Friday, December 20, 2013

Fiona's grand reveal & a little rant too!!!

I found Fiona, my Morse 600 ~ 1950's model straight stitch only class 15 Toyota made sewing machine, on Craiglist, about an hours drive from our home.  We picked her up on November 26 :)  Here she was...
And here are a few pics I took when we first got her on this blog post!

And today... here she is all dressed up for a party thanks to my handy honey!
Doesn't she look lovely!  And nothing for me to snag or catch on ... and a wider work surface to sew on and still be portable!!!  LOVE THAT!

I made the prairie pointed cozy/rug and blogged about it last week here...
It matches my ironing board cover :)

Here she is fully dressed...

This was a Christmas present from my honey and the great thing is...
  • we did it together!
  • it cost less than $100 total!!
  • she sews smoother than ever now :)
Okay so here is the real story...

My honey planned it but asked for my input... we looked at the old original base for necessities and looked at some cabinets online but nothing struck my fancy... or his... so off to Lowes we went with a meager budget of $30 for OAK!
We added Ribbon to be a handle to the drawer on the side...

Fits my big ginghers and all Fiona's tools!

Love her two-toned look on the cabinet door closed :)
We had the stain colors we wanted from previous works of art... so away my honey went ... he planned and measured and planned and cut... meanwhile I looked into jewelry.. what kind of name could I find for her and... and what to do about handles...
The handles were found and the clasps to hold her closed when traveling were found...

But mostly I was obsessed with her name being on the case somewhere... hopefully the base not the top so I could see it anytime I was using her or not! lol

So after ordering her name from an Etsy shop I waited and waited... anxiously wanting to see HER name in lights that would shine on this case my honey had so lovingly made and adored...
However, the name came out looking nothing like Fiona or her personality... so we used the cute heart attached to the bottom of the name... and found she would give a partial refund since we the name was unclear to us in how she wrote it... took the refund and headed to Hobby Lobby where we found Amy Tangerine thick fabric stickers we glued on with super glue get then a couple coats of varnish :)
Ta Dah!  She is officially named now :)  And my honey even found this cool leftover wood from the project to mount her name on in light oak and her heart on on dark mahogany stains... all still oak! :)  Yippee!  Do you see the grain of this woood... it is an arrow or chevron pointed shape.. LOVE!

Now... do you want a rant from me telling the good and bad of online shopping or would you rather me leave this post as is???  I shop online A LOT because I love cool one of a kind things... so I can share that with you in a future post... but for now... just make sure you read the fine print before agreeing and paying.  That fine print is all what is important to the seller.  Let's you know more about them...

As for me... back to marking my honey's quilt... right now... working on swirly feathers in the sashings :)  Have a great Friday and a Happy Weekend before Christmas!

Sorry I don't rant well btw! hehe... but if you want more rant I have it... and can share it if you are interested so comment and let me know what you think of Fiona.. think of online purchases.... do they meet, exceed or fall short of your desired outcome???

Merry Christmas Season!

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  1. I do virtually all my shopping (Christmas and other) online, so I would be interested in hearing your rant ... in hopes that it will save me a headache down the road. ;-)

  2. The case is gorgeous! What a job well done. I know you are thrilled with the result.

  3. Wow! That case came out amazing. Truly fit for the princess that Fiona is.
    I tend to shop online for things but have not done the ebay or craigslist route. I tend to stick with the main name stores for things with standard return policies.

  4. Your hubby did a great job on Fiona! It's beautiful! Well you sure have me wondering what happened that causes you to want to rant! Hope all will work out for you in the end.

  5. Beautiful case. I love how Fiona's quilt looks with the case all set up. I'm an hour away from any city (thankfully the town 30 minutes away has wal-mart and a quilt shop) so I buy a lot of stuff online. I hate the headaches that sometimes come with those purchases.

  6. Fiona is a shining star! Your husband did an amazing job of the cabinet and your decorating sense sure makes this an original! Great finish!


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