Saturday, June 30, 2012

Joining a blog group... and showcase shelves!

It is official.  I have been welcomed into a blog group.  I am hoping this will help me make my blog like many others I have seen as far as being creative and organized.  As yet I have not figured it out but I will persevere and fiddle on here until I figure it out.

We are having record breaking heat right now with the high yesterday being 112 degrees and no humidity.  Like desert conditions they said... but Tennessee is not supposed to be a desert! 

To combat the heat my honey and I got busy ... we found this piece of wood that was about 3 feet long and sturdy and cool... he made the returns on it to make it look like it is going into the wall and added white wash and rope for a beachy effect.   We plan to move to Fla next year... can you tell we are ready???? 
  Here is a close up of the shelf and the R & K on the top shelf that I made to keep there....
I covered a piece of chipboard from packaging with material from the quilt on our bed!  I cut out our initials and an ampersand with my gypsy and cricut...  This is a start to making this corner look cozy... check out my earlier blog about rejuvenating my scrap area to see a view of my craft room.  It is too messy for a big pic right now!  LOL

I hope you and found inspiration in some of what I have shared with you today ...
Beeee Creative!

Friday, June 29, 2012

My first scrapbook page in months... the Ocean!

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to my blog... my honey and I worked together to complete this first page of a scrapbook I am starting on and since the first page is my favorite usually I thought I would share it with you!
This is all part of Sea Glass by K and Company and I have the Sea Glass album already that I found on cl for $8.00!  So here we go... more pages to come here... Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog!  Kathi

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Making a cathedral quilt pattern card!

For this tutorial I took lots of pics... so enjoy the creativity in yourself and make one!  Time involved is about 1 hour plus drying time if you need it.

Start with your basic card stock 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" then fold in half to make the A2 size card of 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  Set this aside for now.  We will embellish it later.

Next you need:  1 1/2" round punch, pencil, scraps of paper that coordinate for the card front and a scorer.  I used Megan Elizabeth's Cutmate Paper Layerz so the back is the same on every piece!  If you have one sided paper to use ... you will see the white back which is pretty or you can make it double sided if you have a sheet of paper to back each circle with.  This will be more clear as you read the tutorial.

Okay, so once you have picked out the paper you want to use for this project... cut 9 1 1/2" circles like this one...

Then cut 1 piece square in a 1" size... this can be out of any kind of heavy cardstock you have as it is only a template!
I used a piece of the paper I used... this project used 1 piece of the Paper Layerz!  How Cool!  If you haven't seen Paper Layerz look for Megan Elizabeth on you tube!

So now I am ready to make the card embellishement and this is what I have punched so far...
Next you have to take your pencil and LIGHTLY mark on each one on the front where it needs to be scored by following the square template....
Now score your marks!....
Once all 9 pieces are scored fold the sides in to the front on all 9.  This takes a few minutes but makes it all worth it in the end.

Next cut out a 3 x 3 piece of cardstock the same color as your circle backs as a base for your embellishment.  If you made your circles larger or smaller adjust accordingly.  I had 9 pieces 1" each making mine 3 x 3".

Now add glue... I use my pink ATG gun as it works on everything so well!
now mount your circles turned squares onto the glued mat.  Without the mat you will see through the card... so if you opted for white you may not want to do this step but I think it pulls it all together better to do it than to not.

Now comes the time consuming part.  Add sticky pearls with extra glue on them.. I use a quick dry adhesive for paper that ROCKS... will post it later if you are interested or ask me!

Once I had all my embellishments added to the corners of each "circle" I sat my cuttlebug with the thickest plate touching the pearls and the weight of the cuttlebug to hold it all in place while it dried and I ran a few errands... I added a sentiment with a stamp I had and the card is now finished!

Hope this tutorial has helped you!  Please let me know if I can be of further help to be creative!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making a festive summer wreath!

I found this wreath on Pinterest and decided to try to make it. 
And I inadvertently completed my first challenge!

