Saturday, October 26, 2013

A view of the BACK side :)

This sister Hammock quilt has consumed me folks... so sorry it has been over a week since I wrote!  I have had lots and lots going on personally and just haven't gotten to quilt as much as I like... however today I have a surprise!

You get to see my BACK side! lol
In a bit I will share the front quilted and cute but for now... check out the chevron I pieced into the back and painstakingly hand quilted!
This is another view... the chevron was pieces toward the top of the quilt :)  I did enjoy adding it and am glad I did but just will think twice about handquilting through all those potential layers!
See the stitching and binding details that you can make out in this photo??  It feels sooo quilty front or back!

And in it's future home sweet home the right side up now :)
Putting on the binding on this one proved a bit of a challenge and a lot of God!

I ended the binding I had made when I pieced the top and usually have about a yard left over the way I measure... well here are the leftovers I had!
5 INCHES!!! How blessed is that to have just enough without digging into my stash!  Yipee :)

During the binding process I had to pull out the electrical tape and cut a piece to fit a tender spot from the recent job of binding I had just finished and not yet healed from I guess... anyway.. back to the tape I went!

Now I am working on some detail stitching..
Using a decorated safety pin to mark my place in the quilt :).  That should take me less than a week then into the washer and dryer it goes... probably a couple passes with a towel thrown in to scrub it good... then time to grab, go to the hammock, and ENJOY!

Hope you have a blessed quilty weekend... thanks for visiting!



  1. I love that chevron on the back! I've never pieced a back - I didn't want another set of seams to have to try to stitch through/around. Did you encounter any problems? I can't wait to see this when it's all nice and crinkly out of the dryer!

    1. I used cotton/bamboo batting on this so it will really shrink when I do wash it! Thanks for reading my post Kathy! Kathi

  2. I love the look of a pieced back. That chevron is so cute. Can't wait to see it when it's all nice and crinkly.

  3. I have done pieced backs when I didn't have enough fabric but do prefer wide backings. I have learned my lesson hand quilting thru seams, so I try to avoid that. But I do love the look! Wish I had a hammock like that!

  4. Awww -- poor finger. That does look like it would be tough on the skin, but so worth it! Your quilt is beautiful!

  5. Cute idea with the chevrons and the electrical tape! Lovely quilt. It looks so inviting on that hammock.

  6. Great backing idea! Definitely takes a bit 'more' to stitch through though.:)

  7. How wonderful! I love a pieced/interesting backing.
    And the electrical tape is a cool tip! Thanks for linking up!

  8. I do not hand quilt myself, so admire everyone who do. This is so beautiful.


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