Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Bird-day Shaped Card!

Today I took leftovers from my playday with Pam and made a card!  SHHHHH... it is a secret.  It is for my sweet sis in law who's birthday is coming up soon!  I am posting it now because I want to show it off to my bloggy friend Sheila... she inspired me every day right here at She's a Sassy Lady and she has a linky up for making shaped cards... well I made a shape card WITH a window!  Take a looksie :)
 I made this card with this layout on my gypsy using Elegant Edges and the hide/contour button.  Notice the bird on the top left of my mat?
 I cut it out in the blue base color to put over the pink mat and popped it up... see here...
 This is a saying I have wanted to use for a while but didn't have a stamp that said it so I printed it on my computer and laid it out on the grid of my cricut mat where I thought it would cut best and it worked!  Yay!  I did size the circle down a couple of taps to make it so the blue showed around it.. you could easily ink the edges too but I have been inking so many edges I opted out and seriously like the CAS look of this card.
 I used Doodlebug Designs Lovebirds 6 x 6 paper pad and the blue is from my stash... the stem is brown because I used a chocolate pen on it :)  the finished card is about 4" x 4"... PERFECT!!!

Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget... if you haven't registered for my BLOG CANDY giveaway check this out!


Online craft supply deals!

 Deal of the day for getting the most for my money hands down has to be this haul of goodies!
I got some 6 x 6 paper pads... some chipboard shapes in 2 colors... and the front page is nestled in there for my 2013 album :)  I can already see the layout... !!!  They included a free gift too.. the vintage rose chipboard shapes... not sure if it is a random pick or if they bulk buy to provide one thing to every customer as a thank you gift... this will be in the BLOG CANDY here!!!

I also got the cute little envelopes I showed you in this post.  They also will be part of my BLOG CANDY!

Okay so back to this.... I got Pebbles, Authentique, My Minds Eye, tons of Doodlebug Lovebirds collection, some cute brads, some pinwheels, and the heavy duty transpancy with the parrot for my opening page on the scrapbook for this year.  So it shipped in a big flat box Priority Mail and I paid $5.98 in shipping and handling and only $40 for all the products I got that are all name brand!  I loved it ... from the comfort of my home too!

I got my order 1 week after I ordered it but they sent me emails keeping me updated on the status of my order.  I even talked to one of the owners once and had a charming conversation with the lady.  She has a passion for papercrafting too!  Overall EXCELLENT experience.

When I had a manic moment on Monday and thought this great set wasn't going to be here I ordered some of the same stuff from it isn't here and I requested rush shipping... then I also ordered some basic supplies and tools from Scrapbook Pal the same day and it came Wednesday too!!!... they have the best ATG adhesive cheap and recovering all my cricut mats means I need more glue for that and they had it on sale for $3.50!!!  Yahooo... a couple of Sakura white gel pens too and now I am set to craft another day... now what do I do with all of this!  lol

Just kidding... all but Valentines is put in it's home to stay until I need it!

Have a happy crafting day and I hope these updates on online shopping are helpful to you!


A day with my bff!

Do you have a bff.. that you are NOT married to?  lol

I am lucky enough to have 3.  I used to live close to 1, now I live close to another... and my 3rd bff lives far, far away ;)  I love them each as much but each differently... today I wanna share a little time I got to spend with my bff Pam!

We got together for our first ever "crafting day" to make Valentines ;)  We had a blast visiting and crafting and creating and having fun heat embossing too!

Here she is with the front of a LOVE pop up card from the Artiste cart that I cut out and she put together and decorated...

She made the heart with an arrow on her cricut then embellished it with bling and now it is the front of a sexy card to her hubby of 30 years!  They are still madly in love with each other and I love that role model for me as I am now engaged :)  I was a widow almost 5 years ago now and never thought I would be here... but here I am!  lol
And isn't this little I love you card and little envelope DARLING!!!  This cute 9 envelope set is part of my BLOG CANDY!!!!  I can tell you where you can buy it though NEXT!  Find out more about how to win my blog candy by responding to a post here.

You see I had some valentine sets of cards and a frame I am working on all set out... sorry no pics of our set up... will try to remember next time we do this... because there will be a next time :)  But no true valentiney things had arrived in the mail yet... and I had ordered them a week ago so they would be here!  Shame on me for ordering with only a week to go... then my honey walks in with a box that was delivered by the mailman... our valentine goodies... we took some quick pics for you and we were off playing in goodies ;)

Stay tuned for a post on my haul from a new to me online scrapbooking company with EXCELLENT customer service ;)  And another card set I completed.

