Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Okay so against my parents wishes I don't go to church traditionally... I am not opposed to churches but they are confining and all the people aren't generally the greatest... but what I wanna share is the church I do attend... every Sunday :)

It is my back yard!

My faith is strong and I teach my children the same way.  Once upon a time we went to traditional churches ... in fact I grew up going to church every Sunday and Wednesday... now I rejoice in calling this place my home and my church... I talk to God all the time :)

Earlier this week we were busy working in the yard... today we can enjoy the fruits of that labor but lets go back a bit to earlier week ...

The blooming aloe found a new home in a partially shaded area of our back yard... out of the pot ... a good trimming of the old and dead stuff and fresh cactus dirt ... notice how happy the transformation has made this cactus in the first pic I posted....  but what did we do with that splendid pot my honey had made???
The big cactus sprouted 3 babies we found when my honey moved her... more fresh dirt and lots of room to roam and have babies for these guys...
We always water with a bit of root stimulator added to the water when we move plants... helps them get settled in :)

Now that it is Sunday... lets take a look at it all now :)

 We added some dwindling cactus from our tall cacti to our aloe pot :)  They look like they can all see the sun now :)
 And now the tall cacti have room to have water just dripping off their branches :)  How lovely!

While we have been toiling to have a yard to enjoy and celebrate in this Sunday I have also been hand quilting... so far I am almost to the last corner and ready to bind.
Yahoo for a blessed week!

Hope you can find a place to worship today that makes you feel like Praising Him!

Tomorrow I will be posting a couple things for a online yard sale!  Come take a look tomorrow.


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  1. Kathi, love your post. I feel the same way about churches in my area. I too have my faith in God and do my Bible reading daily. I love your backyard church! I just might have to incorporate a spot in my yard to do that too.



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