Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quilting stories...

As I work on this quilt I pray... for my son, for his life, for the choices he has yet to make in life... I love making a project that is all encompassing because I can immerse myself in prayer while completing something... and not just for that person for for many people.
love how this one turned out... I think it is my fave :)
I will say I can't stress enough the importance of not quilting for long periods of time... my back is out now because I quilted too much the other day... so today...

I am listening to music on our surround sound and relaxing and quilting intermittently as I should :)  I have done laundry including putting it up and spoiled my honey and relaxed and now... as my kids are about to come home and fill my afternoon with their days...

I will enjoy the birds I hear, the wind chimes as the gently ocean breeze blows ... and relax :D

Hope you can do the same :) 

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Take care of yourself Kathi. Hope you are soon feeling better.


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