Meanwhile my honey is still scraping wallpaper but not one box is in the house... they are all now in the garage.

We are planning a shopping day in the garage for the family to dig through boxes and pull out last minute things they want then me and my honey will go through it all.. sort it to keep, give away, trash and whallah... we should be BOX FREE soon!!!!!

Have a blessed day... more posts coming ;)


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Renew your cricut mats!

There are many youtube vids out there on how to renew your cricut mats.. after much deliberation I decided to use a zig 2 way broad tip glue that looks like this... I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $6.50 but a great store online is Scrapbook Pal.  I get most of my adhesives from them and it is cheaper there :)
You also need a scrubber sponge like this.... I got mine at the Dollar General for $1.50
and a little Dawn or other good cleanser that is nonabrasive

Finally you need a baby wipe that is alcohol case you have an oops outside the cut area.

Got your supplies????

Take a cricut mat that needs replacing and scrub it well with a little soap and water... initially I was afraid to get in there and use elbow grease to scrub but you are trying to CLEAN all the gunk off your mat so pick up a sponge or sponges at the dollar store and use them up for this!  I do recommend a sponge scrubber specifically for this job that hasn't been used prior.

Drying the cricut mat after washing was tricky because paper towels will add lint to the still tacky mat.  I shook it off and let it air dry about 1 hour... that was overkill but I wanted this test to be accurate ;)

With a clean, dry mat prime your glue pen until the tip is blue... if it already primed go to the middle of the mat to start it well... get a small puddle of glue and wipe is with the broad tip in lines all across your cricut mat making sure to cover it well and evenly and not going outside the cutting area... THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!  If you go outside the lines wipe it off with a baby wipe before it turns clear and you are golden!!!

All together I spent about 5 minutes scrubbing the mat then another 5 minutes later gluing the mat.

An hour after that... air drying again... the glue is all clear and my mat has a shine to it that it hadn't seen in quite a while!  lol  BUT WAIT THERE's MORE!!!

Now SEASON your mat so it isn't super sticky and pat the palm of your hands all over it... it will stick to them but just put them down and pull them up and repeat until you have seasoned the whole mat! 

You now have a mat ready to use.. as a precaution always make your first few cuts with heavy cardstock... I have used lighter cardstock with less pressure too and didn't have issues new mats have of being oversticky even when seasoned... this Zig glue seems to stay sticky longer than my new mats do too!  SCORE!

If you would like to see a video tutorial on this process just let me know in a comment below.

I hope this post has been helpful!  It will save me a TON of money as I spent about $8.00 on supplies and I am using mats I just couldn't throw away!  lol  And not buying new ones!  I hear money being saved... cha-ching!

*****One more tip I can share is to write on your mat cover on the front side so it doesn't get put on backwards (use a permanent broad tipped marker for best results)... one side doesn't really stick to the mat but lays over the mat... that is the correct side to use against the mat.  The other side sticks and removes sticky with each removal and replacement.*****  I write my name and the date I glued it

Have a blessed day and have fun crafting with your new mat!


P. S. For all you Cameo owners I have heard that Cricut mats work better in the Cameo.. you can still restick them for the Cameo using this technique... it shouldn't change the depth or dull your needle :)

Card Kit Series ~ Post 1 of 5

I am going to do a series using a kit I bought from Wendy Coffman here!  I was so excited to get it and showed you the kit in the package here... but watch that flat paper come to life in this series!!!

The review on this kit overall is WONDERFUL!  The pieces came all cut and ready for me to stamp, embellish, and complete with one stamp set that I got also in the Whoo's your valentine set I bought from Wendy as well!  All this loveliness in one package must be completed soon... so to work I went!

First I followed Wendy's EXCELLENT directions with pics for each card and the card box... each post will feature one card or the card box to make the series of 5 ;)  Hope you enjoy this and see if there are more of these available if you are interested in playing along!  Wendy ROCKS!

The first card is a Valentines card that my daughter fell in love with... she picked the Valentine I would give to her when she saw this card!  lol

As I said in my previous post I got 2 kits thinking me and my daughter would do this together but she wasn't in the mood so she kept me company while I crafted 2 cards at a time... one with Wendy's suggestions and one I did with my own style injected!

