Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The end of our projects is in site!

So as we have been busily working... me on quilting and my honey on refinishing the floors in our Florida room (screened in porch with a roof on it).  We had indoor/outdoor carpeting here from when we bought the house so we are happy for this upgrade!
See how nice the other side looks... now for my side :)

This was my temporary desk.... while my regular desk got a good cleaning by my honey!  Yipee
And I got moved out of my seat while the floor was drying... but I just kept on quilting!  My honey rocks like that!

See the quilt I am hand quilting!
You can see the bottom edge is not quilted yet.

And my new and improved work area before I move my sewing machine and cabinets back in...
I got my chair back now... and I have a plastic mat on the floor that is clear so it is protected but not obvious!  LOVE THAT!

Now for a peek at what I got my honey as a belated father's day and thanks for all he does around here :)
He got a hammock... built for 2.. it will hold us both!  Yipee!

See how my sweet Daisy thinks it is all for her!  She is such a poser :)  As for my honey... had to drag him out for these shots :)

Have a blessed week and hope something happy happens for you!



  1. I like your hubby's idea of relaxing and Daisy is adorable!

    You are coming right along with the new space and loving that quilt.

  2. does your screened in porch have windows for in rainy weather or is it just screens - I wonder as you have so many things in there that weather could affect?

    1. Great questions Karen... my room does have windows :) I just had them all open to screen today for fresh Florida air... and I take all my stuff in at night.. computer / quilts/ phone.. etc :) Kathi

  3. Those hammock photos are priceless. Love 'em.

  4. I can't believe how quickly you can quilt. You are amazing.


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