Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let the quilting begin!

I received a very special package yesterday!  The quilt top got here!  Yay... she just mailed it Monday afternoon from TN so I thought it would be here Thursday... but God had other ideas :)

She also mailed me suggested quilting lines and binding already sewn and ironed... so all I need to do now it quilt, then quilt, and quilt some more!

First steps first I put the back together with a center seam pressed open with 1/2" seam allowance.  I matched the prints as much as I could :)

Then lay that right side down and top with your batting.

Then add the quilt top... I personally have found the wrinkles in the batting relax if you give them a few minutes of rest time.  So I did and they did too!  Yay

Finally I had my quilt sandwich :)

But I must be totally honest... the reason it took me a day to begin the actual quilting on this piece is the extreme artistry Connie put into the quilt top.  I have been in awe of it!

Check out the running stitch around the white dolphin part and the fin on it's side... and the applique stitches are so small I had to look for them to even see them!
And the little dolphin is so cute... I love the embroidery she added on the noses too!  And the eyes are so expressive being ovals instead of the round I would have made them!

And the overall design that is now pinned together and ready for me to start quilting together is this!
Have a blessed day and if you have a minute send prayers of comfort to this quilt as I want it to provide comfort and safety during my daughter's surgery :)




  1. The quilt top is so bright and colourful it is sure to make your daughter smile. Sending good thoughts your way,

  2. This quilt is so beautiful!! They did wonderful work on the sewing and I can't wait to see the finished project. Good luck!!

  3. Lucky gal you are! This is gorgeous.

  4. Kathi, I found your lovely quilt design on Sew Many Ways FaFF link party. I love the design and the colors of your quilt. Enjoyed looking around your blog too! Hope you will stop by and follow me too! Come see the quilt I made for our newest grand baby.


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