Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve!

As I happily blog hop I notice lots of people sharing goals for the upcoming year... and fave posts from throughout the year...

I decided that I had the technology so I should apply some know how with you tubes help and start making some crafting videos...

I am still new to this and music and stuff still needs to be added but here is my first video and a hello to all of you!
This video was uploaded directly to blogger from my computer... I posted a pic montage a few days ago that I first uploaded to youtube... let me know which format you like better!!

Happy 2013!

My next video will have some Crafty Goodness in it ;)

Have a blessed new years celebration!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy mail from my dearest friend :)

Today I want to share some happy mail that arrived earlier this week!  I have been using it like crazy but now that I have washed it it will be time to put it on a shelf and just pull it out every once in a while I think as it is a treasure!
Here is another side of it...
She put attributes of me in her handwriting all over this cute coffee cup that holds 16 oz!!!  And if you noticed anything but the cup she included coffee from Starbucks!!!

There are many inside inuendos here that I won't share as that is more personal that I think is okay but my dearest friend knows me so well.  She made it perfect for ME!  Now do you see why I plan to put it on a shelf and let it be adored and then take it down once a month or so :)

I am blessed to have 3 bff's... this one .. my dearest friend lives far away and we have chatted but never met.  We are due to skype sometime soon and I look forward to that!

As for my craft room I am down to the last box.  Only 1 box remains but I took a day off and ran errands so now it is time to get back to the daunting task of getting everything in a home where it is usable and not so hidden!

I would love ideas that work for you on craft room organization or a video that you think would help inspire me. 

Dear readers I implore that you find something as a bloggy gift to me to include a link below in your comment to a you tube or blog that has something intriguing about craft room organization.  I am blessed to have the scrap cabinet... here is a short vid I made of my bedroom renovation in the early stages... hope you enjoy the vid. 

My goal for 2013 is to craft like never before using what I have and keeping a running scrapbook of family activities including the mundane every day... and to learn how to make a video... this one is just pics and music but it is a start to photo editing!!! yay!!!  High Five to me :)

Have a blessed day... please inspire me in your response :)


Friday, December 28, 2012

Only 3 boxes remain... ;)

That is right folks... I am down to my last 3 boxes... what will I do when they are empty too???

I have the banners I made earlier in the year draped over the remaining stubborn boxes... it is all my fave things ... so hard to decide how to organize them.  But I do have an idea what I will do when my craft room reopens... I will begin this great book that my mom gave me for Christmas... okay I asked for it specifically!  lol  but.... got it just the same from my mom who supports my card making habit as she is a card giver and I am NOT!  lol
 That is right... I follow the Moxie fab world and fell in love with the design basics I could learn from this book.  It is jam packed with stuff I want to study in depth!  I am giddy with excitement to start it... oh yeah and I have a few boxes scattered throughout the main part of the house that are still calling my name... :)

So 2 weeks ago tomorrow this was my crafting space...
Now this is what it looks like :)
Notice those cut black and white chevron patterned boxes???  They are from Target... they were clearanced out and in Christmas decor for some reason!  I snagged them ... also I got some baskets there to organize my punches... on a little shelf I found for cheap on craigslist :)

Here is my scrapbox not quite finished but getting there... most everything has found it's place again :)

I know this is a quickie post but I really want to be done with the craft room and start working on some other things and finally read my card design handbook!  lol

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I got for Christmas... ENGAGED!

Yep, that is right.. my honey is now my fiance!  I became a widow unexpectedly 4 1/2 years ago... now God has brought me a new light in my life.. we have dated for the last 1 1/2 years and out of the blue he decided I needed a bracelet for Christmas... off we went to shop for a bracelet all the while I asked to get something more useful than jewelry.... well when we got there he surprised me with this!
And here is my fave pic of me and my honey :)

I wish I had a great family pic to show you but I do have one of 3 of my 4 kids from Christmas morning :)
Happy Christmas and hope you celebrate Jesus birthday ;)

Blessings upon you all!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 12/21/12! Casa del Loro is announced!

