Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am a guest designer!

I am a guest designer for a  new challenge blog created by Francie Flit at Inky Palms... The challenge will be presented each Wednesday starting next week with guest designers showing off our wares that we have made ahead of time for inspiration.

I am currently deciding the paper for this great challenge and what will inspire others.

The focus of this challenge is to meet the challenge requirements using your e-cutter... focus is on Sillouette and I am the Cricut/Gypsy girl.  I don't have a Sillouette and don't have room for a computer in my craft area if I did have one... so I am happy with my Gypsy.

Head over to The Paper Cabana and see how things are coming together to offer all of you a great e-cutting experience with lots of inspiration.

Here is my first card... The tutorial will be on the blog instead of here ;)

Have a blessed day!  Kathi

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Making a fall banner!

I admit it... as much as I love warm weather ... and I do!!!!  I am ready for fall and all the fun festive decorating... love Halloween and just the change of seasons... this may be my last change as we are planning to move to Fla next year but for now... we will soak up the fall... so why not start the festivities off with a nice banner that says "Blessings"!
It's home is over our TV in a "dead space" that I thought me and my craft self could cover... What do you think?
The close up is my favorite!  I love seeing it in the room... here is how I did it!

I started with basic supplies:
chipboard pieces (I got mine from CTMH for $5.00 and it comes with 10 pcs and jump rings)
cricut (and gypsy or Design studio preferred but not necessary)
CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge for Cricut
4 pieces cardstock ( at least one should be solid)
ribbon if you want to hang your banner with (you can use the jump rings if you don't want a decorator look)

First I painted all the pieces I planned to use... to make the word Blessings I used 9 of the 10 pieces... I saved the last to use on a card or some future project.  They are set at 4" height and come in 4 styles.

Before I painted I decided how I wanted them laid out then painted them in that order....
I used latex paint because it matched my living room and I wanted this to look nice on the front and back... so I painted all the edges and inside the holes with the paint to cover all of one side and most of the other.

Now it was time to design the banner base and component parts...
Here is how my pages looked on the gypsy... notice how I left almost no negative space....
and the second layer to finish the 9 4" banner pieces and more minimal negative space as well!

I even had room for an A2 card on this one!
Then I cut them out... check out this great tip of cutting out various shapes you think you can use in the future from paper that will get thrown out or end up in a scraps pile and never used!  Thanks Sheila at She's a Sassy Lady blog!  Love that tip on your Gypsy Made Easy tutorials :)
Now back to the banner.
I took the cut out pieces and used my fave pink ATG gun to glue it well to the not all painted side of my chipboard banner pieces matching the shapes accordingly... then I chose to ink my edges with "Wrap me in Chocolate" by Megan Elizabeth.  Have you found her yet on Above Rubies Studio?  She has taught me tons!
Anyway... next it was time to cut out the chocolate squares so I pulled out my new Spellbinders I have been dying to use and used 2 sizes of scalloped squares with my Cuttlebug...
I chose 4 smaller and 5 larger scalloped squares.  Then I cut my letters out using this design on my gypsy
Notice again that I used up the space left over this time with some scalloped edging I will use on cards... it is lacey looking paper and I thought that would be a nice addition!  I chose the CTMH Art Philosophy Cart again because I think this font is classy and I wanted to add some stickles and the dogs on it make it perfect for Dressing Up!

In this close up the afternoon sun is messing up your view of the gorgeous paper I used for this project.. and the stickles I chose was "Copper" out of my stash!

Repeat for the 8 more tiles and whalaaah!
And that is how you make a beautiful banner!

Hope thing has been a blessing to you!  Please give me feedback on what you like or what you would like to see... in the meantime I will keep crafting!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to make an envelope!

Today I want to talk you through how to make an envelope.  But first I have a few things to share:)

My daughter's artwork she made for a friend (she is only 14 and very talented) ....
She made it for a friend that loves pink and horses!

Next... I got some happy mail to create with!
I just wanted to show you how nice it came wrapped... and shipped to me 2 days after I ordered it!!!  I had planned to create with these stamps next week for my mom's box to fill... but now I can get started early!
I ordered these from Verve Stamps during a sale they are having right now and paid less than $40.00 for the whole lot of these stamps... they have lots of inspirational and christian stamps.  Perfect for making cards for her to enjoy giving!

