Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another day in paradise!

So much is going on with me personally I want to let you know that all is well but my family would covet prayers for understanding and patience.

As I think on the need of these things in our situations... I look at the beauty God has surrounded me with in my own back yard... let me share a bit with you...
You see I spend most of my time outside in a screened in porch... off that my honey built a patio with this beautiful mexican petunia bush growing and blooming each morning to greet me... I am up EARLY and so are these blooms :)  By afternoon they are all gone... but the bees and I sure enjoy the mornings :)

The hammock in the background is a great place to pose quilts for now and relax in the breeze come fall and winter :)
The big aloe we moved into the corner is also doing well it it's new home and after a good pruning....
Check out the new shoots coming up from the center... she seems VERY happy :) 
Hoping she produces some babies next year too!  This is the same aloe that bloomed twice for us this year :)

New life is going nuts in this planter... we put in a few springs from a wandering jew we already had when we trimmed it and let them root... then put them in this planter and they are just taking off like crazy!!!

I sit right behind this ... I can see the glasstop table my laptop lives on from here :)  Welcome to my paradise :)
Daisy loves the morning grass to lay in and sun herself... I caught her enjoying this paradise too!
This fall I hope to find myself quilting in these yummy chairs with ottomans... and adore my mexican petunias and maybe some birds will find a home for the winter in our birdhouse :)

So those are the things I try to think on when the going gets tough.  I appreciate you taking a look at all I have to be thankful for including my honey who did all the work to make it so special for me :)

I also want to thanks Connie who has been the best "bestie" a girl could ever ask for as I have trudged through this chapter of my life... she is amazing... I am so glad she now sleeps under the quilt I just finished :)
Meanwhile I will return to stitching... 3 needles...
3 rows of stitches going diagonally across the colored seams... so many seams to go over! lol  This is the sister quilt I now call the "hammock quilt" cuz that is where I see it being used this winter :)
Truly I am loving it but find it harder to pray for my self than to pray for others while I quilt.  You see I pray for the recipient and try to think of blessings for the recipient while I quilt something for them... it urges me on really... with this quilt I have to urge MYSELF on... much harder! lol

I will persevere on this front as I want to start another project and this project needs done... we don't have a good big cozy quilt to snuggle under yet... we NEED it before fall... so I gotta get done! lol

Thanks for your prayers in advance and I hope whatever you do this mid week day you make the most of it and find the paradise in it someplace :)


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  1. Prayers coming your way my blogging friend. I have been out of blog land for quite awhile, lost my old blog, have a new one. Want you back as a follower, but that later --- for now you take care of yourself and whatever is going on in your life. Prayers and hugs to you.


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