Friday, November 29, 2013

How do you spend the day after Thanksgiving??

Yesterday I finally decided on a quilt design for the project I am working on for this table topper...

do you like this one...
or this one???
 While we pondered the two ideas... the first being my daughters idea:) ... we enjoyed a hearty meal that we had never tried called Chicken Divan... yummy!  With pecan pie for dessert!  Double yummy :)

Today the kids are all with friends or napping and I am quilting... and my honey is working on my "new to me" sewing machine!
And I am sewing these with a backstitch instead of a running stitch.. what do you think of this angel ?
The tension is a bit tight but I have adjusted that for the second one.. and pinned the area a bit more for stability...

I obviously have more talent with a needle and thread than I do with a pen... but they will love it and use it I hope and not laugh at my angelic attempt! Ha! 

You see this is for my brother who is married to a lovely girl and they have 4 kids :)  Lots of wrestling going on with this table topper I bet!

 Here is a cute Thanksgiving funny someone posted on my fb page!  Thought I would share with you too!

Have a lovely weekend.  And try to make some time for you this weekend!  You are worth it :)

So how do YOU spend the day after Thanksgiving???


  1. I usually spend the Friday after just relaxing, reading and eating turkey sandwiches.

  2. nosotros no celebramos esta fiesta,
    así que es un viernes normal y con frió propio del invierno
    buen fin de semana

  3. Those angels are so cute. Since we're spending the holiday with my in-laws and are someplace that actually has stores in town, we did a little shopping later in the day. Mostly we've just been enjoying spending time with family that we don't get to see very often.


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