Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sewing Machine Rug... ready for hand quilting :)

Many people make mug rugs... so I thought my vintage Fiona (who is getting a new oak case as I write this..) deserved her own place to rest :)

I started with some fabric left over from other projects in my sewing space...

And mapped out a pattern with the mermaid inspiration fabric...
Then fussy cut my mermaid fabric and reauditioned the fabrics... the royal blue is supposed to be turquoise but just doesn't blend to me... so I chose the orange paisley fabric... what would you have picked???
I love how it illuminates the mermaid hair and orange fish :)

Then I followed my pattern sans more cornerstones that had made my original design and this is what I had in under 2 hours...
My cozy had to be bigger than 10 1/2" x 23" (the size of the base my honey is building)!  Mission accomplished as this will come in finished at about 13 1/4" x 25 1/4" before washing.

I marked it for quilting... you will see the final in the final reveal.. for now here is a sneak peak of my vision...
I used graphite for marking (Fons & Porter) :).

Next I decided to add prairie points as a binding method.  I want Fiona to feel she has a place of honor on this cozy rug (using 2 layers of batting for a nice soft place for her to sit :) ... so I went to youtube and blogs and didn't find anything that answered all my questions but a Fons & Porter vid helped understand the process... I cut my squares 3" and wound up with about 1" finished prairie points.. there is a formula but I was just having fun designing! lol!!!

So far everything is sewn on my Bernina super electronic machine that I don't like.. can't wait to get back to my Fiona for all the rest of my stitching :)

The prairie points will flip over and stick out all over the sides like this... 
Do you have a better method for doing prairie points???  Would love to hear your method :)

So now I am ready for a slow stitching evening... as I plan to hand quilt this and figure out how to finish it up over the next day or two.

As I have been stitching (and ironing prairie points) my honey finished the cabinet base that is made as a table top style cabinet with lid for protection.  I also ordered her name in brass to go with the brass and mahogany finish the case will have... or at least that is my vision... more on the case later... for now I must get on with my need to slow stitch a while!

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Have a blessed Sunday and a great week!


  1. What a fun project! The prairie points are a great edging idea... I have only sewn them once and I don't even remember how! Enjoy your slow stitching today!

  2. Kathy, like your choice for sashing. I have only done prairie points once (for a t-shirt quilt commissioned). I love the look it gives a quilt.

  3. I have not done prairie points. I know the old fashion way of doing them uses a lot of fabric and using a strip you don't get the variety of fabrics. But they do add alot to the edge of a quilt or project. My husband built my sewing /cutting table, it is nice to have talented husbands.

  4. I like your prairie points! I have to admit that I've never thought about using them for any of my quilts but will have to keep them in mind for future quilts. I can't wait to see your finished cozy.

  5. The praire points give more insteristig to the rug, I remember my aunt made a rug with paire points. It will be a pity stepping on it after it's done.

    1. It is really a cozy... I call it a rug because it is kinda large :) But it will go under my table top sewing machine my honey is making me... custom built case... custom made rug to keep it from scraping on the table :)

  6. Beautiful job. I've never done prairie points but they look great on your rug.

  7. What gorgeous fabrics! Love the prairie points. I have never done them. Looking forward to seeing the big finish!

  8. Beautiful fabric. Love the praire points. I've not yet attempted them.


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