Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What is blogging for you???

I was just wondering why YOU blog.  I blog because it helps me keep track of what is happening in my life as it seems in fast forward sometimes... other times I just enjoy looking back at cards I have made and projects we have completed.
Bird House my daddy made as a house warming present... still have to mount it!

Now I blog to get out what works well in different circumstances and what doesn't work so well.  I enjoy teaching and sharing information but without your feedback I can't keep writing good stuff.

Lately I know I have been asking lots of questions of you... and you don't have to answer in comments but it sure would be appreciated by me and other readers.

I am trying out replying personally and publicly so others can get a less personal answer to any question you may ask or info you may add.
this Aloe was near dead and now it is reawakening... a gift from the previous home owners :)

So the question today again is ... why do you blog?  Do you like to keep it strictly business or do you like to mix in personal too????

Well... as I wait for the quilt top AND binding to come I have caught up the laundry and done all the ironing.  I have gathered the threads I will need and trimmed my nails for the task.  I have run errands that needed to be run to help me be able to quilt like crazy once I can!  Yahoo!
These were all 3" or 4" tall... now they look like steroid using cactii!

Our back yard is alive right now... the weather is 70 to 90 during the day and 60 to 70 at night.  Walks on the beach are more frequent and the kids are getting excited that school will be out in just a few short weeks.

Hope this day finds you well!
Also left by the homeowners and moved to keep them together in a bush and sure enough they are attracting butterflies too!

Hope you enjoyed the pics from our back yard.. my shangra la!


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  1. The bird house is so SWEET!I blog because I love to make cards for kids and donate them as well.I love to see what others create and when I am feeling a little down or I have lost my crafty mojo...my bloggie friends have inspired and motivated me as well...
    Have a wonderful day,
    ♥ Crafting With Creative M ♥
    ♥ 2 Creative Chicks ♥

    1. Thanks for the complement on the birdhouse... it is very sturdy! Love that my daddy made it! I find lots of inspiration too by blogging! Thanks for sharing Migdalia! Kathi

  2. Somehow I have missed so many of your posts. You are a very busy person! It is nice to too plants and green grass outside. We are not there yet. Still rain and brown grass.

    I blog to keep track of my projects and try to connect to others with the same interests. I learn so much from others.

    1. I enjoy blogging for that reason too! So much to learn! Wish I had known blogging existed like it does before I did find it.. but then again praise God I found my niche with it! Thanks for sharing :) Kathi


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