Monday, June 17, 2013

I am overly inspired I think

Ha ha... is there such a thing as overly inspired???  I am so loving the work I am doing on this quilt... still not happy with all my piecing work but loving my hand quilting work!

On butterfly number 21 leaving me 9 butterflies until I start on the borders :)  Yipee!

But I find myself inspired to try a kit, learn some new techniques by those that know, and make some quilts for us to use instead of the store bought comforters.

So... I bought my first kit!  Yahoo... here is a screen shot of it... I found it in the July/August Love of Quilting 2013
It measures about 55 inches wide by 65 inches long... LOVE it!  It will look wonderful in my foyer or dining room so I love that it will get lots of attention when it is out... and it holds special meaning for me... meaning I feel like it was made just for me almost...

You see...
The 4 candles represent my 4 children (DL, James, Mike, & Brandi)
The 2 hearts represent my 2 loves (my husband til he died and now my honey)
The 4 poinsettas represent my 4 best friends (Pam, Brandy, Connie & Joyce)
I will bejewel the christmas tree so we avoid putting up a tree every year... this will be our place to stack presents... underneath this beautiful wall hanging
I love the chevrons across the top and bottom.. wish you could see the border fabric better but it really ties in all the colors
I may change the mittens to dauchshunds if I get bold enough but I just LOVE the fun holly border top and bottom... Have I missed an inch of this quilt kit yet?

All it is missing is the batting and backing so I will be on the lookout for something fitting for the back... or may just do muslin... not sure :)  Whatever it will be awesome and it will be done ALL by hand and by mine to keep!

Also coming up is my bestie Connie's visit.  She will be staying a week and we will have a quilting fiesta while she is here... we have puzzles to work and beach trips planned... as well as a quilt shop day too!  So much quilty goodness!

What is your fave part of crafting???  Would love your feedback!

Check out this great quilt I found on a google search.... this is what I aspire to do someday!
Have a blessed crafty week!



  1. my favorite part is the creating - making the quilt top --picking out the colors -- designs to go in it.

  2. That is gorgeous! I am not sure I can think of my favourite part. I love crafting in general.


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