Hello bloggers... hope this day finds you safe and sound surrounded by those who love you and those you love!  I have lots to share today... including what my craft room looks like right now! 

If you follow me you know that we just moved... as in 6 days ago... into a home 700 miles away from our old home.  And in a more temperate climate near the beach in Florida!  Well my kids wanted to name the house and give it a personality and goals to live up to... in our quest to name the house we had fallen in love with this parrot the previous and only owners of our new cozy home had left for us!  The previous owner had a real parrot that she carried around on her shoulder... thus the name was then given... Casa del Loro!  House of the parrot!!!!
Next was our first renovation to this new home of ours... the kitchen sink got first dibs!  That was a surprise to us because on initial inspection we loved the kitchen just as it was... but once we put in the new sink, garbage disposal, and faucet well....
My honey installed all of it!
And soon it was overflowing with dishes and in use!
The garbage disposal is on the left so we can cut up fruits, veggies and meats and down go the remains into the disposal  Yay!

Now that the kitchen is looking a little bit better time to show off part of the master bedroom... our bed is up and going!

I made the quilt earlier this year as well as the little pillow in the center... my first 2 quilting projects :)  The sheets and pillow shams and dustruffle came from Target and the pineapple pillows were given to me by my mom and go wonderfully from her leftovers to my current use!  Yay!

Now for the not as neat side of my room.... the craft area!
This will be transformed in the next week as my Christmas present to myself into a working craft room to inspire you all once again :)  I love being inspired on blogs and haven't stopped blog hopping or video watching since the craft room came down... I am gung ho to do some projects soon. 

As far as the stocking I was working on in previous posts... it hasn't been touched again... but it silently waits for me to return to it :)

Our final revision to the house thus far is adding a doggy door where a solid piece of metal on 2 sides filled with foam for insulation was removed.....
And the finished dog door is installed now and our sweet Daisy Mae is using it on a regular!

Hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy new Year!... More coming as we unload more boxes :)

Have a blessed day and don't forget to call those you love today just to say "I love you!"  It is worth it!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We are now Floridians :)

We have moved!...
With one truck....
 And a pull behind u-haul too!
And we had 2 boxes left over!!!!
 When we finally arrived at our new home we had the for sale sign left for us to take a pic of!  Our realtor met us at 5:30 am... yes in the morning to greet us and wanted to bring us breakfast but we had already found a Krispy Kreme!  lol

After a couple days of unloading boxes and still have plenty to go I might add... we had visitors!

My bff Brandy came by on her way home from vacation in southern Florida!  Yay!
 Then I started getting into close ups... so here is one of Brandy my bff ;)
 Here is one of my oldest son Dick... or I call him Rick... his given name is Richard and he is toying with changing it but I loved the expression he had so I snapped this shot!
 Then today I found some great light and snapped a pic of my daughter before she gets the new glasses we ordered today and a new hair color she is desiring!
I have missed blogging in this adventure and hope you will hang with me as I re transform my craft room back into a craft room!!!!  Yay!

Tips if you are planning a move include... have tape for each major room... I called it pretty tape but Duck tape makes all kinds of designs... a bit on each box on the packing end designates the room it will go to on the other end.  We then put a piece of tape on the door that each person chose and I had tape for the kitchen too... we just labeled the few living room boxes and garage boxes but you may have other rooms that will have lots of boxes.  We also put tape on our mattresses and that made a huge difference when we got here unloading with the movers!  Also, price movers.  Don't rule them out.  We found them very affordable by shopping around and spent less than $5,000.00 on a 700 mile move.

Hope you have a blessed day and that I haven't bored you!  Back soon with new crafting adventures :)


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What's blooming in your life?

As I was finishing packing the kitchen (still not finished... haha) I became inspired by something I saw when looking for the tape roller.
A beautiful bloom from a Christmas cactus!  It is a double bloom too if you can see that in this pic.

