Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's on my workdesk... WEDNESDAY! :)

I am so excited to tell you I am currently working in 2 spaces right now being a major multi tasker... last week I barely blogged and worked really hard on something and DIDN'T share it with you!  Today I will share :)

First up on my craft desk is Wendy Coffman's card I need to make...
 I still have 4 cards and a card box to make in this set and it is small work... so I am taking my time and enjoying her craftsmanship with designing them.  This was a GREAT buy for me :)  I have learned a lot and enjoyed making the more intricate cards.

My daughter has been using my craft studio with a friend who lives down the street and goes to school with her.  They made a poster and embellished it with paint, glitter glue, stamps, stickers, and punched paper!  Check it out :)

 We did add the ampersand (&) between Jupiter and Mars after this... the poster board was a little slick for stamping on!  lol

On my other work desk you will see this!
Yep, and ironing board is right if that is what you guessed.  I have tshirt pieces I am ironing on interfacing and gonna make my son (DL my 28 year old son) a quilt out of them.  He collected tshirts for about a year pulling some faves that were worn out, or shirts he loved but didn't fit with shirts he got at thrift stores.  He has found some seriously cool shirts for this project but not enough for the 25 blocks I need to make it the size he needs.  So he is putting artwork on blank tshirt pieces.  It will look like him a lot I think!

I am using these materials to border each block...

Except not the skull one... he nixed that... anyone want it???  I will have half a yard that I won't ever use to give to someone if you like it leave me a message... the first one to message me about it below in comments can have it.... it is all 100% cotton quilting fabric :)  Here are the stack of squares I have ready to go...
And a stack of interfacing already cut...
Most of my assistance so far has been youtube vids and I have left lots of thumbs ups for the ones that helped the most... however I can't recommend just one :)  I like anything by the Missouri Quilt Company.  But I am kind of blazing my own trail with very little knowledge and lots of love for my son!  lol  The back of this quilt is gonna be a sheet and I will machine quilt most of it to make it go easier and be sturdier for him.  I am using batting I found on sale for my middle.

I have only made 1 other quilt and a pillow in the past and they are both in active daily use!  lol
Don't you love the Raymer sign over the bed.  Our realtor gave us that when we sold our home in TN as a closing gift!  Yay :D

My honey has been super busy and I haven't shown you much of anything... so here are some more sneak peaks....

So far he has torn out the old tile floor and laid a fresh new one on the concrete slab.  Once the new floor was down he painted the upper part of the wall... then he has sanded and finished the bottom part of the wall to take away the texture and allow us to use a white semi-gloss that we will paint over the wainscoting (the boxes on the walls have a name :)  lol).  He is spending lots of time now caulking and filling the holes with putty.  It is very labor intensive and it calls it a "work of love"... awwww!  So sweet of him to love me that much :)

Hope you are having a happy day!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Crafty fun weekend... how about you?

I had a crafty and fun weekend how about you???

Here is the view in my back yard today :)

After a great rain shower we had I caught this pic of our azalea bushes... and this little rascal of a girl
Afraid I was gonna take her treat away!  lol

 My weekend started by going to a card making party... check out the great cards I made!  (With Tamra's excellent help :)  My fave CTMH consultant Tamra Pope hosted a Paper, Scissors, and More get together and I chose to make her cards.
this is a gift card holder that opens!

This one is my favorite!
I am entering the one above in Die Cutting Diva's Tic Tac Toe challenge here.  I cut the flowers on page 50 of the Art Philosophy cart and used ribbon, embossing, and flowers!  Check them out they rock :)

And finally!

After I got done making all these great cards me and my honey went for a night away with my bff Pam and her hubby!  She even donned a tiara for us :)
Today we bought the paint for the foyer and living room... 5 gallons of AM I SURE???  lol

I was sure one he put it on the wall... can't wait til it is picture ready :)

Have a great week!  Set goals and a way to accomplish them then share what worked!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Play Along Challenge Accepted!

Play along challenge you say???

That is right... grab something to drink and spend a few minutes with me if you will.

I want to tell you about a facebook page I found... okay two fb pages :)

The first one is for scrapbook and cardmaking supplies and her name is Theresa and her fb page is called The Royal Castle Shoppe.  If you are on fb you can find her here.  Super fast shipping and shop via Paypal.  She sells stuff you need to make stuff you LOVE!!!  And some paper thrown in now and then too...

The next one is this cool group that is rapidly growing called Play Along you can find it here.  It is run by Janis at Pause, Dream, Enjoy blog a and is just a place to accept challenges... like I will show you I did today! lol and help inspire you by just looking at all others have done... no pressure to join challenges or be a perfect artist.  It is a place to make meaningful projects and share tutorials and vids about projects with each other.

So they have several challenges going on... one is ending next week but a couple are still open and I am working on them.  One is make a set of cards and a box to coordinate with them.  Sounds easy right?  Well the box gave me fits!  But I ended with something I am proud of so I won't bore you with the long story... just lots of fun pics :)
sorry this one is blurry!
this is for a realtor who helped out my bff Brandy :)
this is the inside of that card :)

this is the sew stamper I used to make the XOX here and the faux cross stitch above :)
I made the K cool like that by dipping it first in pink and rolling gently the edges in light grey... then added glitz glitter gel!

