Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The homemade scrapbook is COMPLETE!

Here is the cover of the scrapbook I made for my friend to put together.  See the highlighted "Tyler"... he is in the NAVY and goes by Tyler at home but his first name or last name in the NAVY.  He is on a boat in the Middle East with an unknown return date.  This is going to be his birthday present!!!!

Here he is with his wife...
His father and his brothers...

Renaissance Fair pics...

Here is my friend working on the doodling she did in his book!

It was such an honor to work on this project with her for her son.... someone who is working to protect this nation!

I even made this book!  Me and his mom graduated with our Bachelors in Nursing in the spring of 2008 when he graduated from high school!  How cool is that!  We all took a vacation together ;)

 More pics of his mom and his wife...
 He loves neat looking cars and frequently poses with them for a quick shot so here are a few of those for him to remember!
 A cool pic of him and a pic of him with his bros finish the book...
 And this is what the back looks like... I hope they all write words of love to him here but we will see....  She said ;)....
Overall the experience of making a scrapbook from a grand total of cardboard I had... free... a paper pack I found in my stash.... also therefore free... some solid colors to back the photos and personalize the book more... in my stash... FREE!  1 yard of ribbon in my stash...  I used my gypsy and cricut to weld words for the book... I will have to replace adhesive I used but otherwise this project cost the price of printing the pics!!!!  And it is for the BEST cause !!

Hope you have enjoyed this... if you want more information on how to make the basic scrapbook... you choose the size as long as you can find paper to cut down... mine was 7" x 12".  Overall.... PRICELESS!!!!!

What projects are you working on right now?  Do you ever craft with friends like I did on this project???

Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy Peasy PESTO!

Anyone that knows me knows that I don't cook much... but I recently helped make my fave pesto and thought I would share that with you as it is the yummiest pesto you have ever eaten!  It is for me!!!! lol
This is the finished pesto... but to start you need to stop by the produce section and get a clove of garlic and 4 basil plants... for this recipe you will also need some extra virgin olive oil in a dark bottle... any brand works, pecorino romano cheese , a cheese grater, a 1 cup measure and a little food processor.  There are NO PINE NUTS in this recipe... and it is better without them!

Pesto gets it's great flavor from the basil leaves... don't wash them as you will was away some of the flavor... pull the leaves off of the plants and the small leaves carry the best flavor... You need 2 cups of packed leaves for this recipe.
Each cup will go directly into the food processor.  Once that is done take 2 garlic clovettes from the larger clove and cut them up small... this is the only tedius cutting... cut off the ends and slice the remaining garlic clovettes small and add to the food processor.
Now it is time to grate the cheese ... this is what it looks like before you finely grate it... you will need 1 cup.
 Add the cheese to the food processor... it will all fit but you have to push it all around... Now add the olive oil... about 2 tablespoons to start.  As I said any brand will work but you want to make sure it is in a dark bottle and is evoo (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).
Now turn on the food processor and let it work its magic...  This is after a minute or so....
See you can tell everything is mixed up but still very chunky... if it looks dry when you stir it at this point add more evoo!  a tablespoon at a time.  Until it looks like this...
Then pour it into a bowl, add a cute knife and your fave whole grain bread and you have a great appetizer or a nice lunch!

Hope you find this recipe as priceless as I do!  Enjoy!  Now I will get back to creating something incredible with paper ;)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We interrupt this life...

I had a life altering event happen to me over the weekend and it has caused me to look at life differently and I want to share that with you today....

This weekend we were at the beach and this is what we long to be doing...
or this....
this is sunrise on the northeast coast of Florida.... 

This is time to make all we can of the lifetime we have been given.  I was spared death this weekend and praise God I can see tomorrow.

Take a minute and ask yourself... do you appreciate the life you have been given?

Now back to our regularly scheduled art and craft affairs of the heart!

Thanks for indulging me!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to make a scrapbook... from scratch!

Hello there... thanks for visiting me today.  I want to share something I made and I would love to know if it inspires you to try something.

