Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My 30th pinwheel is my humility block :(

Well... I didn't plan it and didn't see it til I was pinning the front and back together and unfortunately said some not nice things to the beautiful quilt I am hand quilting for my bff Pam.

This block is the one I am talking about... lucky number 30 in the lineup to get quilted...

You see that large pinwheel leaf on the top is laying wrong... :(  so sad... but I am quilting it with pride and love and sharing with you a mistake I did not mean to make will always make this quilt unique now.

Have a happy crafting day and if you see a lemon... just enjoy the lemonade... don't feed old wives tales... rejoice in the beauty around you!



  1. a mi me gusta!!!! es alegre
    y con vida

  2. I think this plays out more in my knitting than quilting, but I love the idea of leaving some mistakes in my work. It reminds me that only God is perfect.

  3. Well, I would have never noticed the mistake if you hadn't said anything.. LOL Love your passion for making quilts. Like I said, I wish you lived near me.

  4. I would have never noticed. Its a beautiful quilt.

  5. It is gorgeous. Never would've realized it was a mistake.


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