Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Walking down bloggy memory lane!

How much things change... this was me at the beginning of my bloggy journey... just 2 1/2 years later I now have 42 followers... follow about 50 blogs myself (or so.. lol)... and am a fairly active blogger :)
Circa May 2011
December 2012
October 2013 ~ my honey optioned out on this one :)
What started as a way to communicate the ins and ots of starting a business at home became a crafting and creating blog focusing more on home reno, a way to remember important events, and mostly a way to show off what I do with my time :)

Thanks for hanging in there with me... most of all blogging brings about healing... today marks what would have been 20 years of marriage to my husband who died over 5 years ago now.  It is still tender and odd feeling.  I am still a widow who has thus far refused to remarry... and my honey seems to understand I need to raise my husbands children first. :)

Thanks for being there for me and taking time to comment from time to time... as for me.. I am making Chicken Divan from this recipe on Thursday...
 Thanks to my bff Connie for sending this to me... she used the quilt I quilted for her this summer as a backdrop... isn't that cool???  So looking forward to that ... otherwise.. have some cool art to share that is quite quilty... feel free to pin or download as I found them all free :)

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 Here's hoping you have a great Thanksgiving week and yes I will be quilty in my flip flops! lol Thanks for stopping by and visiting for a bit :)


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  2. Que Delicada y tierna tu entrada!!!
    en El Día de Hoy te mando todo mi Respeto y cariño
    un Fuerte abrazo y de como décimos en mi región
    el primer comentario salio mal lo siento

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Kathi! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!!


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