Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A new mouse pad :)

I have been thinking of getting a new mousepad for a while... this is my current one made a couple years ago..
This one I got made at Walgreens and it is fraying on the edges and this is CLEANED!  Yucky!!! lol

So this time I decided to make an overture of pics from 2013 that won't "grow old" as quickly as just these 8 pics did...

I have my 4 kids, my parents, my brother and his family, my honey, my bff's and Daisy, Capo & Cotton, as well as a few fave sayings I want to look at... isn't it fun???

It was super easy to take about 20 of my fave shots I have shared mostly with you over the last year into a collage of who I am in a free program called Picasa... and so I remember how old this is I added the year to the flip flops :)

It did take a few hours but I wanted to do something creative that wasn't quilty and would last... and finally I ordered it from Snapfish... I looked at several online companies but ordered mousepads from them as Christmas gifts in 2006 after a trip where we renewed our vows.. to share with those that came to the vow renewal :)  Still in EXCELLENT shape btw... so since they had an online sale that day I ordered it... now here it is :)
Nice bright colors and looks and feels very durable!  Will do this again!!!

1/16" thick and I believe it! lol

Do you use a mousepad??? Have you ever made a customized one or is that frivolous to you???  I thought the entire experience was a great way to look at different things that happened in 2013 and how I handled each one.  A nice walk down memory lane for sure :)  I love my life in pics!

Take time to enjoy the Christmas season... buy yourself a gift and find it on sale as your challenge!

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  1. I've never done a custom mouse pad but I think if I ever do need another one, I'd like to do a custom one ... just think of seeing my grands and the beach whenever I sit down at the computer! ;-)

    Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas!


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