Sunday, January 20, 2013

The card that almost wasn't!

Hello my friend ;)  Glad you could join me for a bit today.

Have you ever had a project that never seemed to be just right to call it mission complete!  I just had one of those projects... not my first by far though!  lol

I made this card... I thought I took a pic of it but can't find the before pic so you just get to see the beautiful after pics... check it!
 And a close up....
It was all shades of brown... my daughter decided it needed the black so she painstakingly doodled on my stamped areas and brought out the designs in the K and the swirls of the butterfly imagining where the swirls would go from where I had inked the edges with a dauber!  She ROCKS!

For the card itself I used dry embossing on the card base front that I inked with tea dye ink, heat embossing on K in gold that didn't come out as well as when I used pigment ink with detail powder!  Live and learn folks :)

I cut the butterfly out of  Florals Embellished on my cricut and cut out 3 of them scoring them in the middle... after stamping them with a swirly tone on tone inked stamp.  I then folded them in half and glued them together... let them dry then attached them to my card... this has been the 4th butterfly I have made... but I have now mastered how to do it for the best results!

I am happy to show you how to make the butterfly.  If you are interested... leave me a comment... :)
Thanks for visiting with me today and stay tuned for a casa del loro update!



  1. Very pretty card. Good job of doodling Brandi. Keep up the good work.

  2. Beautiful! Brandi did a wonderful job, and that is a great photo of her. :)

    Alicia Joy


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