Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Do you sign your work?

Hello my blogging friends... I have updates on my crafting... and what my honey has been up to... for you today!  We have had our house up for sale.  Well we found a leak during an inspection and I am dealing with that as well as some family issues... please keep my family in your prayers.

Also, today I would be posting for the Paper Cabana but Francie the team leader and owner of the Paper Cabana is MIA.  I miss her and her posts... Inky Palms!

So while I have been praying for her and my family I have been a cross stitching fiend!  lol  Here is where I was on this project yesterday morning....
And this is where I am this afternoon!
And as I was cross stitching I wondered... do you sign your work or do you leave it blank?  I usually put the date I completed it with my initials.  However, this will have the birth date and name on it.

I don't sign cards and scrapbook layouts though... never have... my mom wants me to start signing the cards I make for her... so I guess I will... what do you sign and do you use initials or your full name??

While I have been super busy with family matters and this cross stitch project my honey is making over a bathroom for a family.  Here is the floor of the shower he is working on now... don't tell him I shared it!  lol
I just love his artwork and the tlc he takes with projects like this.  He is so talented!

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me... hope you and yours have a blessed day!



  1. I love this cross stitch and can't wait to see the finished design! I used to do crossed stitching along time ago until I went blind and had to start wearing glasses (haha). Which is probably why I am wearing glasses now! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Normally I never sign my cross stitched pieces. I only sign cross stitched ornaments - initials and year. :)


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