The next happy mail I picked up this morning from Gina my CTMH chik!  She is very smart and inventive with scrapbooking and inspires me on a regular.  I got some new stamps, a Christmas card set and some embellishments...
And the cool thing on the new Artiste stamp sets for their new cart for the Cricut that just came out is now there is a page number next to the size to cut the image... how NEATO is that!!!!
Don't think you can make it out buy under each size number is a page number... corresponding to the book to find the image you need!  AWESOME!!!  Now to get the cart!!!

Now onto why you are here... to find out how to make an envelope... well I messed mine up and fixed it but I will share my blooper then continue with how you properly make an envelope for an odd shaped card.

My card is 5" x 5".  It is the circular birthday card I blogged about early in the week.  I need an envelope and have some great princess paper that I haven't used yet and it is burning a hole in my pink paper holder!!! lol

So double the size of your card and add 2" and cut your paper there.  For me I didn't have to cut because it was 12".  This is your "long" side.  Next for the short side..

Take the width of the card and add 3".  For my card that meant cutting at 8".  With paper cut now it is time to score and trim excess.
As you can see in my pic I got crazy with the scoring and scored in the wrong places so here is the RIGHT way to do it.

Score the long sides at 1 1/4" in.  This takes up the 3" you alloted total with 1/2" for your card to comfortable fit in... then on the short sides score on each side so your card fits in the middle with 1/4" on each side...

Once you have it scored cut away the negative corners in like I have above except I went back and had to cut them more on the long edges... the flaps that stick out should only be as big as the card plus a half inch....

See the back side of my envelope and it will all make sense...
Notice I trimmed the top edges of the flaps down so that the envelope closed nicely... I did this before I taped it closed.  Also when I added my tape I added it to the big flap and not the side flaps as I could have put too much or not enough... putting it on the big flap and folding it up allowed the flap to have a good fold and look how nicely my custom made card fit in it!  SCORE!!!

The front has a crease down the middle where I went score crazy so it will have to be embellished to look cute ... I will post that here later so check back to see how the finished envelope looks :)

Let me know if I should do a better tutorial or if this one made sense if you make your own envelopes too!  If there is an easier way please share it but once I understood how it went together it was easy to finish and primp with!  :)

Happy Crafting!  Kathi

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Altered CTMH Card Box!

Today I have a project I have prayed over and tried to focus on for about a month... since I got the card box from CTMH.  Look how nice it turned out!

Scrapbooking and cardmaking are my loves so I have been checking out other altered projects to make this one... it is for my mom and dad to hold cards in!  Won't this be a nice Christmas present when I get the box full of miscellaneous cards!  She is a HUGE card giver :)

So this is how I did it... first MOTIVATION!  Here fave color is Sage Green.  Also I have a Bobunny paper set I use to make her cards with so I wanted to use some elements from it... and I found some lace that reminded me of her and I had the motivation... see the pic?  I left this sitting on my craft table for a few days while I thought about it....
Finally I got motivated and started with some ink on the edges... as you can see above... then I took the sage green cs I had pulled out for inspiration and used it to cover the box starting on the bottom.  Some of the blogs I have read talk about having a template... but it didn't come with one so I just winged it and made measurements with little indentations with my thumbnail and then cut or scored it at that point.... see...
After some inking and taping on cs I finally covered the whole box....
I used heavy cs and my ATG to glue on the paper... now for the fun part... embellishing!
It all started like this above... and ended with this below!
I even decorated the inside too!
My mom loves butterflies and there is a large one on the top that is not so identifiable in this pic... but it is there!

I am so proud of this box... now for cards to fill it up!
My favorite is the bling on the box.... I think it isn't to much or too little.

What do you think???  I would love your feedback on this project.

Have a blessed day!  Kathi

Monday, August 20, 2012

Making a circular window card!