Today I made this scrapbook....  after watching vids for a month or so ... and I did it!!!!
 My friends son is in the Navy and is deployed right now somewhere in the Middle East... she wanted to send him a personal scrapbook.  So I made this one with some help from Heidi Swapp and her vids I made this scrapbook.  It has a 1/2" thick spine and has chipboard front and back covered, and most all the pages are from, Basic Grey OBSCURE line.
Later I will show you the completed scrapbook.  But this is for those of you that want a quickie look before the tutorial begins... for those of you that would like a closer look at how to make your own scrapbook from a pack of paper and some chipboard I saved from various packaging... come on down!

Start with your chipboard... I used 12 x 12 pieces and had my honey cut them to 7" x 12".

Next I picked out the paper I wanted on the front and back and coordinated the color I wanted to make my spine with... so the finished product looks appealing.

THE SPINE needs to be a heavy cardstock... You can use designer paper for the inside but use a heavy cardstock you like for the covers (front and back) and the spine.  I used some from my stash in black and added a yard of black ribbon for the tie you see hanging out on the right of the book.

So... cut your piece of cardstock with 1/2" in the center... for my example I cut a 10 x 12 sheet of black down to 7" x 10" and scored it at 1/2" intervals at the center.  Apply your ATG glue gun (recommended for this project!) to the inside of the black SPINE but no glue on the spine itself... make sense?

So you are gluing on everything inside the spine edges but not on the spine itself...   When you get done the front flap of the spine will be attached to the front piece of chipboard and the back flap of the spine will be attached to the back piece of chipboard and whalllah!  You have a book starting to form... now for the pages on the inside.....

What are those you ask??? HIDDEN HINGES!!!!  Use the same color you used for the spine and cut them 2" wide by as tall as your book which in my case is 7".  I used 5 total for 10 pages.

Score them at 1" and fold them in half like I did above... then put ATG glue on the right side away from you if the book and hinges are facing you like my pic is.  Stick it down carefully to the right back inside where the spine comes out but do not let it touch the spine or get any glue on the spine... have I said that enough??? Sorry !  ;)

Now you have 1 flap sticking up like I have here in this picture... I took the picture after I put the inside back cover on unfortunately!!!!

Now apply ATG glue to the inside left flap... the one closest to you if you open it toward the front.  Put glue here... if you haven't cut your pages or thought about layout this is the time... thus the reason it took me a month of planning and finding some great guy kinda paper for this album!

With pages all cut and in order put the next to last page in place where you just glued.  Next apply the next hinge just like you did the first one with the final effect is it being right on top of the first one... see all my hinges?  And nothing is touching the spine!  lol

Apply ATG glue to the hinges without getting it on the spine, and to the back of the page you just put on... put lots of glue at the left edge of your paper so that the hinges are well sealed in place... they will hold future memories and this needs to be sturdy!
Above is how the hidden hinges will show when you go back to pages you have glued together... I did my page gluing open so that this was nice and tidy looking!

Now it is time to put on the final page... instead of adding another hinge just cover the glued down hinge with a nice piece of paper... This should be cardstock because I think this will be the most festive page of the book!   But more impoartantly as the first page of this album it may get more wear and tear than the rest of this album.
To finish it off tape down your ribbon across the front and back... I cut the yard in half then glued about 6 inches under the book with my red tape and did the same on the back of the book.  Then I added the front and back cover art I chose... and it is ready for me and my friend to decorate!
My next post will be all about embellishing this lovely album!  If you want to get more information with a vid tute... then check out "my craft channel" and search for Heidi Swapp or look for "make pretty stuff".  She did a two part tutorial on making this album... but for mine... these directions should be sufficient.  For the album I spent about 2 hours making the whole thing!!!  But remember I spent a month planning it!! lol

Hope this tute is clear enough for you to create a scrapbook of your own... sorry I didn't take more pics... but I will of the embellishing!  Have a blessed day :)  Kathi

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My faves!

