Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quilting revisions... SISTER QUILT :)

As usual... the quilt "spoke to me"... after that post the 2 lines I am putting on this Picnic quilt diagonally just didn't look right... it didn't look quilted enough... so I pulled out my pearl 8 cotton and added another line in the middle... now me and the quilt are happy... what do you think?

Looking at it from further away and straight on it looks like this...
My plan is to "stabilize the quilt with these diagonal lines then decide what other stitching it needs... and quilts do talk if you LISTEN to them :)

I finally got all the pencil marks out of the quilt I finished and took some pics... but alas the recipient gets first dibs on seeing it whole... so here is a sneak peek pic of the quilt between pics :)  TEASE!
Grand reveal of this quilts photo shoot next week... mailing it today :)

Have a blessed weekend and don't forget to enjoy the beauty all around you no matter where you live!


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  1. I definitely like the three lines of quilting. I agree that quilts will speak, unfortunately when mine speak to me it usually results in me having more work to do.


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