Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taking applique to the next level!

Of course my Bestie Connie can't just do a simple applique as in this post!  She has to take it to the next level!!!  If you haven't been watching my blog check out this post to see why all the quilt talk :)

In a nutshell though ... here is the quilt base that has been pieced in a brick style pattern at my daughter's request...
And these are her version of the dolphins my daughter wants appliqued to the quilt...
they are laying on her bedspread in this pic but they will be sewn onto the base in the first pic.... once they are sewn together... you see in the pic above they are all pinned together...

Connie will use a blind whip stitch to sew all the layers together removing some of the excess bulk where she can as each layer of dolphin is a layer of fabric AND stabilizer so it is 2 layers... removing some of the stabilizer helps decrease bulk!  I think this sounds like an advanced skill!

Here is a close up of a pinned dolphin body :)

And Connie doing some blind whip stitching :)
then these two small sewn circles get turned into....
 Eyes to give the dolphins a playful real appearance :)  She thinks of everything doesn't she :D

The finished dolphin face :)

Have a great day!


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  1. That quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful. Brandi will love it.


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