Yesterday I got busy making a card I found on a blog... this is a cool technique that again requires a gypsy and a cricut but turns out fantabulous!  Just use cardstock for all of it... I tried using pretty designer paper for the card itself and it turned out a bit flimsy... this wouldn't have been the case if I had used better thicker paper for my base... so much for rookie mistakes being a thing of the past!  lol

So here is my card...
I decided on yellow and pink for this card... It is for my niece... and I used some of the cut out pieces for the inside along with a written out five!  The arrows were by accident but I think once I personalize it for her on the inside the five will just pop off the page as she is just reading now :)
So if you have a gypsy... and want to make a card like this go to this blog for full directions...

Or look at how I did my layout on the gypsy :)  The card itself... from CTMH Art Philosophy cart.
The rest of the card... with Happy Birthday from Designers Calendar cart.
If you watch the vid the best advice I can give you is follow her lead exactly ... I tried to do it from memory and this layout of the "birthday" section on the top left was at the wrong angle... I had to recut it to make the decorative circles match on the front... and instead of using acetate.. which I didn't have... I used a piece of pink paper to back my card... it was the same as I used on the card itself so it all matched!

Overall this was pretty straight forward... so get out your gypsy... dust it off and start using it to design with... I used it mainly to weld letters for scrapbooking before... now I am using it for cardmaking!  LOVE how versatile it is ;)

Have a blessed day and share your cricut projects with me please... I am always looking for inspiration!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

The scrapbook we made is going postal!

Here it is wrapped with care by Tyler's mom... he will open his birthday box on a big ship in the Middle East and have a taste of love from home.... so glad I got to have a small part of it by making the base scrapbook... check out my blog from last month about how I did that if you are interested ;)

Have a blessed evening... Kathi

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Making a card with a gypsy and Cricut :)

Check out this cool card I made in no time after visiting She's a sassy lady and viewing her gypsy made simple vids (GMS).

So I pulled out my gypsy for my Cricut (you can use design studio if you have that instead) and made a card!  Less than an hour start to finish and I am pretty impressed!  Check it out...
This is a window card from Art Philosophy that I welded the Congrats and stars from Wild Card to then cut them out using my Cricut.  I then cut out the Congrats and stars only in other colors and ran them through my xyron 5" sticker maker.

So first I had this weird card base that I had created by welding words and shapes on my gypsy....
okay... 2 of them since I made 2 at a time per Sheila's instructions and I liked the idea!
Then I scored the card... I took the Cricut predetermined score lines out before I cut it so I could score it for a more professional look...
Then I added my sticky words and stars...

and a star on the inside for fun too!
Hope this has inspired you and hope you go and visit that blog... makes me want to do even more with my Gypsy now than ever before!  What a great challenge...

Have a blessed day... Kathi

Friday, August 17, 2012

Inspired by a blog???

Today I read a blog posting by a lss in Orlando, Fla called Scrappy Boutique and it caused me to ponder... what advice would you give yourself 25 years ago.  My bff and her hubby are celebrating 30 years of marriage this week... what advice would they give to themselves at their wedding that would have increased the love and respect they already have for each other... so many applications for this line of thought in scrapbooking or just in life.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!  Kathi

Making some glitter mist Christmas tags!

Today I want to inspire you to try a new technique.  Check out your fave blogs and find something you haven't tried... or a fave technique you have forgotten to use...

For me... I wanted to use my glitter mists I have had for years and not used much to make something fun and festive for a Christmas card tag swap.

Do you like the final product?  I used the ornament "joy" from CTMH Art PhilosophyCricut Cart and the "to from" I cut from Cricut Sampler as this swap designated embellished but no hand writing.  So I embellished and used ribbons I usually don't use... added some hemp cord that is CTMH and lots and lots of glitter mist...

Pull out your splat mat or some waxed paper and start crafting... here is how I made it...

I chose a kraft #8 tag for this project... on sale at Jo Ann's!
And I chose my colors of glitter mist... dark green, red, and bronze
Then I sprayed them in a line on my splat mat... adding a water sprayer to the mix to dilute the glitter mist after it is sprayed on the splat mat for "dipping" into.
In hind site I should have dipped both sides as it stained the back side but as the base color was kraft color but I dipped one side and set them aside to dry... I could do 2 or 3 at a time planning my need for this color combo with Christmas coming up!  Then it was time to spray again... the paper really soaks up the glitter mist and water mixture and it came off my hands in a few washings.. hehe!

