Monday, April 8, 2013

Update with feedback requested pls :)

Bring out your crafty nature and help me organize how to make this album as functional as possible for my brother and his family... here is the cover for inspiration...

the inside cover... I am finally to the third video here and will be decorating pages... they are going on a 4 day cruise so I thought that I would make a page for each day and a pre and post page :)

Every day I want to give them a thought to reflect on ... or a cool bible verse... or both!

Lots of places to journal and add 4 x 6 pics... his wife isn't a scrapbooker but she loves saving the memories... so I figure this is a great place to do that!

So shoot me ideas of what you think each page should be or how interactive it should be... I would LOVE your feedback on this project as I feel a little overwhelmed and stuck.

BRANDI's QUILT is coming along... my bestie Connie's quilt studio is here...
 and the fabric cuts and thread that will become the quilt base are here...
And the quilting has begun!

Always nice to have quiet company when you sew! lol

OUR BATHROOM RENO is moving along... we hung lights in the bathroom that we had custom designed... at Home Depot
now we have to make a shelf in the corner where the medicine cabinet was to have a place for my honey's razor and toothbrushes and stuff...
And most of the cutting in is done...
I haven't cross stitched yet... so that is in the same place but I have been busy doing support tasks like laundry and straightening and cleaning :)  We plan to whitewash the beadboard to increase the beachy them... oooh... looking forward to seeing this project progress :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!  Tomorrow my daughter has a dr appt... if you have read this far please send up happy thoughts for her as we are unsure what will be said :)



  1. Love the Mickey book! Your redo is coming right along. The cat looks like it wants to be crafty too!

  2. Very cute book! I think u r doing a fabulous job on it so far, maybe add some pockets to it for ticket stubs, post cards, etc? (maybe you already have these, wasn't sure. I think this will make a great gift!

    Hugs, Beth

  3. I think the album looks great so far. For me, I wouldn't include a Bible verse. If they are anything like me, they need lots of space for the pics. I can take 50+ pics/day on a trip. How about journalling prompts? Let them complete sentences like, 'The highlight of today's stop was _______.'

    Definitely lots of space for photos needed! Maybe gave the journalling spots in pockets and such so there's more room for photos.

  4. You are one busy lady! Quilting, renovating, scrapping. I know whatever you decide the album will be fabulous.

  5. you're so busy!!!! love it!! i would say maybe add a pocket or two inside the album so they can save keepsakes like tickets or maps or room keys (if they're memrorabilia keepers)... i've never been on a cruise so i'm not sure what it entails but if it's like disneyland then pockets are a must!!


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