Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Learning to be more thankful :)

So I thought I was thankful for all I had but recently that thankfulness was tested and now I wonder if I really was thankful for all the little things God does to brighten every day for me if I start it out being thankful to him for just being alive!

Enough of that... just wanted to share... now on to some fun pics :)

Our mexican petunias are loving their home under the bird house :)  I love looking at them each morning as they open up to the morning sun.
 Here are some sprouts of wandering jew we took off a thriving plant and have been collecting trimmings and giving some away!!!  until we had enough to fill a pot!  Don't they look happy??!!!
 I have been enjoying hand quilting and only have 13 spots left on my current project... and it is time to bind!  Yipee :)

No pics yet as it is so close to being done I want to show you it in all it's glory... 13 years in the finishing! :)

I do have a pic of a way to package your quilts... this is a tip from the newest edition of Love of Quilting....
I think Joyce has a great idea... esp if you aren't sure if the recipient doesn't know how to care for their quilt when not in use... they have a holder ready from scraps from the quilt!  Cool Beans!!!

Hope you are having a happy hump day and I am glad you are there for me!  And yes I am thankful for each of you!

Have a blessed week!


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