Monday, September 9, 2013

My latest quilting endeavor!

Well last night I finished binding the quilt I was working on and washed it but all the pencil marks didn't come out :(  So off to buy some oxi-clean as I hear it will take out what remains of the pencil marks... I think after a few more washings the pencil would be gone as light as it is now...
So while I work on that ENDEAVOR!  I am starting my next project which got switched from my initial intentions... but they all gotta get quilted so SISTER QUILT TIME it is :D

We started with this "Picnic" pattern in a book my bff got from JoAnn's using her 40% coupon :)
We bought 3 jellyrolls and had scant amount left over... in this pic you can see mine has about 20 more blocks than hers as I wanted a bigger snuggle blanket and she wanted more of a lap quilt :)
She laid hers out as the pattern called for after fussy cutting each block to bring them back to square... I left mine slightly rectangular and set them in a chain pattern.  Do you have a fave?

Quilting was easy on hers... she is using pearl 8 cotton in beige to quilt her cream based quilt.  I am using YLI 40 wt thread in white to quilt my white based quilt :)  We both used cotton and bamboo batting... it beards a bit when quilting but hand quilts easily and is soft and cozy when washed sooo :)  I am happy!

I am quilting mine with double lines going diagonally.  I got feedback from a facebook group I belong to called "Celebrate Hand Quilting" and loved this new idea!  I am using 2 needles at a time to keep my lines straight with no marking this time :)

We pieced the tops together machine by machine on my back porch this summer... read more about that here.

So this week I plan to quilt away and wash away the graphite marks ... what are your plans ???

My daughter had a friend over this weekend... I caught them playing in the hammock :)
with Daisy!

Have a blessed week whatever you do!



  1. They're both beautiful quilts ... hard to know which one is my favorite. How blessed you are to have a BFF to quilt with!


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