Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finally feeling crafty ;)

After a few days of complete lack of creativity I called all my bff's to my rescue... spent time on Pinterest and blog hopping... and came up with a card!  Yay!  I am going to make several of these and this is just a sample of what you will be seeing in a video... I finally used washi tape!!!

While I was in my craft studio creating though... my honey was creating a nice space for us to enjoy just outside my computer table ;)  Love that... take a look at the goodness I enjoy every morning when I greet the day from my florida room!
And the butterfly below lights up to all different colors at night... I got my mom one too for her garden!

 This hanging basket will flourish where we have it hanging... I enjoy watering it every morning :)
 And this will be going up on the wall out here... it is artwork made from steel drums in Haiti... I found it on Etsy and am ecstatic to see it on the wall sooner than later....
 But I doubt you drop by just to see our outside renovations to our new home... how about some paper crafty goodness!

My mom's birthday is in March and she is a huge card giver so I plan to give her a collection of cards I have made for her... with that idea I got a monogram for her first and last initial to make some general cards they can give as a couple and some personal cards that she can give as well... here is one with her last initial on it... at first I thought the sparkley middle would be nice....
 But after a consult with my honey (yes, he helps me out on a regular!  we love doing it together :)  ... I changed the sparkley to a button.  LOVE IT!!!!  But this pic doesn't show the dimension...
 So here is a close up for you to see....
What do you think?  I used washi tape with coordinating buttons I found on clearance at Walmart by Studio G.  The monogram stamp is only $2.95 from CTMH and the flower I cut out of paper from my cricut with my gypsys help to conserve paper....
as I did the card bases... I found them on my fave cart the Art Philosophy cart from CTMH!
I loved the heart paper clips and hope to find a way to glue them together and make something fun with them... for now they are relegated to my stash... but they are on the top!  lol

Have a blessed day and tell me what is on your workdesk this fine day!


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