Monday, June 10, 2013

Marking with premium graphite on white

Okay guys call me the wild one but I am using graphite for the first time to mark butterflies on a white quilt area... 30 of them to be exact!

Yep... I used my coupon and got one at JoAnn's but it came with white lead... so I had to buy the graphite.. harder than pencil lead for sure... you have to mark with conviction to get it to mark... but then it is so nice to have a skinny line to sew on :D

Wanna see some more butterflies??? How about from the back!

 And a nice close up of the front!
I am quilting the border of the white areas with 40/3 YLI thread in white and quilting the butterfly in white Pearle 12 cotton thread for more depth... once it is washed it will show itself a bit more without being in your face like the rest of the quilt! lol

Hope you enjoyed the butterflies... I am .. and loving my new marking pencil that will now work on any color I have and wash right away !  Yippee!!!

Have a blessed crafty day!



  1. my goodness!! you're doing 30 of them?? have fun!!! they look gorgeous!!

  2. Kathi, this is amazing! I am LOVING all that hand-stitching, and the butterflies are beautiful. This is a really special quilt.

  3. Those butterflies are looking stunning. I like using the Pilot Frixion pens for my quilting. I can make lines as dark as I like and they stay until I iron them out. (My last hand-quilted quilt took a year to make and the marks still ironed out beautifully at the end.)

  4. I am in awe of you. Amazing.


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