Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Before the packing begins ...

Hello my bloggy friends... I really don't have a lot of pics today but I have been so busy doing the phone work to make this move happen...

Since I last shared with you I have hired movers, planned school moves, picked new doctors for all of us and started taking quotes on insurance and other things.  I have moved the tv service, the internet service and even packed in a new phone for my daughter on Cyber Monday from Verizon!!!  Yay ;)

This has been my view the last few days....
Gazing at our home to be... in Florida!!!  I still want to pinch myself but the story is about to change because this afternoon or tomorrow I start packing my craft room.

Truth be told, my honey has already started packing his handyman tools in the garage.  He finally finished that job and was happy to be done so no more pics but it was a totally custom tile bathroom with crown molding... very high end nice for a hall bath.

Stay tuned for moving boxes and hopefully I will have time to work on the stocking!  lol

It is just days til Christmas but I figure it will all work out.  We plan to decorate some in our new home as we adapt to a new and different space to live in :)

Have a blessed week!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 days til Christmas!

Happy 30 days til Christmas!!!  Normally I would be showing you pics of our Christmas decorations but today instead... we are beginning to pack up the house!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving whether it was down time like we had... with cheeseburgers wrapped in bacon, macaroni and cheese and green beans for Thanksgiving... yummm!  My wonderful son Mike made the burgers... he is a culinary master where I fumble in the culinary department!  lol
Also... I have started working on a Christmas stocking for ....

I have the hardest time staying on task for a project for me... but when I am stitching or creating for others I flourish... I pray for them as I am making their masterpiece and find solace in knowing the recipient will be happy... for this I am the recipient... sure I will be happy but I am a giver as many of us crafters are so it is a tough call.

This stocking is pieced felt and is quite a challenge... here is the whole stocking.. just so you understand how much work I still have to do!
The cover page got partially eaten by my sweet Daisy when I left her alone too long one day and forgot to put up my work... but it will be Santa on the beach under the umbrella I am working on now :)

What are you working on?  Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  What are your traditions for fall time ???

Have a blessed day month and don't forget... Jesus is the reason for the Season!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

We found a home :)

So we sold our house... I have discussed this in previous posts... there have been so many decisions to make and we needed to find a home to call ours after selling the one we are in... so off to Florida we went to our goal city of Port Orange!  Located just south of Daytona Beach it is a sleepy beachside town with lots of shopping and the beach nearby too!  Great schools is what caught my eye but with our first visit to this little town of 56,000 we were instantly in love!

Here is the home we picked out of 4 that we looked at...
First the MLS pic... then the pic we took when we were there...
At the front door you are currently greeted by a cute little flamingo with flapping wings....
And in the back yard are daisies my cute Daisy Mae can enjoy too!
The daisies are outside a screened in room called a florida room... it has windows that close for hot summer days and cool winter nights... but this is beachside living in Fla at its best in this home... great schools for the kids...

Here I am with our realtor Ruby Tavakoli!  She really did a great job finding this house for us because I didn't even like what I saw on the internet and wouldn't have viewed this home without her insistence!!!
My daughter wanted a booth in the kitchen for meals... guess what... God provides!
And everyone has a modestly large bedroom at 10 x 13 or larger and I have my craft room back in my bedroom which I love!

So until later... hope you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving.. as for us ... we are non traditional Thanksgiving people... so we are happy to call this a relaxing day after a stressful couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading :)


Next up... packing my craft room!  I have friends who volunteered!!!  Yay!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cookie Monster Invitations!

My cousin Kyle and his wife Robyn have a cute little one about to turn 2 who LOVES cookie monster!!!  So I made some invites thanks to Robyn asking me to and telling me what she wanted!  I got the cart Sesame Street Friends for this task.. here is how they turned out!
I made some with yellow card bases and some with red... see both at the bottom of this post :)

First I linked the cartridge to my gypsy so I could make the card base... with the coordinating number 2 for his second birthday.. his name is Davis ...

Next I cut out the cookie monsters...  can you see them on my cricut sheet????
Then I outlined them while on the cricut mat before I took them off!  What a great effect that was!
Once I pulled off the cookie monsters after I colored their outline in it was just down to putting them together....
I went though 2 blue pens outlining these so if you plan to do this make sure you have hard nibbed pens or if you use brush tips like I did know you will lose the integrity of the nib in this process if you are doing a lot... I made 16 of these ;)
I weeded out the cookie pieces to show the chocolate chips... and cookie monsters feet and hands...  then mounted the cookies on the shadow feature in black... then laid them on showing the silly eyes off the top!
Making these 16 little cookie monster invites was lots of fun... in the midst of more waiting....

We had a great appraisal on our home so all is well with the sale but the house we want to move into is problematic.  Not the house but the situation.  More on that at it progresses but keep us in your thoughts and prayers please... to make wise choices in the coming days and months ;)

Meanwhile my honey is almost done with the bathroom remodel he has been working on...

The owners are going to paint but in the last pic you can really see where they took the bathroom wall back about 8" from where it was... into a staircase deadspace and a closet end.... that is work that is still to be finished behind the scenes ;)

Hope you are having a great day and hope you enjoyed the cards I made :)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be grateful for... wherever we are!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Waiting... and waiting!

Hello world.. we are still living life in the fast lane but currently we are at a red light... waiting for things to come together and waiting for a schedule of things yet to do can emerge!  So while I am waiting I thought I would show you what we have been up to!

