Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catching up on shipping and relisting.....

Okay... so last post I told you about my first shipping experience... since then I have printed and shipped 24 more auctions (out of 108) :(.... better than none and covered my Ebay expenses and the money my kids made by helping me out.

I found printing postage from Paypal extremely easy and even printed the invoice to include with the package and help me keep the postage/addresses straight for each auction.  On the back of the invoice I printed a personal message about my Ebay site and upcoming auction information so I was able to have customers come back if they chose and check out new things I plan to list!  Yeah!!!!

I did mess up on a few but shipping is refundable on them through Paypal so I am waiting on that to go through.

I had all but 5 auctions shipped... finally got payment on all but 2.  Then went to relist the 84 remaining auctions and it is as easy as selecting all then relist... DONE! 

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