Monday, May 27, 2013

My latest obsession :)

I have watched all the "Quilty" episodes up til current so I have been searching for more vids to watch on quilting to help me become more creative and find my own voice in this craft.  I have found this lady who calls herself the Gourmet Quilter :)  Check out this vid on how to make mug rugs... about 4 1/2" square and super cute!  The vid is about 8 minutes just so you know :)

So that is my latest obsession!  What is yours ???  Here's my progress on Pam's quilt thus far...

I have 6 pinwheels completely quilted :D  Here is a close up of the quilting I am doing on one :)

Are you ready to quilt???  I am excited to see what creativity lies within you that hasn't been unleashed in quilting whether you quilt a lot or a little or never before :)

My daughter has been stippling a lot... color and black stipples and she is really doing quality stuff :)

My sons don't express their creativity as much in artistic ways.  More in how they cope with the day to day I would say.

Did your friends or kids learn from you... did you learn from someone???

Okay now for a quick tip.  Handquilting is hard on your fingers... so simply cut a circle about 3/4" around from electrical tape to cover your damaged fingertips... still have the same "feeling" but protects your skin from needle pokes and slips.  :)

Congrats... you made it to the end... enjoy a view of the intercoastal and the little town I live in called Port Orange :)

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