabric that looks like this...
I think it is soooo elegant and just timeless in it's texture and pattern.  It is expensive fabric but it is on sale right now at JoAnn;s and if it goes off sale I will just use my handy smartphone app for a coupon code!  Yay :)

As for me... in the meantime... I have been running errands and cross stitching... wanna see how much progress I have made???

Doesn't look much different does it???  Eventually I will use other colors and start filling it in and it will come to life but cross stitch requires patience... and that is something I am needing to work on.

And in the mail today we got the phone... so a little staging before we stain and varnish is in order!
Isn't it going to be cute with mahogany red stain and the light cream upholstering?? Yay us!

Hope you have a blessed ending to your week.  Thanks for visiting with me!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Wednesday! I was featured on Sugar Bee Crafts!!!

Well since it is Wednesday I thought I would share my workdesk... today I am spending the day in my florida room enjoying the sounds of nature and a mild 70's kinda day just cross stitching my heart out :)  See!!!
I am checking on my blog and have a yellow sticky note with directions to start a paper bag album :)  I like to make notes on intricate projects I want to make and think about them so something like this works well for me to plan ahead.

As far as the cross stitching goes... I have made some progress since yesterdays post...
Have you ever done a cross stitch project?

Tips for making an enjoyable cross stitch include having a good sturdy but dull needle with a large eye for all the thicker thread you use.

While I am cross stitching my honey is stripping the paint off a chair he is refinishing... I didn't get much of a before pic... but will try to find one to share with the final pic :)

Finally, the best news is last :)  The quilt I made my son was featured on Sugar Bee Crafts website here!  Go check it out and leave some love there :)  Thanks!!!

Here is a cross stitch I did last fall to "gear up" for this larger piece I am doing now.  It would be a great started and the frame I found onsale really rocks the design of the cross stitch even more I think.  Framing a piece you spend time making is worth it ... just like embellishments make a paper craft go from nice to AWESOME!  lol

Have a blessed day!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cheers for a happy crafty week!

Hello my crafty friends.  After having a marathon quilting couple of weeks I am ready for a backseat job now... lol!  So as I showed you at the end of my last post... I started a LARGE cross stitch project.  It should take a while as cross stitching isn't a marathon sport!  lol

Above is where I am looking at from the picture.... and below is what I am cross stitching.
The secret to a pretty picture is to always do your "x"'s in the same direction and it will be a masterpiece!

Here is a look closer up at the one color I am working on right now... in one section around the word "simple"....
While I am cross stitching my honey has been working on the electrical in our house updating the plugs and switches to white ones.  He also has been tuning up and using a lawn mower we found on craigslist :D
And finally... nothing like spoiling yourself a little when your teenage kids don't appreciate you other than some retail therapy!!! lmbo 
So I got a new wallet and some material to make an ironing board cover with!  Isn't it fun fabric...on both of them :)  The wallet is Vera Bradley Midnight Blues... LOVE and the fabric I got at a local quilt shop on the cheap :)

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

A marathon quilt project is COMPLETE!

That is right... the t-shirt quilt I have been making for my oldest is finished just 15 days after starting it!  Yay :)

Check it out!
 And the back looks nice too!
I finished up the machine work 2 days ago.... I am smiling because the machine work is done!
 Then time to hand sew the binding in place :)
 Then when that was finally done about 7 pm I threw it in the washer and dryer and he slept under it.... it is back in the washer now after having a photo shoot for you guys :D

Here is a closer look at the 25 blocks that make up this 92" square quilt...

Each tshirt has special meaning to my son and his life's course thus far in his 28 years of life.  And this quilt for him would not have been possible without my friend Connie helping and encouraging me all along the way!

But all this would not have been possible without the support of my honey who helped me when my back was out turning the quilt on the machine... and chatted with me endless hours while I sewed and consulted with me on how to add quilting to certain blocks to keep the theme of the quilt more masculine versus my tendency towards girliness... lol!

And when it came to taking the pics who insisted on climbing up the ladder????
My honey!  I love you honey!

Hope ya'll enjoyed looking at this quilt as much as I did praying over it and making it for my son!

I did all this with basic skills on youtube and lots of support from my family and friends.  Next I am making 2 matching pillow shams and his room is done... but until that time... I have started a new project...