 So you know me... blabbermouth that has to tell all sins like it is confession time :)  But truly some of the designs spoke for themselves on this... I certainly didn't think I would make a card for Brandy's realtor in this bunch!  These are all destined otherwise for my mom on her birthday :)  She is a huge cardgiver and will use these up in a hurry I bet!

My congrats card I am entering in ABC Challenges and Paper Playtime!  I used all CTMH products on the cards and box except for 2 pieces of 6 x 6 Doodlebug dp that is the pops of color in the cards and the envelope on the box :) 

Hope you find something creative to do this weekend... as for me... I am spending time with my bff Pam and her hubby and making some cards with Tamra!  AND my desk is somewhat clean!  Yay :)  Next up are some organization vids and finishing the cards I got from Wendy for all of you!  Then another Play Along challenge :)  A book... if you have time this weekend check out all the vids on making a cool mini album with paper bags and paper in your stash from "My Sisters Scrapper".  She is on youtube if you can't find her blog :)  Happy Hunting!  (get it... Easter is coming ... hehe)

Great blog candy was mailed out this week too.  Can't wait for Amy to get it!  I love it when I can give away blog candy to such a great audience :)

Last but not least... the foyer has a new tile floor that is dry curing at present.  According to my honey it will be good to go while we are making memories this weekend!  Pics to come on my next Casa Del Loro post :)  Have a blessed weekend and thanks for reading :)


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Valentine's EXPOSED!

Hello!  Grab a cup of something yummy and come join me for some pics of our Valentine's day... I finally get to show you the frame I finished for my honey... and a VERY personal card I made for him... and something he made for me!  Come on in and stay a while :)

First up are my gifts to him....
 Let me show you closer... I greeted him with fresh hot coffee and this card!

I can't show it to you any closer or you may see some of the writing I added using my Word program and repeating sentences then added colors to each sentence... which enhanced the repeating design.  I got this idea from my great friend Joyce here.  She repeated the same saying... I repeated 4 short sentences... I just had more to say!  lol!

Inside I came up with 10 things I loved about him... it was almost too easy... maybe next year I will do 14 for the 14 days of February :)
In case you need ideas you can read MOST of them :)  hehe!  The two little hearts inside are the insides of the hearts I used on the outside!  Cool!  love that :)

Now for my fave thing... the frame. 

As you know I have been working on it for about a month... working on altered projects is somehow overwhelming for me and I think I can't do it... but this frame did turn out DARLING!  In my previous sneak peeks I showed how I covered a plain $1.00 wood frame from Michaels (my friend Tamra gave it to me) with a light coat of paint after a little sanding... then modpodged on some cute tissue paper I had with no bumps or wrinkles Yay for miracles!!!... and then I embellished it with things that are precious to us...

Starting at the top is the date we use on all our personal stuff as our Established Date... we have it on several things already... now this too!  lol
I loved LOVED LOVED the little Doodlepops blue bird so I have him peaking over our date heart!  This was a piece of chipboard wrote on then inked with pigment ink and clear embossed over it.  I love pigment inks for this kind of stuff!

I love chevrons so I decided to add some cute chevron hearts in the blank spaces as I wanted this to be a fairly full frame...
I embossed "LOVE U LOTS" too... then tried to color in the hearts to bring in more of the blue from the bluebird but it didn't work well...  I salvaged it and added washi tape to make it cuter :)  Cuz I love him lots and we both have areas we work on that aren't perfect so this little imperfection just spoke to me as needing to be there and not redone perfectly!

Below that is a cute Doodlebug Mini Love Note on a white chipboard flourish (love flourishes too!) that I added red Glitz Glitter gel to...
We say I love you a lot but we mean it every time... so that had to be on here somewhere :)

Below that is some paper that had words on it and my name for him in real life is still "honey" so I cut out some honeys and stuck them on a scrap of blue paper... love using dimension if you can't tell!
Next is the STAR of the frame and I didn't make it!  My bff Pam made this cute "kiss me" and I backed it with silver and then with white to make it pop and fill up the space.  She brought it over on our Valentine's making day and I fell in love immediately!
It needed something else so I added the blue lovebirds that again are the Doodlebug I am LOVING!  But don't they all go so cute together... I am not a pink girl so to have so many uses of pink and red in one project for me is AMAZING!  lol!

In the previous 2 pics you can see a strip of paper with hearts on it... it is shimmery paper that I have had in my stash for years and couldn't pass it up for this project as I need something to ground the frame on the bottom and I think this little strip did the job!

Next is the real texture on this... stacked chipboard with a crocheted heart and a stickpin with a heart on it!  LOVE IT ALL!!!  Do you?
I bought some white chipboard a while ago and in that pack of pieces were this polka dot glitter heart and scalloped glittery circle!  I inked the heart with Lagoon ink and the glittery circles just popped... then I covered that with the crocheted heart from Pam and a heart to represent my friend Brandy.  She loves pink and the pink flowers reminded us both of her :)  The stickpin was something I found in my online travels and wanted to add it... First time I have used that type of embellishment... so some old stuff and some new stuff too!