The pic looked like this... but the directions on the blog were more vague... so I will try to walk you through it in time to look good for the summer!!!  We are having a heat wave in my town and are praying for rain!

So this is the one I saw... so off to the fabric store I went.  I went to JoAnn's and got 1 yard of bleached burlap (lighter than the natural burlap) and 1/3 yard of denim and a green wreath frame the size a little smaller than I wanted my finished wreath to be... now to figure out how to cut the burlap and denim!!!

I took my yard of burlap and opened it up with the short side on top I divided it so that one side had about 3" more than the other and cut it with OLD scissors... don't use good ones on burlap pls!!!  No one told me that!  Then the smaller section my honey painted with red spray paint on one side (from the Dollar Store).  Then I cut each into about 3" strips... I actually just fanfolded it and eyeballed it but I wound up with several strips of each color... I did the same with the denim.  I had one strip of each the red and bleached burlap and no denim left over... I have since used the burlap for other craft projects!

Okay so you have all your strips... now time to HAND SEW a basting thread... there are some good pics of this on her blog so I will put the link here...
but I didn't do mine quite like hers... that took too long and gave it a different look.

About every inch I went up or down with my needle and instead of using yarn like she used I used hand quilting thread that was white.  It did PERFECT!  So I did the ruffle by sewing along the top border of the long side of the strip then gently ruffling it until I got about 2 full wraps with each color.  You need more bleached than red burlap because it begins and ends with the bleached burlap.

To stick my sewn and knotted ruffled pieces to the wreath (I did not wrap it in ribbon and you can't tell btw) I used ball point pins that would go in and stay.  I put them in at all kind of wierd angles so they would hold each other in well.  If this is going to be outside you don't want to use hot glue.. it can melt in the heat.  I wanted a wreath I could use year after year so I used pins to secure it well.

Once I covered 2/3 of it in red and white stripes I put on denim.  Now the denim I chose had stars on it in a silver white color but you can use buttons like they did above ... I bought buttons but didn't use them... they only cost a dollar so I will use them on something else.

Once I got everything the way I liked it I used about a foot of ribbon that was heavy duty and knotted it on the back where the ends come together and pinned it between layers with LOTS of pins... and Whalllaaahhh!  I have a festive patriotic wreath for years to come and total time in was less than 5 hours from start to finish!

Thanks for reading!!!  Kathi

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Cricut card swap and GOING POSTAL!

The Cricut card swap... once I read the small print again ... said that we also needed to send Cricut cut images... so I chose a snowflake from my Art Philosphy cartridge because I had a CTMH stamp for it and I am planning on making this for Christmas cards this year... I wanted to know how difficult it was before I did it for 30 or 40!

So I made 4 snowflakes with some icy blue glitter paper I had and then stamped with Brocade Blue by SU.

as you can see I don't have Photoshop on my computer yet... but I am hoping my son will download it soon... this saved horizontally so it would have been right for you to look at and instead it posted vertically!  Very frustrating but I have to learn somehow I guess...

Hope you enjoy the crafts I am making...

Now to go POSTAL!  First you have to follow the instructions of the swap very carefully.  I am hoping that by buying 6 x 9 envelopes they are big enough to not scrunch my work up or the work of others in the return mailers... but doing 2 swaps for a first timer means learning twice I guess.  I will see how the swap hostesses like how I have done it.

A swap hostess is the one who makes the rules and coordinates the swapping.  The person you mail your goodies to and who returns you with goodies.

So my packages are ready and I will mail in the morning then wait and wait... to see what I get in return... I am sure God has a reason for every card I will get!

Thanks for reading my life... Enjoy yours too and share it!

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Cricut Card Swap!

For my second swap I chose a Cricut swap because as long as I have had my gypsy and my cricut I have never been able to cut an A2 card from it... so that was my challenge.... worked the first time!
I used the Art Philosophy cartridge and cut out the 4th image from the left on the top row.  I chose shift and card and got the card base.  I used really nice cardstock (2 sheets for 4 cards) of 12 x 12 size and cut it right out on my cricut.  I put the scraps in another bin to save for later...