Do you ever stop and think of the things you use the most... not a fave stamp but a fave tool... Well I have a few faves and here is a pic of just a few that were on my craft table today when I grabbed my camera....
So my bright pink ATG gun is a MUST HAVE for scrapbooking, cardmaking, and papercrafting of all kinds....
Scotch Quick dry Adhesive lives up to its word without wrinkling fine paper!  It really rocks!
My Tim Holtz scissors are the Gingher of paper crafting and fussy cutting paper... unfortunately I tried them on fabric and they are not ideal.. to be nice.  But for paper... MUST HAVE THEM!
Also in this pic is my gypsy which is hooked to my Cricut ready to go... I use it almost every time I craft too!
Finally, in this photo, is my splat matt which I adore for overspray or glue or ink... It will clean off like new every time and heat tolerant for embossing!

Other things I love are my Fiskars stamper holder... not sure of it's real name... do you know?
And my cricut spatula that for some silly reason is sold separate from the case that should have everything in it you got when you first bought a cricut.  Every time I use my cricut I use my spatula for small pieces and such.. or to clean it after I have removed my image.

Now it is your turn... what are your fave tools and why?

Thanks for playing and have a blessed Sunday!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making a party banner!

Hello all... Hope this day is treating you well!  I have been crafting while it has been raining.  If you follow my blog you know that where I live we recently had a unseasonable drought... now we are getting caught up!  So check out this cute PARTY BANNER!!!!
I started with the idea after making this banner for my son and his fiance for their rehearsal dinner....
....which had their theme on it of "Two Hearts One Love" and the pic below is of that banner now hanging in their new home... :)  That made me very happy to see that they liked it...
Next I also want to show you the centerpiece I made on the table 2 pics up....
I was excited to try this technique after seeing a youtube video of it... I lost the website but learned the steps and made enough of the flowers to attach together into a huge flower!  I added tissue paper flowers all around the openings in it and added some flowers I made from my cricut from the Art Philosophy cart.  If I could only have 1 cart that would be it!!!

Now back to the PARTY banner!  I started with this idea for the banner but it was too flat and plain... it didn't make me feel like I wanted to party.  What do you think????
I am sure I could have left it like that and it would have been fine... but I just think the dimensional effect on this party banner ROCKS!
For this banner I used about 8 sheets of cardstock all together... plus a smidge of black and silver cardstock.. lots of my fave glue you will find in my blog tomorrow ...some glimmer mist for the flowers and my gypsy/cricut and embossing stuff for the letters to make them shiney... I stole that from someone elses blog... Loved the finished look and it is so festive I think on the banner...

What do you think?  Should I try to sell it on ETSY or is it quality enough?  I know it won't fall apart... it already did that in round 1 of trying to make this banner...

Can't wait to read what you think!  Thanks for joining me and have a blessed evening!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Digi Prints... learning about them... and a Halloween card!

Hello all!  I have missed chatting with you.  Today I put aside a sewing project that has me saying a few select words and decided to do what I feel I do best... paper crafting!

I decided also to try something new so after consulting with a very nice blogger who does digi prints with copics I decided to see how mine would turn out!

First I printed off some background paper... then I printed out some a cute ghost holding a blank sign.... I colored the sign with Copic Caribe Cocoa and touched up a spot with my black copic so it would blend away with the background....

Here is my designing process.... always having my gypsy close by!
I laid out the card generally then took my time placing each layer... it was much more enjoyable than the curtains I am trying to make and a fun way to stay out of the rain!  lol

Why am I making a October card in July you ask?  For a swap of course... I have to make 6 of these and 6 Christmas cards... but I was really sweating over these... for a CAS (clean and simple) swap on SCS!!!!

Thanks for sharing my joy today and I hope you have a blessed day!  Here is the finished card :)
Kathi... love your feedback!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am finished with the scrapbook of Spring Break 2012!

