Monday, December 16, 2013

Finishing up on the cozy/rug :)

I had hoped to share on Kathy's slow stitching Sunday here... check out all the great handwork going on... but the only pic I could have shared of hand stitching is this one... my last row to stitch :)
And this my overall done now time to figure out that pairie point border!
So first I trimmed the edges above to 1/4" bigger than the quilt top... to give the bottom layer extra "fudge" room for my plan on finishing this up :)

Then I turned the whole thing over and pinned back the backing piece... to reveal all that batting (I used 2 layers of leftover batting for this project).
Then to trim the batting back so that the seams from the prairie point border will fold back and meet them like they do in this pic....
Yippee!  I trimmed off just enough... had to sliver trim a couple places but mostly it played nice :)
Finally I pinned down the backing like I wanted it to look... finally I took it back to my Janome and added a straight stitch finish to catch all the borders and a decorative edge finish inside that ... pretty fancy stuff!
 All turned out well as you will see in the grand reveal when her name comes in and is placed on the case :)  For now I pet her often and talk to her too... shhhh don't tell anyone though! lol

Do you name your sewing machines??? Do you have any specially handmade things that adorn your machine... maybe a spool doily??  I would love to have one of those next... :)  Only problem is I don't crochet... my fingers don't move that way... anyone up for making me a spool cozy next!?? hehe :)

Have a wonderful Christmas season and take time to enjoy it!

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