Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve!

As I happily blog hop I notice lots of people sharing goals for the upcoming year... and fave posts from throughout the year...

I decided that I had the technology so I should apply some know how with you tubes help and start making some crafting videos...

I am still new to this and music and stuff still needs to be added but here is my first video and a hello to all of you!
This video was uploaded directly to blogger from my computer... I posted a pic montage a few days ago that I first uploaded to youtube... let me know which format you like better!!

Happy 2013!

My next video will have some Crafty Goodness in it ;)

Have a blessed new years celebration!


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  1. Great first video!!!luv the ring and your new coffee cup :) I also think I saw Miss Daisy walk by behind you :)


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