A counted cross stitch to tease you with... it is a very large piece coming in at 11 x 14 that we will have framed once I finish it... I doubt you will be seeing it much though because I need to get back to playing with paper some too!

Have a blessed weekend and thanks for visiting with me.  I love your comments :)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quilting stories...

As I work on this quilt I pray... for my son, for his life, for the choices he has yet to make in life... I love making a project that is all encompassing because I can immerse myself in prayer while completing something... and not just for that person for for many people.
love how this one turned out... I think it is my fave :)
I will say I can't stress enough the importance of not quilting for long periods of time... my back is out now because I quilted too much the other day... so today...

I am listening to music on our surround sound and relaxing and quilting intermittently as I should :)  I have done laundry including putting it up and spoiled my honey and relaxed and now... as my kids are about to come home and fill my afternoon with their days...

I will enjoy the birds I hear, the wind chimes as the gently ocean breeze blows ... and relax :D

Hope you can do the same :) 

Have a blessed day!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jelly rolls... and a quilt update

I enjoy sharing the good and the bad in online shopping... recently I had a great experience and a not so great experience when buying some jellyrolls for an upcoming quilt project (coming this summer)...

So my first purchase was some white on white jellyroll but the shipping took so long that I had the second jellyroll in pretty colored Moda fabric line called PB&J by Basic Grey first!!!  And when the white on white jelly roll came it was a mess!

The Moda fabric came from an Etsy seller and the experience was fantabulous.  The white jellyroll came from a seller on eCrater who was less than professional but did refund my money spent on the jelly roll.  And I got to keep the jelly roll even though I offered to return it.

My quilting friend Connie has the fabric and she is designing quilts we will make together when she comes down from TN for a visit... here is a quilt block she "threw together" for a church quilt project...
And here is a pic of my constant companion who is sitting on my feet as I type :)
Now back to clipping strings and finishing the last of the quilting and I will post some pics for you to see of some of the quilt blocks going into this tshirt quilt.  You see, each quilt block needs quilting in it to stabilize it for future washing and the life of the quilt too really!  So far I have used 8 football fields of thread in piecing it and quilting it.

Once the quilting is complete... I get to bind it and then wash it!  Yay :)

Hope you are enjoying this inspiration today and have a blessed March day!



Monday, March 11, 2013

A shelf in a day :)

This weekend we decided to make a shelf for my daughter's growing snow globe collection.  It all started with this cute shelf we saw at Lowes....
Theirs is made by Allen Roth and is 5 feet tall... it is made of particle board with a wood finish to it.  So we decided to make ours out of wood.  Poplar and pine to be exact.  Here is how ours turned out...
Ours is 6 feet tall and has 6 evenly spaced shelves on it.  It is so sturdy and will last her a lifetime :)  And we did it all for the same price as theirs!!!

Here is how we did it...
First we made the A frame front and back and cut the angles... my honey is the bomb at figuring out that stuff and making it look easy!
 Next we cut the wood.... carefully
check out that concentration she has going for her :)

 Once we had the wood cut it was time to put it together!
 So they did!
 Boy that is a nice tall shelf!
 Here is the shelf put together... but wait... we are forgetting something...
 Painting!  She chose black satin paint.
Then a final sanding for a finished completed look....

 And a final coat of paint to cover the dowels that hold each shelf in place... and whalaaah!
Notice our new TV in the background... and we have rearranged the living room a bit.... this is all you get to see until there is a Casa Del Loro update showing the living room reveal! lol  Also, this is not the final resting place for this shelf... just a safe place for it to dry while we paint my daughter's room and get it ready for this awesome shelf!  Final reveal to come on a future edition of Casa Del Loro too!

And finally... as they were painting and I was taking pics to share with you the mail lady came and brought me a long awaiting package from my bff in California.  Yep, Joyce sent me some Stampin Up things I had ordered and a few extra things she "threw in"...
Isn't she awesome to send me so much love!  I especially love the card that she featured on her blog... to see it in person and to now have it is such an inspiration to me :)

Hope you have a great week!  Thanks for joining me for some wood craftiness today :)


P>S>  For those of you interested... I am about 70% done with the quilting of the quilt for my son!  Yahoo!  It is really taking shape now!