Finally the bling in the upper right corner has some sexy red tulle on it... I tied it in a knot and it looked right at home :)  The tulle is from Pam as is the bling!  And the pic in the middle of the frame... Pam took one day when she was visiting!  Thanks honey for posing so sexy and making me laugh so big!

So now me and all our friends have something invested in this frame and card!  Isn't that cool !!!

Now on to what I got from my honey.  Every year he finds me a big heart of chocolate turtles.  It is the only time I indulge... and he knows I look forward to them... but when I opened this beautiful box...
I found a great love note too!  He had entered my craft studio found some paper he liked... used my designing pencil he scribbled down his sweet thoughts to me and EMBELLISHED it with stickers!  All for ME!  How cool is that!!!!
He even made it heart shaped... I will treasure this soooo much!  He helps me with designing on a regular but I am in the drivers seat !  lol  I love that he felt comfortable enough to enter my studio and create!  And cut to fit too!

My daughter also had a Valentine to offer...  my fave quote... as in my quote for the year.. in stipple form...

Stippling is making little dots of varying sizes that ends up taking a form... in this case my quote... and she signed the back too... isn't that sweet!  She worked on it for days... making those dots... I was so touched!

My oldest son spent some personal time with me and we had fun just hanging out... he rarely has time for me so that was nice... and my middle son...

 Made me a cake! Red velvet with cream cheese filling!  Yummmy!
So now I must ask you... how did you spend your Valentines??? I sent cards to most my friends and have cards to make now for the rest... I did nice things for my family and they did nice things back.

Hope your weekend is delightful and my post has inspired you... thanks for joining me *U*



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was so excited to get up this morning and greet my kids with valentines!  It was like Christmas in our house because they are teens and adults now so Christmas is more about the true reason for the season not presents for each other as much. 

But Valentines is a time I can give them all a sweet treat created by me and enjoyed by them!  Score!  How about you... is Valentines just another day or a day to remember family and friends???

Then I came out to my Florida room and look what I found...
My Christmas cactus (in a cute Dollar General pot) bloomed 3 new blooms overnight!  with more to come... so I will be having a Valentine's week as this guy is right where I blog :)

I didn't take any pics of my valentine's to family as they were very personal for each person... but I just wanted to share the joy I had bestowing gifts on my kids and my honey this year.

Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!  Pay it forward and do something nice for someone today :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Almost Valentines Day!

 I am so excited for Valentine's day to be here... I have some cute Valentines to give my youngest kids and I have had so much fun making valentines for friends too!  Have you???  Made Valentines???

So hopefully these Valentine's will inspire you!  My first one is the first one I sent... to my bff Brandy when she was having a bad week.
 Would you like to see a vid on how to make a 3D object for a card... I have played with this technique a lot and think I have it down now... pick out a paper you like that isn't too light but not too heavy either... I laid it all flat and it mailed with just 1 postage stamp!  Yay!
Next up is a card me and my daughter made for my mom and dad....
 The large polka dot print is popped up on the card and the sentiment is on the card base... I was inspired by a card that used this technique on a blog I can't remember now but loved the inspiration it gave me to make a lovely card for my mom and dad... I used my 6 x 6 doodlebug paper to make it and embellished it with them too!

For the inside.....
 My dd Brandi colored in the tree limbs after she drew them out and added this cute bluebird from Doodlebug stickers that I got when I bought the paper pad...
She used washi tape I had gotten when Pick your Plum had a sale on it... she likes the washi tape!!!  And adorned it with a cute valentine envelope from mini love notes by doodlebug and added her own sentiment!  So nice!

Finally in the Valentine department is a Valentine I made for one of my doctors.... and am showing it on ABC Challenges :)
 I popped up the border and sentiment on this one and had hearts exploding from the cute mini envelope.... added my sentiment and left the inside blank for her to pass on to a Valentine of her own!  Love those kind of gifts you can regift so easily!

Below you can see the dimension better on the card... totally worth making it... and I used mainly leftover pieces to put it together!  Score!!!
Now onto our current home improvements... my honey has been busy... working on
THE FOYER that looked like this....
 You can see a few boxes of the new tile we will be installing... once the old floor is gone...
And the craigslist table we found that matches our Casa Del Loro theme with a big parrot on it!
Here is the floor about 2/3 gone but concrete left still to chip up little bits at a time....
We had a gold and glass chandelier in the room and changed it out to brushed nickel and frosted glass... goes more with the ceiling fan in the living room and the look we are trying to attain in the house as we update it.

When he isn't chipping away at the flooring in the foyer he is working out back... focus is on 2 areas... first is a low spot in the ground where he will plant the flowers against the florida room

So stay tuned for more Valentines and more home reno as we make this house our home forever :)

Happy crafting and have a blessed day!

Hope you found some inspiration in this rather lengthy blog post!