Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Wednesday! I was featured on Sugar Bee Crafts!!!

Well since it is Wednesday I thought I would share my workdesk... today I am spending the day in my florida room enjoying the sounds of nature and a mild 70's kinda day just cross stitching my heart out :)  See!!!
I am checking on my blog and have a yellow sticky note with directions to start a paper bag album :)  I like to make notes on intricate projects I want to make and think about them so something like this works well for me to plan ahead.

As far as the cross stitching goes... I have made some progress since yesterdays post...
Have you ever done a cross stitch project?

Tips for making an enjoyable cross stitch include having a good sturdy but dull needle with a large eye for all the thicker thread you use.

While I am cross stitching my honey is stripping the paint off a chair he is refinishing... I didn't get much of a before pic... but will try to find one to share with the final pic :)

Finally, the best news is last :)  The quilt I made my son was featured on Sugar Bee Crafts website here!  Go check it out and leave some love there :)  Thanks!!!

Here is a cross stitch I did last fall to "gear up" for this larger piece I am doing now.  It would be a great started and the frame I found onsale really rocks the design of the cross stitch even more I think.  Framing a piece you spend time making is worth it ... just like embellishments make a paper craft go from nice to AWESOME!  lol

Have a blessed day!



  1. I used to do a lot of cross stitching in my younger days:) I love it! Congrats on your quilt being featured. I am about to click on over and view it too!

  2. Congrats! I tried cross-stitching and it was not my thing. I'm going to stick to paper crafting.


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