Sunday, November 17, 2013

Busy, Busy Sunday :)

Today has turned from a quiet stitching morning to a mission completing afternoon!  Yipee!

I am ready to start handquilting my Christmas presents...
I have these TWO lovelies both pin basted with bamboo and cotton batting and a cute coordinating fabric for the backing... I am planning a cranberry colored binding to tie in the darker red of the center and outer points... here are the two tops hand pieced completely :)
this is the one I learned on...

This is the one I rocked I think!
What do you think?  They are about 20" across and were pretty easy to hand piece for a first experience :)  The pattern is a free download from Fons & Porter here!

So as I do a WHOOP for finishing both of these tops in just a couple weeks... my honey WHOOPs about something else!
He is renewing our shed... first he moved it away from the side of the house using just 2 x 4's and dowel rod we had left over in the garage.. nothing was purchased for that part... and he used the jack from the van! lol

Then he painted it all white with exterior white paint we bought last month for painting the exterior doors.  We bought a quart of gray and 3 fence boards to make the windowbox and shutters and have leftover wood for further decoration!  WHOOP!

As I write this ... guess where he is now.. drawn back to the shed cuz it is looking sooo nice!
Daisy Mae wanted to get in on the camera action even if my honey wasn't interested :)
And if you made it this far... look what I won on Ebay this week... and already got it in the mail!!!!
1940's feed sack quilt top measures about 65 x 75 now :)

Advanced or Improved 9 patch pattern ~ 7" blocks

some edges are worn :(
It was so exciting to fulfill a biggie on my bucket list.  Do you have one??? I just wrote about one here...

Hope you have a blessed week and don't forget about my YLI thread giveaway here if you haven't signed up yet :)

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  1. I am not a big fan of bamboo batting for hand quilting. I see yours is a blend, is it easy to needle? Can't wait to see how this will turn out.

  2. Your hand pieced projects are perfect Christmas gifts!
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love those hand-pieced toppers ... looking at them now, I cannot tell which one is the one you had fits with ... they are both beautiful! And your shed is gorgeous. Whoops all around!

  4. Love the feed sack quilt top. Can't wait to see it quilted. I had several that my mother in law left unfinished. Unfortunately I sold them on e-bay before I got the quilting bug:(

  5. You are going to town Kathi with the quilt tops; beautiful!!! And love your little Daisy Mae, what a cutie! The shed looks great, too!!


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