Saturday, May 25, 2013

Will you vote for me???

There is an online quilt show over at Amy's Creative Side website... it is called...
 Entry has closed and now voting is open but just through May 30th...
Follow this link to find my quilt... it is #51 in the throws category :)

And while you are here... look at the finished quilt top and backing waiting to go together today!
 So I went out to take a pic of the aloe but it looks much the same... I think it is gestating before the blooms get enough power to stand up for the hummingbirds that will come feed from it... plus the nights are still a little cool so no hummingbirds around yet to enjoy the nectar... but I did find some inspiring blooms to share with you!
Have a blessed day and thanks for taking time to vote for my quilt :)



Thanks for taking time to comment. Have a blessed day!