I used the positive image of the dragonfly left over to embellish the front... I added some color to them and glued them in place!

For the inside I used 1 sheet of cardstock and cut out 2 cards without the dragonfly  (wanna know how to do that ???? just ask me in comments below and I can explain) and 1/4" smaller .  I then cut them in half and put them inside the greeting side of the card to make the dragonfly pop on the front!  Easy.. why was I so worrried I wonder now!
  The cricut left marks for folding the card... I just used those marks on my cutter and cut it!  Now I have the 4 cards I needed for my swap and they are finished in just over 3 sheets of paper!  Yay!

Hope you have a blessed day and thanks for reading my blog.  Please comment any gypsy questions you have as I have pretty well mastered it and I want you to as well!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My son got Married!

My son, James, got married today... here is a pic of he and his new wife Keashia.... you may hear more about them as time goes on but their wedding is responsible for getting me back into crafting!  I had to decorate for the reception and since I am so cheap I made all the decorations and it took me about a week all together to get it done!!!  It was worth every minute though when they said their vows ... now they are husband and wife!

And here is a sweet moment I caught!
Overall a wonderful day.  Next up... the latest swap I have joined!!!! lol

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The cards I made for the swap :)

my first swap!

So I made the 6 cards... took a couple days but only because I dropped those jewels!!!  Here are the cards I made and a note to the swap hostess....  I used a card kit I got on Ebay for a deal and used just what she gave me and had a few leftovers once I was done... but aren't the jewels on the cards nice???

I like the wedding card on the previous blog better but I think they will "make your momma proud"  which was the name of the swap on SCS. 

I would like to have more embellishments but the goal was 2 layers and 3 embellishments and typically more is not necessary on these swaps from what I understand.  Will be looking for more swaps in the near future to use my cricut and more skills on!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My first "card swap"

I have been lurking on split coast stampers for a few days and praying about getting involved with them as an outlet for more communication and interaction with others.  This is a goal of mine and I saw this as one way to step out into the world of trying new things at the same time!  Yay!

So yesterday I agreed to do the swap.  The deal is I make 6 cards that are alike.  They have to have 2 layers and 3 embellishments on them each.  I made 2 tonite then spilled a box of jewels so I stopped for the night but I will be dreaming about finishing those cards I think...

The fun of crafting is doing many things I think though and in that vein I have been gardening and cross stitching lately and have a couple things for you to see...

This is a side view of a great flower basket that my honey made for me.  We had leftover wood from rebuilding the back deck and he used the short pieces in a cool way I think....
and here is a pic of it the next morning!

Another project I have worked on when I haven't been busy... haha... is a wedding announcement cross stitch for my son, James, who is getting married this weekend... here is the wedding announcement....

 and I made a card to give them as well... with all the crafting things I organized I better make the card!

I really am pleased with how it all turned out and I didn't plan any of it!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cleaning up my scrap area!

It all started as a way to make our bedroom look so zen... it looked very unzen .. see for yourself!

So I got on Craigslist and started shopping for a bookcase... but instead I found a smaller desk and a bookshelf for a great deal!  Now it looks like this!
Now I just need to decorate it real cute and I am SET!  YAY!

Thanks for visiting my craft area!  Kathi

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catching up on shipping and relisting.....

Okay... so last post I told you about my first shipping experience... since then I have printed and shipped 24 more auctions (out of 108) :(.... better than none and covered my Ebay expenses and the money my kids made by helping me out.

I found printing postage from Paypal extremely easy and even printed the invoice to include with the package and help me keep the postage/addresses straight for each auction.  On the back of the invoice I printed a personal message about my Ebay site and upcoming auction information so I was able to have customers come back if they chose and check out new things I plan to list!  Yeah!!!!

