Saturday, July 7, 2012

How many pics can you get in a layout?

I am whittling away at being done with the scrapbook album I am working on that started with the post about the beach layout!  When I came to a bunch of pics of my mom's garden I was stumped about what to do with all the pics... they were each different flowers in my mom and dad's garden!
So here is what I did... 13 pictures... only 3 cropped.
So if you look at the page on the left I just put 6 photos down that were more greenery... except at the top... a flower and a butterfly!  Here is a close up of the page on the left....
I was going to "fussy cut" the flowers I popped up but I decided they needed some of their greenery to add substance... I think it turned out beautifully!
The other page was more tricky... here is a close up...
I only had 5 pics left and they didn't cover the page... so I added a strip of paper about 1 3/4" with a cute butterfly on it and a journaling box with some cute butterflies on it and all the cropping is covered!

After this photo was taken I added a sticker to the long blank spot below the sentiment. 

Hope you have enjoyed this page... 13 pics was a lot to tackle... would love your feedback or ideas you have to fit so many on a page successfully!  Thanks for reading :)

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