Here is this Christmas cactus my mom gave me last Christmas!  And now as Christmas approaches ... it blooms!!!!
Don't you love the pot!  I love the frog playing the guitar!  And that bloom right there is just amazing!!!
On further inspection I found another bloom about to open on the back of it here...
It is as resistant to opening as I am to finish packing my kitchen... lol!

Well... back to packing.  Hope you can find something blooming in your life to share with me :)  You comments are coveted :)

Blessings and Hugs,


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Packing... not just boxes!

What is inside this bag you ask???
Wait... there is a card inside...
That is right... if you follow my blog then you know I made something and never showed you the finished product framed!!!
Look at the cool frame I found at Hobby Lobby... it looks like a shadowbox!  Best of all it was 50% off!!  I had a coupon with me and did use it on one item I got that wasn't on sale but everything I got today was ON SALE!!!!
Here is the full baby announcement...
I think it turned out fabulous and all I did to frame it was to put the cross stitch on a sticky mat I picked up at Hobby Lobby today too!  They are the only place I can find it.  Thank goodness there is Hobby Lobby in Florida!  lol

So how did I find time to do this?  The buyers for our home are coming for their final walkthrough tomorrow and so shopping we went this morning.  Then cleaning we have done all afternoon.  Now tomorrow we can relax and do last minute polishing before they see their soon to be new home!!!

As for the stocking I am working on ... no news to report.  I haven't worked on it one bit... I have been busy!  lmbo

Talk to you again when I have more to report!

Blessings and Hugs!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

and the craft room was empty... no noise at all!

Well, the time has come to post my craft room.... EMPTY!
and my organized area.... also EMPTY!!!
and my Scrapbox... EMPTY!!!!!
Honestly to see it all in boxes now just boggles my mind!  It took 8 boxes to pack the scrapbox alone... hope the movers don't mind that I left the shelves in there!  I hope not :)

But while we are packing we have a soldier standing watch and helping us remember this is the Christmas season and we should be grateful to have things like Scrapboxes that can be empty.
I know the soldier is really 2 pieces for this posting... but he is so beautiful... and we found him free last year on craigslist... ziptied his arm back on and the soldier has made it another year now with us!  Yay!

We have a party to still prepare for... my 27 year old son is having himself a going away party.  He is inviting all his Tennessee friends to drink tequila and say goodbye!  I voted myself into a taste tester position too... it will be fun!

Thanks to a fellow blogger and someone I look up to posted about Instagram today... so I finally got it up and running on my iPhone that is way smarter than me!  lol  I will start posting pics about the move there.  I think you can find me as kathibc there :)  thanks Pamela O'Connor!

What do you find that has inspired you to make a change in your life from someones blog?  I have wanted to use Instagram for a while now but until today's encouragement from her I had not given it any attention.

Have a blessed day... less that a week til move day!!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's doggone rough out there!

Hello my bloggy friends... look at my cute Daisy Mae... she sums up how we feel.. too tired to pose for the camera!  lol
And she is in the cleanest area of the house... her chair... and Daddy's too!  lol

So we have been packing and selling stuff and giving other stuff away... slowly all that we own is disappearing into boxes!

My craft area looks like the ghost town hit it and forgot to leave anything... and I don't have any crafty inspiration today but I wanted to stop by before this fast lane speeds up even more to thank each one of you for staying faithful!  The crafts I will create in my new space will be amazing!!!

We are currently counting down and it is 8 days until the movers arrive to pack all our life into their trucks!

Have a blessed week!!!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December!

Happy December... if you have an advent calendar today you start playing with it!!! yay!  Mine is here...

or here....
This is all but my scrapbox!  I have a friend coming over Thursday I think to help me empty that... moving is an overwhelming process and we still have 2 weeks to LIVE here... then hurry and pack the essentials we need for everyday and the movers come to take it all away...

