Friday, April 26, 2013

Wonderings while quilting...

Hello my friends!  Thought I would share my first stitches and some other pics as I work on quilting this quilt for my daughter!

I really enjoyed this youtube vid to refresh me on hand quilting basics... and it is only about 6 minutes long!

I found a needle I really like...
it is small but has a nice eye that I can thread with handquilters thread.  I am using Coats and Clark from JoAnn's in white and black for the quilting... white first for the dolphins... then black for all the background.

Finally, in about a month I get to put this great binding on it
 and wash it then and present it to my darling daughter!  Hopefully BEFORE her surgery is my goal.

Meanwhile I have been checking out Swirlydoo vids with my bff Pam and look what she made with her newfound knowledge!
I picked out my fave things and she made them all 3 D and stuff... very cool techniques on this canvas and so much dimension and it is secure for a lifetime!!!!

What are you springtime goals? Make some before summer is here! lol

Have a blessed weekend!  I will be quilting and going to visit family this weekend... hopefully with some new pics to share!


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