Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We are now Floridians :)

We have moved!...
With one truck....
 And a pull behind u-haul too!
And we had 2 boxes left over!!!!
 When we finally arrived at our new home we had the for sale sign left for us to take a pic of!  Our realtor met us at 5:30 am... yes in the morning to greet us and wanted to bring us breakfast but we had already found a Krispy Kreme!  lol

After a couple days of unloading boxes and still have plenty to go I might add... we had visitors!

My bff Brandy came by on her way home from vacation in southern Florida!  Yay!
 Then I started getting into close ups... so here is one of Brandy my bff ;)
 Here is one of my oldest son Dick... or I call him Rick... his given name is Richard and he is toying with changing it but I loved the expression he had so I snapped this shot!
 Then today I found some great light and snapped a pic of my daughter before she gets the new glasses we ordered today and a new hair color she is desiring!
I have missed blogging in this adventure and hope you will hang with me as I re transform my craft room back into a craft room!!!!  Yay!

Tips if you are planning a move include... have tape for each major room... I called it pretty tape but Duck tape makes all kinds of designs... a bit on each box on the packing end designates the room it will go to on the other end.  We then put a piece of tape on the door that each person chose and I had tape for the kitchen too... we just labeled the few living room boxes and garage boxes but you may have other rooms that will have lots of boxes.  We also put tape on our mattresses and that made a huge difference when we got here unloading with the movers!  Also, price movers.  Don't rule them out.  We found them very affordable by shopping around and spent less than $5,000.00 on a 700 mile move.

Hope you have a blessed day and that I haven't bored you!  Back soon with new crafting adventures :)



  1. Hi Kathi! Congrats on the successful move! Hope you get all settled super fast I look forward to seeing your craft room all set up and in action:)

  2. I'm glad everything went well on your move and I am looking forward to seeing your new craft room! (I'm sure you are too)

  3. Glad you are pretty much settled in. I know you still have a lot of unpacking and putting away. And, of course, setting up your craft room.
    If you haven't already, you need to get your tree. Then when you find the box of ornaments and lights, you have a place to put them.


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