Here is the card she designed and I put together...
 She instructed me to use chocolate ink on all my edges.. and I did do that some but I am more light and bright and less vintage in my style... here is a close up of the cute owls :)
 This card was cut with the Cricut Artiste cart and is called an "s" fold card... there are several designs on the cart with the heart being one of my faves :)
 And this is a lighter brighter version I made with the second card... I still inked but I used all different colors that brought out the pinks and blues in this card... and I got the owls stamped just as I liked them too!  This one is going to my daughter as she put the eyes on and feels a sense of ownership in this card... it is just waiting for me to write a sweet note in it!
 In my daughter's eyes the mommy owl is looking down on the baby owl protecting it and the baby owl is looking at the sun and adoring it and feeling safe.  That is what she said!  She cracks me up with how she makes a story!
 The kit comes with Glitz Glitter Gel in 2 colors for embellishing your cards and gift box... and as I said Wendy's directions and pictures are professional and spot on to replicate her work ... or do like I did and do your own thing a little bit!  Like popping up the little owl on the branch :)

Next on my desk is another card you will see tomorrow.. I am making one for a neighbor who suffered a loss in their cable supplying internet, tv, phone, and security system when our fence installer accidently sliced their cable.

Next up also is how to decorate my new FAVE wall in the house... the kitchen wall... it was this...
 and now it is this color... a creamy light peach!  My son's idea but he wanted a bolder peach.... I am happy with this peach with pops of brighter peach.... I thought a banner on the wreath would be cute ... what do you think????  The ceiling fixture is getting replaced with something silver or brushed nickel... in the meantime help me out please with ideas!
Don't forget about my giveaway.  There is still time to enter... for details click here!

Have a blessed day!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some Saturday Inspiration :)

Welcome... hope you are having a blessed weekend :)  We are still removing wallpaper from the kitchen but have managed to get the doorway closed off and painted over... looks like it was never there!  My honey rocks at home renovations ;)

I have been getting crafty in my studio and wanted to send you a little teaser about what's on my workdesk!

Lots of Valentiney stuff :)

But here is my desk clean with a kit laid out ready for me to figure it all out!
I got the kit from CTMH consultant Wendy Coffman's blog Stamping Rules here!

It makes this.... times 2 cuz I bought 2 kits to get the stamp set/kit too!

I don't know if she still has any available as the stamp kit is in high demand and short supply but she is very helpful and will get if for you if she can :)  Check out the cards and holder I will be making!

Now for some real inspiration... here are some scrapbook layouts I found in a mag I have...
 I like this one for the creativing in it to have a big tree with a swing in hemp on it... so cool!
 This layout is fun but also has some really cool stitched clouds in the upper left corner... see the close up here....
 And this one is a fun idea for those large family photos and most of the journaling is in the title... again with the stitching around the page too...
Hope you like this segment and will come back for a dose of inspiration next time you need it!  Comments are coveted if you can make the time to give me feedback on what you like and don't like... what inspires you?


Thursday, January 24, 2013

A designing dilemma and HAPPY MAIL!

Today I have a few things to share with you... grab a cup of something refreshing and visit for a bit ;)

First I want to share the mag I won on Kathy Martin's blog Card-Blanc.....

My very own copy of September 2012's Scrapbook Trends

Have you ever had one of these mags?  It is published by Northridge publishing and is a monthly publication with scrapbook, card, and tag ideas by the millions!!!!!  Truly it is 130 pages and maybe 20 are advertising... and blogs are listed so you can find a style you like and try them out as fresh ideas to try!  LOVE this mag!!!  I have been drooling over the pages of creative goodness for an hour or so before I could stop to write this post!  LMBO ;)

Also in the mail... yep, there is more!

Was an order I placed from  Pick your Plum.  I saw it recently featured on a blog.. now I see it frequently... but I initially saw it here at Craftaholics Anonymous ;)
They sent me my order of WASHI TAPE!!!!  and included a Laffy Taffy too!  Shipping was only $2.99 and each roll of the tape was only $1.50!  I spent less than $10 and got a huge smile!  Thanks Pick you Plum and Craftaholics Anonymous for turning me on to it... now I get email updates whenever they have an item at discount... about 3 times a week.  Shipping took 9 days and I got emails letting me know they got my payment.  Overall an A experience because shipping took a few extra days... but wow what a deal!  Have you heard of this company before???  Have you ordered from them ???  What was your experience like???

Before all the excitement of mail time I had started working on a card I wanted to make with scraps I had left over... and one sheet of paper from a stack that I felt went well with the whole card... but it was too teal.
So I added more of the light paper to try to get the card to jive...
but I really didn't like it so nothing is glued down... and that is why the K stamp is there... I wasn't sure the final design so I was unsure the ink I would use.