Mission completa as my BFF says... I have finished the project I have worked steadily on for the last 10 days.  This is probably the fastest and happiest I have been with a scrapbook that I have done.  I am looking forward to what I will do next now...

And if you tilt your head sideways you can see a couple of my fave layouts in the book...
 This layout above was a lot of fun... I popped out Daisy's head and highlighted the words with holographic glitter glue I had.... Also highlighted words I added to the other page "Lobster Tail".... Brandi's first lobster tail to eat!  Yummy :)
This is a Basic Grey set called Lauderdale and the blues on the paper just looked like the sky that we enjoyed that day after a morning shower passed through!  Love this layout :)

And yes, our dog Daisy went on vaca with us... so she earned her spot in this book!  lol

Hope you enjoyed some of my pages!  I sure enjoyed completing this project.  Don't you love it when you have a project to complete and you do it?  I have been reading several sewing blogs and some people talk about quilting to be finished or a craft task left to dry and then forgotten...

Take this time in the heat to finish something you have wanted to.. then share with us here in Blog world!  We wanna see completed projects :)

Have a blessed night!  I know I feel like I have completed something huge.. Kathi

Making a keepsake picture frame

Happy Sunday everyone... today I am sharing something me and my honey made together!  He cut it out and stained it and I altered it!

We started with 2 hearts I cut off the cricut... my die cutting machine.  Then we went to Lowes and picked a nice piece of poplar in their craft wood section.  It cost $10.00.  It was 1" x 12" x 24" long.  Being budget minded we wanted love put into this and not money!  lol

Here are the hearts we used as a baseline for cutting the wood...
We decided how we wanted them to look... taped them then laid them on an angle on the piece of wood... so the grain would be cool looking...
Next we went to the dollar store and picked up a 4 x 6 frame with a glass front for $2.00.  The glass is all we needed to finish the bones of the frame.  My honey cut out the opening with a jigsaw and routed out the back for the glass to slip in.  We added some hardware to hold in the glass that we had found in Lowe's picture hanging section (sorry no pics of the back!).  Because it balanced itself on one nail we only had to strategically place one picture hanging hook that we had left over from another project!

Now it is my turn.  I had some beautiful muted wedding day paper I cut into a heart and mod podged in place... once that was dry I added the date and names and added another layer of mod podge.  Once all that dried I used cool letter stamps I have to stamp "love" on it but the "l" didn't turn out too dark and I couldn't get it to after repeated tries... so we added a piece of burlap twisted in 2 thicknesses then laid in place with adhesive tacky glue.  Finally I stamped "their phrase" on the bottom and embossed it in blue glitter for a bit of fun as they are a young couple!

My honey put several coats of spar varnish we had from Lowe's left over from a previous project and Whalaah!  The finished frame is ready to present to the newlyweds!
I hope you enjoyed this idea and I hope it inspires you.. I just wish I was blogging when we made this cute frame because I would have taken more pics of the process!  lol  Enjoy crafting!  Kathi

Saturday, July 7, 2012

How many pics can you get in a layout?

I am whittling away at being done with the scrapbook album I am working on that started with the post about the beach layout!  When I came to a bunch of pics of my mom's garden I was stumped about what to do with all the pics... they were each different flowers in my mom and dad's garden!
So here is what I did... 13 pictures... only 3 cropped.
So if you look at the page on the left I just put 6 photos down that were more greenery... except at the top... a flower and a butterfly!  Here is a close up of the page on the left....
I was going to "fussy cut" the flowers I popped up but I decided they needed some of their greenery to add substance... I think it turned out beautifully!
The other page was more tricky... here is a close up...
I only had 5 pics left and they didn't cover the page... so I added a strip of paper about 1 3/4" with a cute butterfly on it and a journaling box with some cute butterflies on it and all the cropping is covered!

After this photo was taken I added a sticker to the long blank spot below the sentiment. 

Hope you have enjoyed this page... 13 pics was a lot to tackle... would love your feedback or ideas you have to fit so many on a page successfully!  Thanks for reading :)