So how has your week been?  Did you do anything you are proud of?  I am so proud all the parts and pieces of my craft room are now packed safely away in my garage... my friend that is coming is bringing boxes that are nice and big to pack all my paper and stamps in ;)

Today I wrote a brief Christmas newsletter and sent it to a friend to proof... then to try to get pics to go with it will be another feat of God's wonderful ways I guess because my kids aren't as camera friendly as my bff Brandy and my honey are!
They look this good after a day of packing!  Yay!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and a great December!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Before the packing begins ...

Hello my bloggy friends... I really don't have a lot of pics today but I have been so busy doing the phone work to make this move happen...

Since I last shared with you I have hired movers, planned school moves, picked new doctors for all of us and started taking quotes on insurance and other things.  I have moved the tv service, the internet service and even packed in a new phone for my daughter on Cyber Monday from Verizon!!!  Yay ;)

This has been my view the last few days....
Gazing at our home to be... in Florida!!!  I still want to pinch myself but the story is about to change because this afternoon or tomorrow I start packing my craft room.

Truth be told, my honey has already started packing his handyman tools in the garage.  He finally finished that job and was happy to be done so no more pics but it was a totally custom tile bathroom with crown molding... very high end nice for a hall bath.

Stay tuned for moving boxes and hopefully I will have time to work on the stocking!  lol

It is just days til Christmas but I figure it will all work out.  We plan to decorate some in our new home as we adapt to a new and different space to live in :)

Have a blessed week!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 days til Christmas!

Happy 30 days til Christmas!!!  Normally I would be showing you pics of our Christmas decorations but today instead... we are beginning to pack up the house!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving whether it was down time like we had... with cheeseburgers wrapped in bacon, macaroni and cheese and green beans for Thanksgiving... yummm!  My wonderful son Mike made the burgers... he is a culinary master where I fumble in the culinary department!  lol
Also... I have started working on a Christmas stocking for ....

I have the hardest time staying on task for a project for me... but when I am stitching or creating for others I flourish... I pray for them as I am making their masterpiece and find solace in knowing the recipient will be happy... for this I am the recipient... sure I will be happy but I am a giver as many of us crafters are so it is a tough call.

This stocking is pieced felt and is quite a challenge... here is the whole stocking.. just so you understand how much work I still have to do!
The cover page got partially eaten by my sweet Daisy when I left her alone too long one day and forgot to put up my work... but it will be Santa on the beach under the umbrella I am working on now :)

What are you working on?  Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  What are your traditions for fall time ???

Have a blessed day month and don't forget... Jesus is the reason for the Season!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

We found a home :)

So we sold our house... I have discussed this in previous posts... there have been so many decisions to make and we needed to find a home to call ours after selling the one we are in... so off to Florida we went to our goal city of Port Orange!  Located just south of Daytona Beach it is a sleepy beachside town with lots of shopping and the beach nearby too!  Great schools is what caught my eye but with our first visit to this little town of 56,000 we were instantly in love!

Here is the home we picked out of 4 that we looked at...
First the MLS pic... then the pic we took when we were there...
At the front door you are currently greeted by a cute little flamingo with flapping wings....
And in the back yard are daisies my cute Daisy Mae can enjoy too!
The daisies are outside a screened in room called a florida room... it has windows that close for hot summer days and cool winter nights... but this is beachside living in Fla at its best in this home... great schools for the kids...

Here I am with our realtor Ruby Tavakoli!  She really did a great job finding this house for us because I didn't even like what I saw on the internet and wouldn't have viewed this home without her insistence!!!
My daughter wanted a booth in the kitchen for meals... guess what... God provides!
And everyone has a modestly large bedroom at 10 x 13 or larger and I have my craft room back in my bedroom which I love!

So until later... hope you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving.. as for us ... we are non traditional Thanksgiving people... so we are happy to call this a relaxing day after a stressful couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading :)


Next up... packing my craft room!  I have friends who volunteered!!!  Yay!