After they dried... the next day, I ironed them back straight... although they do retain a little of the aged look still... they really wrinkled up a lot... see above at the before and after pic.  When you iron paper use NO STEAM and a piece of paper surrounding it to protect your iron and ironing board from getting colored on!  lol

Now it is time to embellish... any way you choose!

Enjoy making your own Christmas tags!  This was easy and lots of fun and they are one of a kind :)  Can't wait to see what I get back!!!!

Have a blessed crafting day!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

A peek at our new living room... clean and neat!

Preparing to sell a home is a formidable job no matter how many years you have been in a home... we seem to attract clutter... so decluttering and cleaning were the things we really needed to concentrate on.  I have been reading lots of blogs on organizing things and how to clean different things...

In the end we are making our way slowly through our home... our biggest accomplishment has been the amount of cleaning we have done... but next to that would be the finishing of the fireplace shelving unit that is built in to our living room.

My honey took one look at it and said this needs a paint job ... so as we prepared to paint, we also took a look at how we had it organized and redid that too...

Take a look at before...

 the TV is mounted on a post my brother kindly built with a wall to cover the post... but it needed painting so once the TV was down we decided to do the TV differently....

 What do you think?  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an inspired and blessed day!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Selling... again... on Ebay!

Well after cleaning out some things from my craft closet and deciding Ebay was the best place to get my money back for the items I wanted to get rid of I put a few things on Ebay... if you read my previous posts on Ebay you will see that clothing didn't work well for us... took a lot of time to list all of it and it was pointless in the end... better for yard sales... so all the clothes are going to yard sales and we are selling items on cl (craigslist) that are better for local pick up and plan to put more items on Ebay now after having a successful sale...

Only 2 things didn't sell of the 9 items we posted... this time I just used Ebays online posting system instead of my fancy pages... we made more than we expected on everything and felt our more judicious decision to only sell high quality easy to ship items on Ebay was the way to go for the future as well!

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we are preparing to sell our home and many of the things I want to share with you are still projects in process.

Have a blessed day!  Kathi

Monday, August 13, 2012

Having technical difficulties????

A friend posted on a forum that it was hard to leave messages on my blog.  I have changed some settings so let me see you leave me some love... or critical acclaim by leaving me a message now... let me know how it is working for you!

Have a blessed day ;)  Kathi

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A CAS holiday card!

I think it is nice to have a winter holiday card in your collection that isn't strictly "Christmas"... So I made this card for a swap of Christmas time cards that are clean and simple.

It was pretty easy once I designed it... then I made 6 more!  So here is what I did to make this beautiful card :)

I knew I wanted to use one of my Sew Stamper heads for this and decided on the scalloped border one....

My friend got this for me for my birthday but they have them at most lss and at Paper Wishes too!

So I used the christmas tree paper as my inspiration and decided to use the one sheet for all 6 cards... now what to do but cut it into 6ths... use my sew stamper on the edges!  Easy peasy ... be careful with the pressure and practice first... it is good and inky though and you can emboss directly after stamping with it!  That is for a future tutorial maybe :)

Okay.. so once I stamped across the paper using my paper trimmer to keep my line straight as I rolled the scallop across the page...
I fussy cut the border with my awesome Tim Holtz scissors..
Then repeated that for 2 more strips... and cut those strips in half so you have 6 strips and barely any waste!  Yay!
I added this to dark green cs I had in my bin as my card base... then I used my CTMH Art Philophy Cart to cut out the tree and the banner in white daisy cs.  Finally I get to stamp some more...
With the coordinating stamps that come with the cart!  What a great investment that was :)

This is my process for making multiples... and I love the CTMH stamps come with their own base to stamp on... I use it for all my stamping now :)  Gives great image quality!

Finally time for ribbon and glue and then my favorite... Embellishing!!!!
 I used my Sakura Glitter pens and enjoyed myself and my honey while I doodled many of the white lines away!  I like that it is red and green but not completely traditional...

What do you think?  Would you like to get this card in a swap? 

Happy Creating!!!!