I did mess up on a few but shipping is refundable on them through Paypal so I am waiting on that to go through.

I had all but 5 auctions shipped... finally got payment on all but 2.  Then went to relist the 84 remaining auctions and it is as easy as selecting all then relist... DONE! 

Craigslist... more!

So have you found anything good on cl yet?  I know I have...  I just found a table and bookcase that are LIKE NEW and cost a song... my honey just found a new in the box miter saw for less than half of retail and on Ebay we found a local wholesaler who had a stand for the miter saw (apparently this is a very important part of having a miter saw in the first place!) that we got for 60% off retail!  Yahoo... that is just fantabulous.

We did have a strange incident happen when selling on cl.  The guy shows up (which is always a nice thing to have happen... sometimes they don't show up and you are waiting and waiting) and talks our ears off for 45 minutes... then when we are finally ready for him to let us know if he was taking the darn item he found his wife had taken his cash so he left to find a ATM only to return and hour later (the store is 5 minutes away) and he bought he seat ... full price... and left.  He was a nice enough guy but the point is... sometimes you have to do what you don't plan to do to have repeat customers if you are gonna post on cl often like we do.

Even though there is no feedback on cl you will see the same phone number or email in a posting.. yes, some people include those things.  We include phone number but not email as we like the masking of our email addy unless we chose to respond to the interested party.  So be a good seller and treat others as you would want to be treated so that you can flourish in your cl business as we have in ours!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Craigslist selling

Selling on Craigslist is very straightforward... it is posting like in a blog... you have to make sure your post is in the right category or it may get flagged and removed... more about that later. 

So you have picked your category of what you are selling or giving away... you have your picture ready... a bad pic is better than no pic ALWAYS! 

Now for your title... which automatically opens when you choose a category.  Your title should >>> Stand out <<< from the crowd some.  Use ALL CAPS when you want to catch attention to ONE detail... don't use caps on your whole title... it is overwhelming and people will skip over it.

Next decide how much you want to sell your item/stuff for.  It will not take $0 if it is free... just leave it blank.  If you later change your price the first price you enter here is the one that will show up when people visit the page about your item.

Next enter the city or area you live in so people will know if they want to drive to you... so if you live in one city but work in another and want to sell it from your work area... give that city in this space.

Finally write a description and make sure to use key words that people might look up in the general search engine.  We sell lawn mowers... so I make sure to say the name the size and push mower or riding mower.  Always give as much information to help the buyer make an informed decision and have a picture to post so that people don't show up or show up but leave without your item.

We call our buying and selling on cl "adventures".  We have met many interesting folks along the way.  But giving away free stuff is still my favorite thing.  I love giving something to someone that couldn't afford to buy it... leftover vases, junk I wanna take to goodwill... put it up on cl for free and watch the magic happen!

Craigslist buying

If you are new to Craigslist I recommend you buy a few things first.  Like Ebay selling it gives you some ideas on what you want to do as a seller and gives you positive and sometimes negative interactions to grow from.  After you have picked up a few free items or bought a few things you will find that sending an email on craigslist is safe.  The email system blocks the buyer from seeing your email addy.  But any questions or comments come right to your in box!  Once communication has been initiated then they have your email so think carefully before you respond to a Craigslist ad.  Some are hoaxes so be smart about it!

Renewing my Blog! ~ Craigslist 101 ~

Well... my Ebay business didn't go much of anywhere but we did get quite a business going on Craigslist... every major city in the USA has a Craigslist I think... check your state! Go to . 

What is craigslist (cl)?  A local forum of an Ebay like existence.  In other words... a way to buy and sell locally.  You can scan postings and even post things for sale or free without joining.  That may change in the future... I am surprised you can post without joining still today.

Craigslist began as an email listing of friends posting events that they would plan to do together.  That was 1995.  In 2000 Craigslist had expanded from it's home in San Fransisco to Boston and other large cities.  Today Craigslist covers 50 countries and many cities in the USA.