Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hammock quilt update!

So I started hand quilting triple diagonal lines on this quilt September 10.  Relived September 11 as I stitched and have watched chapters of my life change and close and open since I started.

I am now one half done with the diagonal lines and decided I needed to see her in all her glory right now... to ponder my next steps.

with a close up of the diagonal stitching I have put in...
And a pic of the back...
I loved making the chevron for the back and piecing it in but I am not enjoying hand quilting over it and will think twice before using a pieced back like this in the future... one seam or two for a traditional pieced back is fine.. but this pieced back has much more bulk to quilt over by hand :)

I plan to use YLI varigated 40 wt quilting thread for the white spots... add some whimsy and fun to this quilt front and back :)  What are your thoughts???

Hope you do something productive this weekend!  I will if you call quilting productive! lol


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  1. It's gorgeous Kathi!! Wow, lot of work, but I can tell it's something you must love to do!


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