Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome Cotton!

Ever since we moved to Florida and my dd lost her cat... she has wanted to rescue a cat to make it her own forever.  Every month she begs to "go see kitty's"... this from a 15 year old animal crazed teenager!  How could I say no???!!! lol

Well... I made a deal with my daughter that after her doctor's appointment we would go look at kitty's... and we all fell in love with this fellow :)

 After a brushing and a bath he was good as new!  Soon he was named "Cotton" and it suits him well... he has gorgeous eyes too!
He is softspoken but is heard when he wants to be... he is declawed and fixed and had been at the shelter since June!  He was not far away from the end when we all came togetehr.

So far he hasn't tried to come out with the dogs... we have snapped at him when he tries to go outside the main living spaces.

Yes Cotton is a wonderful addition to our home. 

Welcome Cotton Clower!

Have a blessed day :)



  1. congrats to cotton and your family!! i soooooo wish we could adopt more animals but it has to wait.

    lovies, =o) kel

  2. What a beautiful cat. Congrats to you all!


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