Finally after a shout out to my bff Joyce I came up with this...
The butterfly is 3D from heavy cardstock and I added wire while the glue was wet from making the butterfly 3D .. for the antenae.

I dry embossed the teal paper and used a Creative Memories fancy corner rounder for the striped paper... the inside is dressed up too!
And while I have been having all this fun Daisy has been begging for treats... every time her Daddy takes a break from fixing the wall in the kitchen!
See how smooth the wall is now... and no wall paper ... painting will begin tonite!!!  Yay :)

Have a blessed day and thanks for taking time for me!  I hope I have inspired you. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do you shop online for your crafting tools?

I just moved and now I don't have a LSS... what to do... I now do lots of my shopping online.

Do you shop for your crafting tools and goodies online or in stores only?  Where do you feel you get the best deal?  How often do you shop for crafting things?  Would you like to hear about this?  lol

Just thought I would make sure you were paying attention.

My most recent orders are from 2 great online companies.

Blue Moon Scrapbooking

Links are on their names if you want to check out their websites...

I only have good things to say about these companies.  They carry different products but both contain popular companies in paper crafting. seems to be my go to place for tools and adhesives that I can't find at big box stores.  Whereas Blue Moon Scrapbooking has lots of paper and embellishments and good prices on dies that I like.

Both companies charge reasonable shipping and Blue Moon will ship free if you spend $50.00!

Both sites host videos of products so you can take them for a test drive and the first order I placed with Blue Moon Scrapbooking... they called me to make sure I had had a pleasurable experience with them!  That rocks :)

So what do you like about online shopping if you do it.  What do you wish was different besides having to wait for your goodies to come.

Love to hear from you and don't forget to read about my giveaway going on now... I just ordered some crafty goodness for one lucky winner!

Have a blessed day!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Casa Del Loro UPDATE >>> 4th Bedroom

If you follow my blog, occasionally I will post home DIY photos.  We just moved into a 22 year old home and it needed some remodeling to fit a family of 5... that's right ... 5 of us.. My oldest son is almost 28, then my middle son is 18, and my daughter is 14... lots of hormones in this house so everyone needs their own space!!!

We named our home Casa Del Loro... more on how our house got a name like that here!

This home is perfect for us because with the formal dining room we were able to buy a 3 bedroom home and convert the unused space into a bedroom.. for now.. now closet will be installed so if we do sell it it can return to a dining room... but for us... a bedroom for my 28 year old son, DL was key.  (He helps me with my video btw!)

First we installed doors where there was an opening....
And it now has trim and a door knob :)

The problem still remained that there was a door to the kitchen as well....
 So my honey got to that this weekend and as you can see... he won't be able to hear us in the kitchen much longer!

Uninsulated and the door isn't filled in yet to...
Insulated and door framed in for a sound barrier!
Mudded & taped :)  My honey is a good finisher!
And the finished wall... all white and boring...

With new base molding!  Yay!

In my next Casa Del Loro update look forward to learning about how to remove 22 year old wallpaper in the kitchen...
And how we fill in this hole!
Hope you had a blessed MLK Day!  What have you been up to?

I am finding great things for my blog candy give away!  Don't forget to comment per the requirements here to win some free stuff!  Hint.. some of it is Valentiney.. some is not!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The card that almost wasn't!

Hello my friend ;)  Glad you could join me for a bit today.

Have you ever had a project that never seemed to be just right to call it mission complete!  I just had one of those projects... not my first by far though!  lol

I made this card... I thought I took a pic of it but can't find the before pic so you just get to see the beautiful after pics... check it!
 And a close up....
It was all shades of brown... my daughter decided it needed the black so she painstakingly doodled on my stamped areas and brought out the designs in the K and the swirls of the butterfly imagining where the swirls would go from where I had inked the edges with a dauber!  She ROCKS!

For the card itself I used dry embossing on the card base front that I inked with tea dye ink, heat embossing on K in gold that didn't come out as well as when I used pigment ink with detail powder!  Live and learn folks :)

I cut the butterfly out of  Florals Embellished on my cricut and cut out 3 of them scoring them in the middle... after stamping them with a swirly tone on tone inked stamp.  I then folded them in half and glued them together... let them dry then attached them to my card... this has been the 4th butterfly I have made... but I have now mastered how to do it for the best results!

I am happy to show you how to make the butterfly.  If you are interested... leave me a comment... :)
Thanks for visiting with me today and stay tuned for a casa del loro update!