I had a card party last Saturday, in the midst of mayhem, so I finished this to show off... my advent calendar I made with a kit I bought right here!
it is 14" x 14" x 3" deep I think... it is wonderful!  So easy to put together and presents so well.. I added this cute CTMH jeweled brad to my bow!
The card party was a CTMH (Close to my Heart) stamping and papercrafting party and it was loads of fun... they call them home gatherings but I like calling it a card party... we made 2 cards...
Tamra Pope ran the "virtual party" via skype and speaker phone and I helped everyone as we played in paper, stamps, ink and glue!  It was a great time by all and I got some free stuff for all the orders I got!  Yay!

Then I just finished a project I have been working on...
And that is the recipient below the announcement... isn't she a cutie!  They call her Lana and pronounce the first name like the name Sue.. just spelled differently ;)

This week I have been spending extra time with my kids... it is grounding for all of us to be on board together while we have so many ups and downs in our lives... so we cooked!  Yes, the bane of my existence is what my son wanted to do so we did... and tada!!!!
We made a totally delicious lemon meringue pie!  We called my mom several times for consults and finally figured out how to zest a lemon... how to make the pie crust and why each ingredient was necessary... even made a run to the store to complete the job but we did it and it was YUMMY too!!!

Last but definitely not least my daughter got honor roll at her school for all the work she has been doing so well with.  She got a sticker for all her hard work!
I hope your week is going well... hope you are enjoying my different posts. 

Next I have started working on party invitations for a cute 2 year old nephew of mine!  Cookie monster is coming to my blog soon so watch out as I make birthday decorations as my last or next to last act before I close my craft room for moving!

May blessings and peace overflow you life!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Life in the fast lane :)

Hello my friends... come chat with me for a while :)

I got some HAPPY MAIL!!!  I won some blog candy in the way of Peachy Keen face stamps from Sassy Cricut Craftings blog here...
They sent me this sweet handmade and ink edges note with a personal message inside and this great stamp set for me to play with!!!!  YAY!!! I love blog candy :)  Do you ???  If not what do you like???

My honey is still working on that bathroom remodel and it is getting grouted now....
And me... I have been crafting by making this darling advent calendar box that may be our only Christmas decoration this year as the buyers want to move in on December 14!

Living life in the fast lane has highs and lows... what do I mean by that... we are selling our home and moving to another state... a move we have looked forward to coming for a long time... but in the midst of that one of my children is having a crisis... so we are dealing with that... then there are a few repairs you will be seeing us do that has us very very busy besides our weekday jobs.  So I call it living in the fast lane because everything is happening so fast :D

But I know you really came by to see how my cross stitch is coming along.... the fast lane hasn't allowed me to finish it but all I lack now is her name and birthdate!  Yay... when I show you the finished project I will also show you a picture of the recipient!
Thanks for letting me get a little personal in my posts of late... soon we will be back to tutorials and crafts and renovations only and life will return back to the regular lane!  lol

Have a blessed day!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Do you sign your work?

Hello my blogging friends... I have updates on my crafting... and what my honey has been up to... for you today!  We have had our house up for sale.  Well we found a leak during an inspection and I am dealing with that as well as some family issues... please keep my family in your prayers.

Also, today I would be posting for the Paper Cabana but Francie the team leader and owner of the Paper Cabana is MIA.  I miss her and her posts... Inky Palms!

So while I have been praying for her and my family I have been a cross stitching fiend!  lol  Here is where I was on this project yesterday morning....
And this is where I am this afternoon!
And as I was cross stitching I wondered... do you sign your work or do you leave it blank?  I usually put the date I completed it with my initials.  However, this will have the birth date and name on it.

I don't sign cards and scrapbook layouts though... never have... my mom wants me to start signing the cards I make for her... so I guess I will... what do you sign and do you use initials or your full name??

While I have been super busy with family matters and this cross stitch project my honey is making over a bathroom for a family.  Here is the floor of the shower he is working on now... don't tell him I shared it!  lol
I just love his artwork and the tlc he takes with projects like this.  He is so talented!

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me... hope you and yours have a blessed day!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Blog Candy Winner!!!

Happy November... I will be announcing the blog candy winner at the end of this post... first a more personal blog post for you today... because this is our last holiday to enjoy in this home God has provided for us through this time in our lives... we had a blessed Halloween....

My bff Brandy Dalton and her family came over and we had a really fun time... we carved a pumpkin... here I am giving you the "pumpkin eye"!  lol

But first my daughter pulled up her sleeves and cleaned out the pumpkin!  Go Brandi!!!
My honey dressed up for the occasion thanks to a great shirt and vest Brandy Dalton made and brought over... my daughter also is wearing a dress Brandy made!
Daisy enjoyed her first birthday party on Halloween but wasn't too sure about daddy's mask!
My oldest ... Rick AKA Dick... made himself dizzy twirling around in his shirt Brandy Dalton had made as well!
Brandy Dalton and her husband posed for a few shots...
As did their 2 sons who came over... Dylan and Ryan ;)

Check out his wristbands... he calls them bracers... and those are real swords!  They love anything renaissance and were the hit of the party!!!

We roasted pumpkin seeds and had jumbalaya for dinner... it was sooo yummy!  And the best part is I just participated where and when I wanted and everyone else did too so it was a fun family time :)
Brandi in her full dress!  She loved the cape... all sparkley yet sheer :)
 We all had a fun time all in all!  Missing is my son Mike who was not home during our party and could use your prayers :)  What did you and yours do for halloween?  Did you have trick or treaters???  We had lines of them coming by and gave away tons of candy!!!

Speaking of CANDY!!!  How about winning some blog candy now :)

The winner of this blog candy... by drawing from a jar by my daughter is....Sassy Cricut Crafting!!!
Please contact me here via my yahoo email addy to claim your prize!  I need your name and address and phone number to call and congratulate you!

In closing here is an update on my cross stitch project...
Hope your family times coming up or past are as fun as this was for us... hope you enjoyed a personal touch with this post and all the pics :)  We had fun making them for you!