Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What's blooming in your life?

As I was finishing packing the kitchen (still not finished... haha) I became inspired by something I saw when looking for the tape roller.
A beautiful bloom from a Christmas cactus!  It is a double bloom too if you can see that in this pic.

Here is this Christmas cactus my mom gave me last Christmas!  And now as Christmas approaches ... it blooms!!!!
Don't you love the pot!  I love the frog playing the guitar!  And that bloom right there is just amazing!!!
On further inspection I found another bloom about to open on the back of it here...
It is as resistant to opening as I am to finish packing my kitchen... lol!

Well... back to packing.  Hope you can find something blooming in your life to share with me :)  You comments are coveted :)

Blessings and Hugs,



  1. I want a Christmas cactus! So pretty! There's beauty all around us if we just take a moment to look! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. This cactus is just adorable! Love the pink bloom.


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